funnier because it was not a joke, but serious advice.


‘No, it’s not funny.’


Our poor Martha…….
I couldn’t talk about the unfortunate Martha anymore, so I quickly changed the topic.


“It seems my father is waiting for you.”


“I’m meeting my fiancée; the Duke will understand.


I don’t think so…….


At the time when I took a sip of the tea with a sour face.


The first prince’s gaze moved over my shoulder to the desk.


There were poison bottles there that had not yet been removed.
He wouldn’t immediately recognize that it was poison just by looking at it, but just in case, I subtly blocked his view with my body.


Contrary to my concerns, the first prince quickly took his gaze away.


“You look fine, so the Princess will attend as well.”


“What are we going to attend?”


“Evening supper.
I was invited by the Duke; I heard the whole family is attending.”


What a sudden bolt of lightning is this.
Even having a family meal once a month is annoying, but even a family meal with the prince included.


“Because I’m still not feeling entirely well–”


“You look fine.
Aren’t you pretending to be sick?”


“That’s not–”


“I will tell the Duke.
You have some time until dinner, so prepare slowly.”


“Wait a minute, Your Highness!”




The first prince went out without even listening to my answer.


His attitude as if he were the host of the dinner was ridiculous.


“Guess he isn’t a royal family member for nothing….”


I frowned and raised my middle finger in my mind.


Martha, who had been waiting outside, came in with a curious expression on her face.


“Miss, what did His Highness say?”


“He wants you fired, Martha.”


“What? Why? There’s no maid who thinks of you as much as I do.
Ha, really me?”


Even as I nodded at Martha’s words that she would strongly support the breakup with the first prince from now on, my thoughts went elsewhere.




‘I don’t want to go!’




I thought that very strongly, but the Duke sent the butler himself, so I had no choice but to come.


Anyway, since I came to the dinner, I held up the spoon in earnest with the thought that I should have a delicious meal.


The conversations of my family except for me were heard like background music.


The Duke brought up the main topic first.
It was also the reason why the first prince personally visited this place.


“Yes, I heard that Angellus is going to start a military supply business in earnest,” The Duke commented.


Jansi replied with a smile, “Since there have been frequent exchanges with the Namma Tower recently, it seems that the making of magic tools has already begun.”


I just tried to listen, but I couldn’t because I knew the story already.


It was an incident in the book, so I knew how it would go.


The main culprit behind the incident was the Angellus family.


It was one of the four major families endowed with the power of regeneration, and the head of the house was the one who was frantic in raising its honor and inflating its wealth.


Perhaps his head hurt thinking about it, because the first prince opened his mouth with a frown.


“It is said that they are winning bids for all the mana stone mines, which are the subsidiary materials for magic armor.”


This was the problem.


Producing munitions was not a problem.
But Angellus business tactics were very dirty.


Wasn’t he blatantly trying to ruin one of Perdia’s businesses by monopolizing the main supply of materials? 


Of course, Perdia also owned a mine, so there would not be a big problem right away, but if it went on for a long time, it would be difficult because the supply and demand of materials would become unbalanced.


“It’s a big deal,” the duchess said with a laugh.


‘Isn’t she too relaxed for someone who’s in trouble?’ I thought to myself as I diligently chewed my dinner.


“Then, how about we also buy the magic stone mines? I think it would be good to secure a little more.”


Jansi came up with a solution, but it was quickly dismissed by the first prince.


“We’re a step late.
They have already won most of the bids for the mana stone mines.
There’s no point in stepping up now,” Adenmir contradicted.


While they had a serious conversation, I enjoyed a leisurely meal.


I didn’t feel a sense of crisis because I already knew the future.


‘They’re doomed.’




Perdia, who struggled for some time, soon came up with a solution.
It was Jansi’s trick in the original story.


Of course there were trials and errors and losses in the process, but in the end, Perdia won.


As a result, it worked out well, and I didn’t think it was my business to intervene, so I turned off my attention.


And then.






At the sudden call of my name, I stopped munching on meat and raised my head.


The Duke was looking at me.


“Eat and then answer.”


The Duke waited for me while I chewed and couldn’t answer because there was food in my mouth.




I quickly swallowed the mouthful of food and asked the Duke, “Why did you call me?”


“I am wondering what you think of this situation.”


Everyone in the dining room was surprised by the unexpected words.


I was surprised too.


A Duke who has never asked for my opinion before, asking me what I think now?


‘The Duke is strange……!’


Calling me, attaching an escort to me, even asking for my opinion.
Why are you doing something you have not done before?


The starting point was when I realized my previous life.


Jansi smiled awkwardly and dissuaded the duke.


“Father, I think it’s too difficult for Lili to answer.”


It was natural to say so.


I’ve never been interested in family affairs.


‘I was careful, fearing the Duchess would keep me in check if I took any interest.’


Carl kept his mouth shut the whole time, and the Duchess just smiled gracefully.


Even without saying, it was clear that everyone was thinking the same thing as Jansi.


But the Duke did not give in.


“Jansi, I didn’t ask for your opinion.”


The cool gaze momentarily disrupted Jansi’s smile.


“…….I was  presumptuous, Father.”




Instead of answering Jansi, the Duke called my name.


I was conflicted.


I knew of a solution to this predicament, but it was something that Jansi would come up with in the future.


If I say that now, it would be uncomfortable because I would take Jansi’s credit.


But if we intervene now, we can prevent meaningless trial and error….


Soon I came to a decision.


“There is a way.”


The Duke nodded as if he knew it.


Of all things, Jansi asked me, “What’s the way?”


“The solution is….”

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