retted waiting so long.”


“Yes, I see….”


It was a relief.


Because the second son of Perdia didn’t buy the whole store….




All kinds of boxes piled up in front of the stairs in the annex.


For the Duke’s homework, there were shopping items I swept from the dress room and jewelry store on Toinette Street, and a box of desserts full of all types that Carlot had bought at the patisserie.


I pointed to a box and told the servant who was moving things, “Give that banquet suit to Carlot.”


I didn’t forget to hand over the men’s banquet clothes that I didn’t need to Carlot.


Martha, who had just come down the stairs, asked in surprise, “Miss, what are all these boxes?”


Take it and share it with the servants of the annex.”


“Oh my gosh! I’m excited, thank you, Miss!”


Martha squealed as she opened the boxes of desserts.


Martha, who loved sweet things so much, was the kind of girl who couldn’t be stopped when it came to small, cute and lovable things.


Come to think of it, she also liked young and handsome men, so she memorized aristocratic names.


‘That red-eyed man, his elegance didn’t look like a commoner’s.’


Martha might know, so I asked just in case.


A man in his early 20s with black hair and red eyes.
Do you know about a guy like that?”


“I know most young people in their early 20s….but no one has that kind of appearance.


“It’s nothing.”


“I don’t think so.
Do you have a crush on him?”


Martha asked secretively, but without a moment’s hesitation, I cut off the conversation firmly.


“Prepare me a bath.”


“Yes…” Martha pouted and climbed up the stairs.


My mind became more complicated.


‘It’s dangerous.’


I’ll have to find him and find out what he really is before he comes to me.




When I came out of the bath, there was a letter with an imperial seal on the table.


“Miss, his Highness the First Prince has sent you a letter.”


“Okay,” I mused, waving the servant off. 


It was the first contact I received since I excitedly stepped on his feet at the last Emperor’s Birthday Banquet.


I sat down on the sofa and opened the letter, narrowing my eyes.


[I wanted to invite you to dinner, but it was a matter of what date would be good.]  


‘Are you trying to act like a fiancé like you have never done before?’


For me, who no longer had any lingering feelings for the first prince, it was just a troublesome business.


I immediately picked up a pen and wrote my reply.


To summarize, it was something like this.


[I can’t go because I’m not feeling well.
Please forgive my rudeness.]


Sealing the formal reply, I immediately called the servant back and sent the letter.


‘Why should I come to you?’


In fact, there was a calculation that if I behave like that, even the first prince would want to break off the engagement.




“She secretly disappeared….”


Wearing black gloves, Jansi’s thin fingers gently brushed the report he received from his subordinate.


The report’s subject was Elodie Perdia.


He was concerned about the recent change in behavior, so he attached a person to her. 


In the meantime, there was nothing unusual because she rarely came out of the annex, but she acted unexpectedly today.


He knew that Elodie, who had been released from probation for informing the Duke of Perdia of the aide’s betrayal, went out with Carlot as her escort.




While Carlot stopped by the Patisserie, the place Elodie secretly headed to was quite interesting.


A magic tower.


Since she was not closely monitored, it was not reported why she went, but if he wanted to find out, he could take the risk and find out.


‘Let’s leave that for now,’ Jansi decided.


There was something else that was more interesting.


Right before Carlot found Elodie, it was reported that Elodie had run into a man.


The report also detailed who the man was.
It was a real surprise.


‘As far as I know, this guy and Elodie never had any close encounters.’


There was no way.


The world where he and the daughter of Perdia lived were completely different worlds.


Jansi, who came out of the office to cool his head, encountered Carlot in the hallway.


Did you enjoy going out?”


He knew what had happened after receiving the report, but Jansi’s attitude of acting as if he didn’t know anything was perfectly natural.


Not feeling any suspicions, Carlot shrugged his shoulders.


“It’s just….”


“You must have had a hard time.
Do you want me to talk to Father so that I will go out with her the next time?”


It sounds like he’s patronizing, but Jansi had an intention.
If he goes out as Elodie’s escort, he’ll be able to observe closely.


However, Carlot’s reaction was different from what he expected.


Carlot was stunned for a moment, stiffened, and then shook his head.


“Don’t worry.
You don’t even like her.” 


Jansi raised an eyebrow.
“Isn’t it Carlot who hates Elodie?”




Carlot, who would normally ask why he would ask something obvious, avoided looking at him with an uncomfortable expression.


“I’ll go to bed first.
I’m tired from escorting her.”


Jansi knew that Carlot was avoiding the answer to his question, but he ignored it.


Good night, Carl.”


A gentle smile appeared on Jansi’s face as he bid his brother farewell.


But that smile disappeared as soon as Carlot turned around and disappeared.


An indifferent face with no expression.


One day, Elodie changed.
There was something unusual going on.


Isn’t it strange that she found out that his father’s aide worked together with the 2nd prince? The Elodie Perdia he knew wasn’t such an extraordinary child.


Recently, the atmosphere in the family had also become quite different from before.


She often had teatime with his mother, who never ever used to talk to Elodie during the family meals. 


His father, who was not interested in Elodie, insisted that one of his sons should escort her.


Carlot’s behavior today was also suspicious.


It was an unpleasant situation for Jansi, who had to be in control of everything.


Jansi’s footsteps aimlessly brought him to the garden.


His hand inadvertently touched a rose.


The rose withered due to the power of extinction that unwittingly manifested and was soon scattered by the blowing wind.


Jansi’s expression immediately collapsed.




The ability once again manifested itself arbitrarily.
At that moment he remembered a memory he wanted to forget.


Jansi pressed hard on the edge of his mouth.


He didn’t feel well.

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