Wretched Dreams.

My name... Is...

ter being in a coma for more than ten years.

They stopped waiting for him to wake up after a while. And even though he was completely unresponsive and his brain activity reports were declining for the past 5 years, his mother never stopped visiting him every single day. She eventually stopped talking finding nothing else to say, she would just sometimes hug his limb body for hours hoping she could hear or feel anything from him, even a difference in his heart beating would make her happy.

Now after all this time, when a computer programing company offered them a contract to test a new Virtual Reality technology, she felt that what they promised was too good to be true. They said if it worked properly, he would be able to live inside their VR world like any other gamer, and eventually she would be able to meet him and talk to him inside the VR.

She didn dare to hope that it would work, her heart wouldn be able to handle another failure, another disappointment, another attempt to bring him back not working for what ever reason. She prayed for him to be back so many times she started doing it unconsciously.

Being told that he had any kind of a response to anything felt like a long forgotten dream eventually coming true.

”Hold your horses mrs D! He was good for 10 minutes in there… He is not stable yet! You can come in and watch if you want! I have to warn you though… Its complicated in there. ” Dr Daniel Blitzer said with a face barely professional, he too was holding in his tears trying to maintain his image in front of the hospital staff, the nurses, his coworkers and even his patients families. What would they think if they saw him tearing up like this when delivering news to a patients family.

But who cares, his childhood friend is coming back, who cares about what anyone thinks about him, he never considered other peoples opinions about his personal choices. Why would he start caring now. He became a doctor despite everyones expectations of him, and won multiple bodybuilding competitions just to spite those who called him weak in his teens. He achieved so many things that when he looked back at them now, he couldn help but chuckle, because all of them were just to spite others, none of them were his dreams.

After calming her down and informing her about what they did so far and what devices she would see her son connected to in there, he finally opened the door under the expectant and anxious eyes of mrs Emilia Dareheart. She waltzed in unable to hold in her overflowing emotions. The thought of her son having hope of any kind of life was completely consuming her.

”Wait mrs D! ” dr Daniel couldn stop her, he forgot to tell her that her son was actually in a separate room connected to the room they were operating from. It was her first time entering a room in the 7th floor of the hospital since this place was reserved for special cases. Her son was always in the intensive care room on the 5th floor even though his condition was stable, she couldn leave his side every day until she makes sure that he is taking care off. She even requested a camera to be installed in his room so she could check on him whenever she leaves. And the nurses responsible for him were paid double what the hospital paid them just to take good care of him. She was always overprotective of him.

”where is he?! ”

”Yeah… I forgot to tell you… He is in the other room. Like i said, you can touch him but be careful not to shake him or make any kind of noise, the connection is unstable and his body condition is still fragile after the surgeries. ” Daniel said one last time before opening a door to their left, allowing her to enter the separate dark room filled with electronics and monitoring devices.

When Emilia saw her sons body, tears rushed out of her eyes and her heart skipped a few beats. He was connected with multiple wires throughout his body starting from his head that looked like a forest of plugs, down his neck having three thin wires and the rest of his body and spine. Despite all of that, she felt as if he looked better then ever.

She approached his bed side and held his left hand like she did for ten years now, this time however, she pulled her hand back before touching his hair, he had no hair any more, he had neural connector plugs instead of hair.

After a while of collapsing, he started to wake up and open his eyes when he felt warmth inside of him. It was unexplainable, like hugging someone and feeling them close. where am i?! this feeling of warmth finally cleared his head enough to form a proper thought. But it also flashed a few memories putting him in pain again, fortunately he didn faint this time.

He stood up slowly and recalled what happened here so far. What was that flying thing! when he wondered about the identity of the flying thing that spoke to him earlier, a name appeared in his head and with a few memories of his childhood, specifically a childrens cartoon which had a tiny person with golden skin and a green dress which would fly around with its transparent wings leaving pixie dust everywhere.

”Pixie! ”

He found himself saying all of a sudden, surprising himself with his own voice. He remembered talking… To who…


Another cloud of purple sparkling smoke exploded near him and the same high pitched voice sounded in his ear. ”Did you call on me adventurer?! My name is Zoe! But you can call me pixie if you like, Im the only one left after all… ” she sighed slouching her shoulders.

He stared at her like a child after finishing coughing out her smoke from his lungs and throat. She looked nothing like the pixies from children shows, she looked more like an office worker with her purple suit and necktie, even though the suit was as decent as it could be, it didn hide her noticeable curves. But he didn think about that. ”What… Are… You?! ” he asked, listening again to the sound of his familiar voice.

”What! Isn it obvious?! Im a pixie! The last one there is! I just said that, didn i?! ” Zoe stumped the invisible ground underneath her feets in the cutest fit of anger ever. ”What did you expect?! Wings! How would i wear clothe if i fling them around all day?! I wouldn ruin this expensive suit just to display my wings. ” She folded her hands and raised her nose in absolute disagreement with the childish image he had about her race, she was proud of being a pixie but she wouldn try to convince every passerby that she is one.

”What is your name Adventurer? ” she asked after calming herself down and reminding herself that she had a job to do.

”N… Name…! ” he stuttered Trying to recall his own name, which wasn easy for him at all.

”Yeah! What should i call you!! You can choose a new name if you don want to use your real name, but nicknames must be unique and devoid of numbers or symbols, be realistic!. I can generate a few suggestions if you want. ”

”My name… Is… Odd…

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