Chapter 7.
Are You Worried About Me?

In the first place, Adenmir didn’t even believe that Elodie had a crush on someone other than him.
He thought it was clear that she was manipulating him to attract attention, but….


‘Beltran Locke Wallent.’ Adenmir clenched his jaw.
‘You’re out of your mind.’


Are you aware of your position? It’s a ridiculous idea that the Duke of Perdia’s daughter is going to interact with the second prince.


It was not just the Duke of Perdia.
It was also not a matter for Adenmir to stay still.


Why Beltran of all things?


Second Prince Beltran’s interactions with females were famous.
There were rumors circulating that there was no lady he had not touched at least once among the ladies of the families that attended his debut ball.


That’s not all.
There were reports that he appeared drunk on the streets wandering around casually while seeking pleasure.


In short, Beltran was human waste.


If the reason for the breakup with him was Beltran Locke Wallent, then he could not comply with Elodie’s request.


He was not heartless enough to watch his fiancée walk herself into the trash can.


As Adenmir’s gaze was always directed to a faraway place, his aides next to him buzzed and called him.


“Your Highness? Are you listening to me?”


“Be quiet.”


The aide paled.
“Yes? Yes…….”


The distance was too far to know what they were talking about, but what was certain was that Elodie was responding with a smile to Beltran’s words.


The more she did so, the more Adenmir was determined.


‘I must never break off this marriage.’


For Elodie.
And for himself and the Duke of Perdia, too.


He will save Elodie from harm, knowing Beltran’s filthy personality.


Yeah, that’s why.


This is why he must refuse to comply with the request for a breakup.


Adenmir, who had repeatedly said to himself that he could not break up his marriage, eventually decided to step forward.


Everyone at the banquet would see the confrontation between the first and second prince, but it was more urgent to get Elodie away from him.


“I’ll go for a second -.”


It was the moment Adenmir took a step toward Elodie.




Before him, someone intervened between Elodie and Beltran.


Recognizing who it was, Adenmir was somewhat surprised.
Because he was an unexpected person.




The second prince, who usually didn’t even talk to Elodie, greeted her with a sly smile.


“I’ve always wanted to have an in-depth conversation with Lady Perdia, and I’m glad I got this opportunity.”


‘Ugh, I don’t like it.’


Contrary to her hatred, Elodie nodded her head and answered with a capitalistic smile, “Haha, yes.”


I heard you like to go to the opera.
How about going to see an opera together sometime?”


‘Uh, why would I go with a guy like you?’


Again, she suppressed the sound of her mind and answered vaguely.


‘Eat it up, you punk.’


Ha ha ha….
She also smirked lightly.


I thought that if I gave clear nonverbal signals that I wasn’t interested, he would notice and fall off, but the second prince was more persistent than I could have imagined.


Despite Elodie’s attempt to cut off the flow of conversation, his effort to keep the conversation going was truly extraordinary.


Now that the aide is found out as a traitor, the existence of the second prince is worthless.


Meanwhile, Beltran was in a great delusion.


 ‘She definitely likes me, so she said she was going to break up with my brother.
How much fun would it be if my damn brother and the Duke of Perdia found out about this fact.’ 


He never thought it was a trap set by Elodie, Beltran firmly believed she liked him.


Elodie’s expression, which she thought was a rotten smile, seemed to Beltran like a shy smile that concealed her affection.


He quite liked the way that she answered obediently, perhaps because she was shy.


Elodie’s appearance had long been to his taste.


He never ever thought about touching her because of the rumors that she had a dirty temper and that she was his brother’s fiancée.


However, if Elodie liked him and continued to be shy and docile in this way, then there was no reason why he couldn’t take her.


“By the way, my brother is very indifferent.
He is leaving his beautiful fiancée alone.
What do you think princess – I want to give you the honor of dancing with me–”


It was just when he was asking for a dance with an arrogant smile – Someone’s voice broke in between the two.


“Looks like the conversation is over,” intoned a drowsy and low voice. 


He was so tall that he could only be seen by raising your head, and the first things that caught one’s attention were his colorful golden eyes. 


Elodie’s eyes widened.


Duke Perdia took Elodie by the hand and left.


‘Is this a dream?’


Elodie who followed him, pinched her cheek just in case….




It hurt.
It wasn’t a dream!




Duke Perdia brought me to a vacant balcony.
The Duke immediately lowered the curtain to block the glances of those who peeked.


Thanks to the thick curtains, the sound of the orchestra music in the banquet hall felt distant.
The quiet balcony didn’t feel real after being in a hall full of people all this time.


I looked up at Duke Perdia who was leaning against the railing.


“Father, do you have something to say to me?”


Duke Perdia was looking down at me and uttered a word after quite some time.


“Stay away from the second prince.”


As expected, the conversation between the second prince and I, who previously had no contact with him, seemed to offend the Duke of Perdia.


“The second prince was talking to me first and I was roughly answering.” I made excuses in a hurry, but the Duke’s slightly hardened face did not straighten.


“He is famous for his bad hand habits, so refrain from meeting him in private.
If he calls you, ignore it.”


“It won’t happen so you don’t have to worry….” As I spoke, I tilted my head in confusion.


‘Worried……wait, worry?’ It can’t be, though. 


“Are you worried about me?” I asked the question carefully, out of curiosity.




There was no answer.
But it couldn’t be true.
It was time to laugh at myself about how stupid the question I asked was.


“Yes.” Duke Perdia finally replied in a low voice.


I opened my eyes in shock and looked up at the Duke of Perdia.
“You are worried?”




“…about me?”


“……how many times do I have to answer?”


I was just stunned when my father – who had no interest in me, let alone worried about me – suddenly did this.


Are you still taking care of me as your daughter? 


In the next moment, I became aware of the cold reality I was in.


‘It’s probably because he thinks I’m half of his blood.
If it turns out that I’m not his real daughter, he’ll throw me away without hesitation.’


I gave up my expectations which bloomed for no reason, recalling the fact that after it was found out that Elodie was not his own daughter, she died. 


Instead, I stared at the duke with a little nervousness.


“Father, I have something to tell you.”


“Do it.”


“I don’t know if my words will sound like nonsense, but……”




“Watch out for your aide, Sir Arold.”


The Duke was free to believe me or not, but I wanted him to doubt his aide at least a little bit. 


If you find a traitor in advance, it will definitely be of great help in the future.


This was my gratitude for raising me.




In the banquet hall of the Imperial City of Wallentian, with the bright chandelier shining brightly throughout the wide and colorful hall, the eyes of the ladies of marriageable age were busy.


Glancing, glancing. 


There were always two men and the end of the staring gazes.


The two sons of the Perdia Family, Jansi and Carlot.


Although notorious enough to be called a villain family, there were many people who envied them for their great power, even the emperor.


In the eyes of the two Duke sons were countless ladies who wanted to become their lovers.
Whether amazed or not, Carlot was on a rampage about someone entirely different. 


“Ha! Shouldn’t she go see a doctor?”


Lower your voice,” Jansi said with a note of warning. 


“No, I’m right! Why is she suddenly clinging to the second prince? That’s nothing you can do with a clear mind.


“The second prince was clinging.
Not Lili.” Jansi calmed him down, but Carlot couldn’t calm down.


Elodie was originally a troublemaker whenever she was at a party.
However, this time, she caused a great deal of trouble in a different sense.


“That’s it.
She is crazy right now! You can’t let her go in society! Do you know what else she is going to do if we leave her alone?”


As Carlot ran rampant, Jansi smiled quietly.


At that moment, the wine glass that Jansi was holding slowly blurred and soon disappeared.


The power of extinction.


Carlot’s eyes widened; he knew that Jansi didn’t use his ability in front of others.


Jansi smiled brightly and stroked his brother’s head with his now empty hand.


“I used my power without realizing it.
Rather than that, Carl, you’re a mess, so can you please stay still? You don’t know if I will use my power again.”


This was a warning under the guise of a request.


“Yes, Brother…” Carl, who was running wild like a colt, quickly became modest.


It was an absolute no-no to be at the receiving end of his brother’s power….




It was when I returned from the balcony and was sipping a drink from an attendant. 


After disappearing busily, my fiancé, who didn’t even show his nose, appeared in front of me and held out his hand.


“Will you give me the honor of dancing with you?”


I glanced at him and then returned to my drink.
“I don’t want to dance because I’m tired.”


“………” Adenmir’s expression hardened slightly, as if he didn’t think I’d refuse.
“Hold on.
I have something to say.”


It was an order rather than a solicitation.


I was reluctant, but that was no big deal for the prince.
I, the poor noble maiden, put my hand on his.


Before long, we started to dance like this.


I could feel the stinging eyes of the people looking at the two of us.




His voice came too close.
His face was so close that I could feel his breath.


I nodded slightly, instead of answering.
His words continued.


“You said that you wanted to break off the marriage.”




What? Why are you suddenly talking about breaking up the marriage?


Are you in the mood to break up?


I looked excitedly, with growing expectations, at the first prince, but he brutally crushed my expectations.


“Unfortunately, that would be difficult.”


My face fell.


“You, who want to break up with me, are quite useful.”


‘Useful? Me, useful?’


What are you talking about?


I felt my anger flare up in the moment.
I laughed nervously, pretending to be out of balance, and made a false step– 




I stepped viciously on the first prince’s foot.


The first prince, whose foot was accidentally stepped on, scrunched his forehead and looked down at me as if to reprimand me. 


I faced him confidently, without averting my eyes.


“Oh, my mistake, Your Highness.”


Of course, I didn’t forget to give him my brightest smile.

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