>‘They must have thought that the imperial family would be watching over the seals.’


No one would care about the extinct families.


I couldn’t believe an important sealing stone was on the market like this.


I rested my chin on my hand and looked down at the red seal.
When I looked closely it seemed like something was shaking in the gem.


“So what can I do with this sealing stone?”


I knew it was the sealing stone of a sin.
But it was still unclear how to make a lot of money from this.


Raeyan answered without hesitation.


“I will summon the sin.” 




I was startled and looked at Raeyan.


Summoning a sin meant destroying the world.  


Even after making such a huge statement, Raeyan looked calm.


“It doesn’t mean that I’m going to break the seal.
If you make a deal with a sin, you can use the power that sin has.
But you have to pay for it.
What it costs depends on the demands of the sin.”


“Do you mean that you can make money by making a deal with a sin?”


“The results are the same, but the process is different.”


Raeyan, who looked at the doorway once, lowered his voice and continued.


“There is an unknown fact about the sins.
The owner of the sealed stone can use the power of the sin without paying a price.”


“What, you only need to own a sealing stone?”


But not only do the heads of the current 4 major families not know this, but also the imperial family does not know this fact.”


If that was true, it was a huge secret that one couldn’t just pass up.
It meant being able to use the power of a sin that tried to destroy the world.


But apart from that, there was a question that came to mind.


“How come that Raeyan knows that secret?”




How could the heads of families who have guarded the sealing stones of sins for generations not know?


I couldn’t help but point it out.


Raeyan didn’t answer for a long time.
An uncomfortable silence followed, like the dampness of a sticky summer.


I endured the silence silently.
I couldn’t just move on without hearing the answer.


Amid a series of a silent tug-of-war, it was Raeyan who eventually opened his mouth first.


“I made a deal with the sin of pride in the past.”


The one who sealed the sin of pride was the Apellite family.
It was one of the long-lost families.


Then, was this red seal stone in front of me sealed by another extinct family, the Vietan family? 


“Mhhn, then this must be Greed.” 


Raeyan nodded at my question, and then continued, “All I can say is that I made a deal with Pride.”


I wasn’t sure if he was hiding it or really couldn’t say it, but it was clear that I couldn’t find out even if I asked.


Because Raeyan’s will seemed firm.


“Do you have any thoughts of telling me about it one day? What Raeyan is hiding.”






Just hearing that he had made a deal with Pride was an important piece of information about Raeyan.


‘He is wrapped up in a veil.’


I sighed lightly and looked down at the sealing stone again.
This was the sealing stone of Greed. 


“What should I do to summon it?”


I was thinking of summoning it while the iron was hot.


Raeyan returned the jewel box to me and began to explain.


“First, hold the sealing stone in your hand.”


“All right, hold it in my hand.”


As Raeyan said, I reached out my hand toward the sealing stone.


And the moment my fingertips touched the sealing stone of the sin–






My field of vision turned black.




I had a splitting headache.
Not only that, but I felt nauseous, enough to make me vomit at any moment.




I opened my eyes, holding my mouth with one hand and my throbbing head with the other.


The sight that greeted me was the middle of a collapsed temple.


I didn’t know if it was someone’s temple, but the pillars of the badly destroyed building were scattered everywhere.


And I woke up there…….


In the middle of the ruins of the dim building, I raised my upper body stiffly.


“Where am I..? Who am I….?”


We were talking about the sealing stones of the sins in Raeyan’s office, but after losing consciousness for a moment, I was moved to a strange place.


I pinched my cheek thinking it was a dream, but–




The pain was vivid.


‘First, hold the sealing stone in your hand!’


Doesn’t that mean there’s another step? You never said that I would fall into such a weird place out of nowhere!


The suddenness of the situation was ridiculous.


The headache and nausea had barely improved.


“What the hell is going on here?”


It was when I was sitting and looking at the remains of the building to find out where I was.


A little fox appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of me.
What was unusual was the color of the fox.
It was pitch black.




Where did this fox suddenly appear from? Then maybe there was someone else here besides me.


It was the moment when I stood up from my seat and staggered.


The black fox snorted.


[Fox? No.




The fox speaks?


When I looked bewildered at the black box from a distance, he stared at me with sharp eyes.


[What look?] 


“…..But why are you talking like that?”


That strange way of speaking made people almost as puzzled and bewildered as the fact that the fox spoke, not to mention that the fox introduced itself as greed.


The fox answered, raising one corner of his mouth.


[I don’t like to talk at length.
It’s a waste of energy.]


“Still, wouldn’t it be better to say what you want more properly? In longer sentences.”


The fox answered me firmly.


[The economics of language.]




Was I crazy…….?



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