The darkness Within

Chapter 1: The Hallucination

A girl with pass shoulder length hair is looking at the window watching the tree leaves swaying along the wind, she was deep in thought. Her eyes is blank as if she wasn there but no one seems to notice it.

Just then a ball suddenly hit her left eye out of nowhere making her snap out of it and hold her aching left eye instead. Her seatmate Cassandra look at her in worry but she just smiled and told Cassandra that its okay and shes totally fine.

The girl is Beatrice Finley, she went to the restroom and splashed her face with water to make the pain go away and wiped her face using a towel. After she finished drying her face, she look at the mirror but instead of seeing her actual reflection, she saw her reflection crying blood while smiling in sadness instead.

Beatrice blinked and rubbed her eyes and look back to her reflection again but the reflection she currently saw is now gone and nowhere to be found, the reflection that replaced it is now her real reflection without the blood and the sad smile plastered on her face but now its her actual expression.

As Beatrice was about to walk out from the restroom, her phone ringed so she pick it up and found out that its her father who messaged her, it says Im sorry sweetheart, your dad can be home for today or maybe a week- she didn even bother to read all of it. Her fathers reasons is always the same, can go home because of work/The flight had been delayed.

”His always been like this after that incident…I don care anymore ” she stated as she loosened her grip the doorknob and walked out. One thing she didn notice is that, a single tear escaped from her left eye and a flicker of emotion could be seen but as soon as it show up, it quickly disappeared.

Beatrice walk pass by the new transfer student which is a male, the new student quickly caught a glimpse of the singed tear and the emotion, so he stopped and look back to Beatrice but the girl is already gone. He was about to walk away but he notice something shiny at the floor so he walked closer and found out that it was a bracelet with a little heart at the center, the new student got a hunch that it was from Beatrice so he hid it and plan to give it back to her.

After class, Beatrice immediately went out of school alone and turned to the corner where the riverbank could be found. She stopped near the water and lay down on the grassy ground, her things laying beside her. Beatrice stared at the clouds having flashbacks when she was still four years older.

The time were she and her parents was cloud watching while saying some funny jokes to each other but her face turned into a sour expression when the flashbacks shows her the incident she wanted to forget so badly which turned her the person she is now because no matter how much you run away from your problems, there is no escape from it, the only solution for it to be gone is by facing it with confidence.

Beatrice raised her hand and stared at it but her eyes widened in shock and in fright from watch she saw, she caught sight of her hand covered in blood that she knows too well. She was horrified so she immediately sat up and look around, her heartrate became unstable and so does her breathing, she stared at her hand again while shaking but she didn saw it covered in blood anymore so she started to calm herself down while reassuring herself that it was just an imagination, but the fact that she is also lying at herself that it was not true that she herself is not even sure if she was telling herself the truth.

Tears started to stream down while her heart is aching, she doesn what to feel anymore. She buried her face at her knee and sobbed quietly, many people passed by the riverbank but they didn notice Beatrice, like she didn exist at all.

After for a couple of minutes, she finally calmed down and quickly wiped her tears away. She put on her fake smile and laugh at herself.

*Chuckle* ”I looked like a mess… Im so weak. Oh well, its time to go now. ” She stood up and grab her things, at the same time, the wind blow up some of the leaves of the tree away and make Beatrice hair sway with the wind as she walked away from the riverbank.

When she stopped at the pedestrian, she caught a sight of the transfer student waving at her. Beatrice know who he is because he is the whole talk of the girls in class, his whole name is Crisanto Diaz.

He transferred from Philippines to America. The fact that Crisantos English sounds like his from America is just clearly amazing, even though Beatrice didn know the male that much but she can tell that the male has an innocent and pure intention. His bright smile and pure aura can help her from smiling a genuine smile for the first time after so many years after the unexpected incident happened, Beatrice waved back to him.

A flashback of her mothers blurry face suddenly appeared telling her something that made her remember the words her mom told to her.

”You can just say you won fall in love sweetie, because when the right time will come, youll fall in love to a boy that you truly desire. But be careful, theres many challenges you will face before you will know that if that boy is really meant for you as your meant to be. ”

Beatrice was confused as to why she remembered that memory but she just shook it off and went to the other way, though Crisanto still remembered that he had to bring back the bracelet that Beatrice accidentally dropped, so he chased after her without knowing that the traffic light turned into green.

”Finley!!! ” Crisanto shouted to get Beatrice attention.

Beatrice stopped and look back when she heard her last name got called by someone but when she did, it felt like the world around her started to go in slow motion as she watched the car going straight towards Crisantos direction in a fast pace.

”Look out!!! ” Beatrice yelled as she throwed her things aside and run towards Crisanto to push him out of the way. People started to yell in surprise as Crisanto look at the coming car in fear. As the car got closer, Beatrice managed to push Crisanto out of the way causing the both of them to roll on the other side of the road.

”Uh… ” Crisanto was out of words at what happened, he was currently laying at the bottom while Beatrice was on top of him. ”You idiot!!! You couldve dead there when I didn manage to save you on time!!! ” Beatrice scolded him as she stood up from her position.

”But it didn happen because you saved me. ” Crisanto pointed out, Beatrice puffed her cheeks.

e an idiot. Remember that. ” She said as she noticed that the people is are starting to go towards them while she helped Crisanto to get up.

People started to surround them, she immediately drag themselves out of it. Beatrice grabbed her things that she had thrown away and loo at Crisanto.

”Be careful next time. ” She said and walk away, Crisanto watched Beatrice figure getting further and further away but when Beatrice was so far now and couldn be seen anymore, Crisanto immediately realized that he still didn returned the bracelet that Beatrice suddenly dropped when they had crossed path at the school.

”U-uh! WAIT! ” Crisanto called and chased after Beatrice but Beatrice was now nowhere to be seen in sight. He sighed in disappointment when he realized that he couldn see Beatrice anywhere.

”I was supposed to return her bracelet back to her that she accidentally dropped, but here I am, being an idiot and probably be dead by now if it weren for her. The gentleman was supposed to be the one who will save the damsel in distress, not a girl saving a gentleman. ” He said as he run his hand through his hair.

e an idiot. Remember that. ”

Crisanto smiled as he remember what Beatrice said to him. ”Im an idiot alright. ” He chuckled and walked back to his destination that he was supposed to be going before he spotted Beatrice.

Meanwhile, Beatrice entered the hospital and walked in the room number 392 and there on the hospital bed could be spotted a woman laying on it, she seems to be in her early forties. The woman had a very pale skin with a skinny body, she also had a wavy blonde hair.

The woman look like a corpse because of her pale skin and skinny figure, and to top at that, she is also not moving while her eyes is completely shut close. If it weren for the oxygen and heartbeat, the woman would probably be mistaken as a dead body.

Beatrice placed her things on the couch and grabbed the fruits and bouquet she bought before arriving to the hospital. She put the bouquet to the vase and placed the fruits to the bowl, which is near the mirror, as she finished arranging the fruits, she raised her head and faced the mirror accidentally. Beatrice was about to sit down but her reflection started to talking.

”Its all your fault you know… its your fault as to why you mother was put in that state. ” Her reflection told her. ”I know… ” Beatrice voiced out, she didn even deny it.

”And the fact that it was supposed to be you, who will be in that state instead of your mom. ” Her reflection stated causing Beatrice to grit her teeth. ”shut up ” Beatrice spokeed.

”Oh?… but its true though, it was supposed to be you tha- ”


Beatrice punched the mirror causing it to break, alerting the nurses from the noise. The nurses immediately opened the door of the room where Beatrice and her mom was in.

”Is everything okay? We heard shouting and a glass breaking. ” One of the nurses asked. Beatrice put up a fake smile again, while her hands is hiding behind her back acting innocent like she just didn punch the mirror.

”Everything is fine, its just some cockroach popping out of nowhere so I had to throw something to kill it but I missed and hit the mirror instead, causing it to break. ” Beatrice made up a fake explanation to cover up that she is the one who punched the mirror.

”Oh, thank goodness. I thought it was some kind of robber getting in. ” The other nurse voiced out, as all of them sighed in relief. ”A robber? Pfft-! I don think they will risk climbing something this high to b honest. ” Beatrice giggled, the nurses laughed in realization.

”Oh right *chuckle* my bad… are you okay throwing that shards away? Or do you want one of us to call the janitor to clean that up? ” one of the nurse asked her. Beatrice shook her head.

”Don worry. I can do it alone. No need to worry and call the janitor. ” She answered the nurse honestly. ”Okay then… have a nice day miss Finley. ” They bowed and walked out of the room. Beatrice dropped the façade and look at her bleeding hand, she grabbed a roll of bandages from the drawer and wrapped it to her hand.

After bandaging her bleeding hand, she started cleaning the scattered shards on the floor. When it was only the last shards left, she noticed that theres a CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera watching the room. Beatrice instinct screamed danger.

”I got to throw that record tape away before they will report that I was lying. ” Beatrice whispered to herself as she grabbed the last shard and throwed it in the trash, she didn notice that her reflection is crying before she closed the trash bin.

She look back to her mother longingly and back at the CCTV camera. ”Im sorry mom but I have to do this beca

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