The Villain Returns

Last Stand Point -0-

Note from Author: Writing for fun, the start is probably gonna be a bit messy but Ill fill you in if you haven read the synopsis.

Red 0 and Beta have fought, only 3 super-humans still stand.

Justice 7, Reta and Pueris.

Pueris is the protagonist of this story, to clear that up.

The next few chapters will just be the last fight between them all, before the fateful end comes and Pueris discovers his-.


The sky was an uneasy golden tint that day. Seeming to have swallowed the sun whole as it drooped around.

”Citizens of the World, we are now zooming in on the last clash between -Beta- and Red -0-, It looks like -Betas- Leader, Justice 7, can always be counted on. It should only be with a few more moves that this fateful battle that has decimated an estimated 93% of London will end. ”

An average-looking man, fixed with a ruffled suit and over-waxed black hair commentated on the scene for the camera next to him.

The reporters words were muffled by the drowning sound of helicopter blades as the camera exposing the main stage to hundreds of millions of people around the Earth was held steadily by a crewmember.

The jet-black helicopter circled a disaster-struck London, it gradually got dangerously close to ground level since every single prestigious skyscraper had been leveled to no more than scrap-metal mounds hours ago.

As it turned and throttled forwards, the camera lens was swiftly wiped, revealing the final few minutes of a deafening battle.

Two figures opposed each other in the deepest crater on the battlefield. Their surroundings had deformed into a fixture of brown from the constant craters formed with each ability.

The first figure seemed quite casual and unbothered, yet at the same time fixed to his duty as a hero.

He was covered in a tight blue suit, fixed with red gloves and red socks. There was a noticeable mustard J symbol puffed out on his chest. Despite the mighty demeanor of his suit, the wearer was no older than 18.

He had the tame face of an average high school boy. Sullen black hair that squashed down and had been split at the front and a body that belonged to one that mightve occasionally done some sports. No muscles contracted through the tight blue-red suit. There were no imperfections on his face however it looked as though his entire face had encountered a bad case of Vitiligo since it looked unusually pink.

Known by everyone, he was the 7th Legacy of Justice on modern Earth. The one who led the heroes and culled the Villains.

Justice 7.

Reflected in Justice 7s marron eyes was 2032s most recent top-shot Villain, Reta.

Reta… wasn looking his best.

His once smooth dark-burgundy cloak had been tattered and now revealed several flaccid and pale pigments of skin through the tears.

Only his refined rose-red hood which connected to his cloak had stayed untouched. Hero code N.677 stated that heroes should not aim for the head.

Underwhelmingly, his figure shook behind his glowing demon mask.

The two horns that had previously struck fear into all that recognized them had been cut from the top, causing an image of defeat to emerge from Reta.

The white glow from his mask flickered and one could see traces of his true blood-red eyes from time to time.

Over time, viewers from home noticed a negligible layer of blood seeping into the ground beneath Reta.

Jungle32: Is that blood coming from Reta?

Dynamotie2: Look at Retas horns!

Deumo: Retas got it rough.

DungoL3: @Jungle32 I just noticed!

Shockingly, in the current moment, many showed absolute ignorance of the tragedy of 93% of London. They were thirsty for a good villain-hero confrontation.

Not once in his entire career had Justice 7 been significantly injured.

Everybody wanted to see the last cards that Reta had up his sleeve.

Despite all the mishaps and eagerness from overseas and abroad, the two fighters had developed quite an irregular atmosphere.

”Why don we just end this? Reta? You haven even pushed me to use my force control. ”

Justice 7 held back a yawn as he started doing some basic stretches.

”Im waiting. ”

Retas voice was far deeper and coarse than Justice 7 who seemed like he had just woken up. His eyes darted from side to side despite the avoidance of anything but the derelict state of London.

Justice 7 shrugged off his reply before going into a bit of a trance.

”It really is laughable. Is it not? The mere fact that you used to shove me around with your little man-hands. And now? ”

”You can even scratch me. ”

Justice 7 chuckled to himself.

His eyebrows furrowed as he noticed Retas unaffected figure.

Justice 7 felt a bit of a lump in his throat.

”Whats wrong? You can ignore the past. The past is the only thing keeping you alive right now. ”

”Drey. ”

Justice 7 let out a subtle and practiced whistle as his stance remained straight and his feet stuck to the ground.

From the skies, the camera crew looked back at each other puddled and relatively worried.

As the Helicopter continued making various loops around the scene, viewers seemed to be… complaining?

David223: Why is it taking so long? Just fight already.

Jerulfox: Boring.

Lucaihdfiah: This angle is terrible. Get lower.

The reporter cleared his throat before going into yet another line of script given to him by a higher-up.

”Well, for all of our new listeners, the final clash is soon to take place. We,

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