Chapter 10.
Perdia’s Money Education

After a sigh, I opened my mouth.


“I’ll take Carlot.”


The reason was simple.
Because I have more insight into Carlot, and he is easier to handle than Jansi.
You could never know what Jansi is thinking.


Yes, it’s like choosing the best out of the worst.


The Duke nodded at my eventual choice.
“Yes, then I’ll tell Carlot.”


“Yes, Father.”


“Is there anything else you need?”


“It’s all right,” I responded politely. 


It’s okay, because there was only one thing that I desperately needed.
To get rid of the useless escort!


However, I also had no choice but to step down because it didn’t seem like the duke wanted to let it go.


Unexpectedly, the Duke continued talking.


“I heard from the butler that you haven’t purchased anything recently.”


I swallowed nervously.
“Ah, that’s….”


It was me who once brought the owners of the dressing rooms and various merchants to the annex to buy all kinds of dresses and goods day after day.


But since I regained the memories of my previous life, that all stopped.


When I thought I was a member of the Perdia family, I could spend money carelessly, but not anymore.


Even the things I have are not mine, and the money I can spend is not my money.


So, I can’t afford to spend my family’s money.


“It’s not good to spend too much money.
I want to reduce my careless spending.”




“What?” I asked in confusion.


“What do you think of Perdia?”


What is this situation where I am suddenly being questioned about spending less money?


The Duke sighed lightly when I could not answer and simply stood in a daze.


“It’s not a family that can’t even afford your dresses.”


“That’s not what I meant.”


“Tell the butler to allocate another 100,000 lalits each month from now on, Elodie.”


“100,000 Lalit?”


100,000 Lalit.


100,000 lalit.
1 lalit is worth about 2,000 won, so if is 100,000 lalit….they were worth about 200 million won.



You could already use Elodie’s budget like water, even if you didn’t allocate an additional 100,000 lalit.


‘Even though it’s Perdia, aren’t you giving any education about the value of money? What about money education?’


Are my habits as a daughter getting worse?


Seeing me in shock, the Duke asked a terrifying question.


“Is it not enough?”


“No, that’s not it!”


This made it difficult for me to allocate more money in the future. 


No matter how much money I spend, all the money will go into the Duke’s surveillance network, so there was no place to spend it even if it increased.


“So don’t think about useless things, and buy anything you want to buy.
I will receive a report from the butler every month, so let him know.”




A monthly report.
I suddenly had a thought.
When a Perdia says “I will live more frugally”, you force them to spend more money by giving them more money.


I wonder if this is the “Perdia money education” ….


My soul was blown away and I got up weakly from my seat.


“I’m sorry to disturb you when you’re busy.
I should get going now.”


It seemed that he had no business with me any longer, so as soon as I said goodbye, the Duke nodded his head slightly.


As soon as I came out of the bedroom, a sigh of relief burst out.




It was only at the thought that I was no longer in one space with the Duke that I seemed to be able to breathe again.




On the way back from meeting the Duchess, I met the Duke unexpectedly, and then I finally returned to the annex, exhausted.


Martha, who was standing in front of the bedroom, found me and opened her eyes wide.


“Miss, why are you so late? You’re still alive, right?”


“Do I seem dead?”


“No way.
I’ve just been waiting so long.
I was worried.”


Martha busily checked my body here and there, and only after confirming that there was no injury did she let me go.


She seemed very worried that I was meeting the Duchess alone.


‘Actually I was more afraid of the Duke than his wife.’


Rather, I felt that I could talk to the Duchess very well.
Not too long ago, I was in a hurry to avoid talking with her.


Of course, that didn’t mean I forgot my situation.
It was obvious that she didn’t like me, she was just being nice because my ability was useful.


Otherwise, she would have only looked at me like an inanimate object, no matter how much I would cry.


But it was natural for the Duchess.


Because I’m an illegitimate child.
Not hers.


So, let’s just stay like this without revealing our presence anymore and then leave. 


I made up my mind again and spilled my cherished pocket on the carpet on the bedroom floor.


Twinkling gold coins appeared.


“What is all this?” Martha looked at me and the money alternately with a surprised face.


I smiled wickedly.
“This all is money, Martha.”


“I know it’s money.
I have eyes, too.”


Martha seemed to be curious about the source of the money, but I pretended not to see it and flopped down on the carpet.


“One, two, three…ten!”


Ten gold coins worth one thousand larit each.
The money in my pocket was 10,000 larit.


Only recently, I had heard from the Duke of Perdia about 100.000 larit a month, but this money I had in my hand was more realistic.


Anyway, I was thrilled.




I made money.


Even if I use it, I won’t be caught from the family’s pursuit, because these are my own personal funds!


The first thing I did with this precious money was to give Martha 2,000 larit.


“What? Are you giving it to me?”


It’s in return for the poison that you bought me.”


“Of course I did what I had to do, but…I’ll take it well, Miss.”


As it was a maid’s salary for several months, Martha smiled and took the gold coins.


I liked that snobbish Martha.


It’s much better than pretending to be loyal in front of you, saying it’s not for money, and then turning away from you for a lot of money.


Martha will be on my side as long as I make sure to get her a reward.
She wouldn’t even betray me in the first place.


Anyway, I made quite a lot of money, but I couldn’t dream of buying a house at this level.


I can make more money by selling more antidotes in the future, but it will take a long time.


Just then Martha handed me something.


“Here is the investment flyer that the Miss mentioned.”


“Thank you, Martha.”


This was the investment-related information I asked Martha to bring.
The publisher was Matop, so it could be said to be a reliable source of information on investment.


Although risky, there was nothing like investing in order to earn independent funds in a short period of time.


I have to visit the tower in person soon – what should I do with Carlot?


As I put my hard-earned money back in my pocket, I was still thinking about that.
Martha, who was sneaking around, stared at me.


“Come to think of it, Miss.
You’re a little weird these days.”




I just remembered the memories of my past life, but I thought I didn’t feel strange because I was myself in the past, wasn’t I? 


Martha may have noticed something as she is an exclusive maid who always takes care of me.
I waited nervously for Martha’s next word.


“Maybe, Miss ….”


Why is your gaze so persistent?


Soon Martha’s eyes narrowed.


“You’ve grown up, right?”


The words made me feel somewhat let down.


That’s right.
As expected, Martha is Martha.




Now I had two problems at hand.


First, the 100,000 larit monthly homework given by the Duke of Perdia.

The second thing I’ve been dreading, telling the unlucky Carlot Perdia to escort me.


The first homework was relatively easy.
Just like before I remembered my past life, I could just sweep away dresses and jewelers on Twanet Street.


‘But the guilt is probably my share.’


But now I have the memories of Yoon Ga-eul (TN note: previously translated as Yoon Autumn, but Ga-eul is more accurate).
As long as I remember Yoon Ga-eul, who was shivering from spending 10,000 won, I couldn’t completely be the person I was in the past.


In particular, my sense of money has changed significantly from before.


‘I am Elodie.
Elodie Perdia who enjoys luxury.
The illegitimate daughter of the Perdia family, 100,000 larit? Ha.
It’s a piece of cake.
I’ll just spend it.
Very simple……..!’


I worked hard at self-hypnosis and fixed my parasol. 


My physical strength is not good, so a parasol was essential in the hot summer, because I might collapse if I stay out in the sun for a long time.


Eventually, my footsteps arrived at the entrance to the training ground.


During morning training, metal colliding and sand splashing could be heard vividly.


The reason I came to the training ground, which doesn’t interest me this early in the morning, is because– 


‘Carlot is usually at the training ground.’


I needed to pick up my precious escort.


Days have already passed since the agreement with the Duke of Perdia for an escort, and I had yet to encounter Carlot.


This is because I worked hard to create an antidote while staying in the annex to fulfill the Duchess’s additional commission.


Of course, I thought that if he heard from the Duke to take over as my escort, Carlot would be extremely angry – and would therefore come to visit me – but that didn’t happen.


‘Or maybe he didn’t hear of it?’


Anyway, since Carlot hasn’t come to see me, I have no choice but to go see him in person.


‘I have to go out today.’


After making a resolute determination again, I entered the training ground.


The sharp clash of weapons was heard more clearly.


“Carlot, where are you?” I murmured softly and looked around the training ground.
The knights were busy training among themselves, so they didn’t even look at me.


It was just then.


“Oh my god!” 


Starting with the shout of one knight, everyone in the training ground turned to me.


Among them was Carlot, who was swinging his sword excitedly.


I leisurely waved my hand toward Carlot, who opened his eyes wide.


“Hi Carl.
Good morning.”


“What? Why are you here?”


Carlot wiped off his sweat with a towel and walked over to me with a frown.


Without useless regards, I immediately brought up the main point.


“Did you hear it from Father?”


“What did I hear?”


“That you will be my escort.” I just said that and laughed, as if I was totally unconcerned.




With a clang– 


Carlot dropped the sword, which a knight should think of as his life, and his face lost color.


“What, you mean Father wasn’t joking?”


Although he had heard the story from the Duke, he seemed to believe only what he wanted to believe. 


I hadn’t been looking for Carlot for days after that.


I guess I paid attention to it for the first few days, and then I forgot about it altogether.


But whatever the circumstances of Carlot, I needed him.


I’m going out today, so come with me, Carlot.
I’m busy.”


“Why me?”


“Really, you don’t want to come? Then I should tell Father.
It’s okay, right?”


“Tell me!” Carlot shouted with an angry face.




If it came out like this, normally we would have shouted and fought with each other, and then there would be a disturbance.
It seemed like he was trying to get rid of the escort position while placing all the blame on me when it eventually made its way to the Duke’s ears.


So instead of dealing with Carlot, I greeted him neatly and turned around.


Work hard on your training.”


I was heading towards the Duke’s office without hesitation, but Carlot was walking quickly and blocked me.


“Just tell me.
I won’t leave you alone.”


He seemed to warn me in a scary voice, but I wasn’t scared at all.


It’s like a cat getting angry.


In any case, as long as there was an order from the Duke, the victory was on my side.


I looked at Carlot with a broad smile on purpose.


“So, are you going out with me?”


“Fine! I’m going!”


Carlot picked up the sword he dropped and glared at me.


“Wait.” He spat it out like a curse.
“I’ll wash up and get changed!”


What a case of temper.


“Hurry up and come back.”


When I waved my hand again, Carlot huffed and went into the building.


“As expected, he is easy to handle….”


A simple man.


It was a very wise choice to choose the stupid Carlot over Jansi.

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