Chapter 16 : Violin



– June 12, 2023

With a heavy heart, Bai Wanjun discarded the broken QUEEN violin and, to Shi Han's astonishment, also threw her own ordinary violin into the trash can.
Bai Wanjun's words echoed in the room, leaving Shi Han without room for further arguments.
“Don't pursue the violin any longer; it's not suited for you.”

Shi Han stood there, staring at the two violins resting in the trash can.

One was a QUEEN, representing Shi Yin's status and worth.

The other was a simple, ordinary violin, which seemed to symbolize Shi Han's place and significance within Bai Wanjun's heart.

Even the meticulously prepared song, meant to be played on her birthday, now lay discarded alongside the violins.

From that moment onward, Shi Han vowed never to play the violin in front of them again.

She couldn't help but laugh bitterly at herself.

Important people, important things, all became hazy in her mind, but the pain of rejection remained vividly etched in her memory.

Shi Han, still grappling with her longing for familial affection, placed the violin back into Shi Yin's hands and silently departed from the room.

Dressed in a light green nightdress that gracefully reached her knees, Shi Han's flawless and shapely calves were exposed, evoking a tinge of jealousy within Shi Yin.
Clutching the violin tightly, Shi Yin called out to Shi Han.

Shi Han, who had spent the past two years wandering alone outside, should always be inferior to her!

She smiled, shedding her previous timidity and adopting a haughty tone as she replied, “Sister, the renowned violinist Kerry is highly impressed by my violin skills.
In a month's time, she has agreed to take me on as her apprentice.
Will my sister be attending?”

Shi Yin observed Shi Han's profile from the side, taking a couple of steps closer to her before adding, “It seems my sister is not familiar with Master Kerry.
She has garnered numerous awards in international competitions, and only a handful of our country's violinists have managed to establish themselves on the international stage.”

Shi Han turned around, leaning slightly towards Shi Yin, her almond-shaped eyes fixed on her.

shouldn't she be envious of me, Shi Yin thought.

Shi Yin clenched her lip tightly, her expression reflecting a mix of emotions.
She mustered the courage to ask once more, “Sister, will you come?”

“Pass it over,” Shi Han said, extending her hand with a smile.


“I'll give you my answer,” Shi Han replied calmly.

Reaching out, Shi Han took hold of the violin from Shi Yin's arms and positioned it on her shoulder.
With grace and skill, she began to play the same piece that Shi Yin had played earlier in the day.

As the familiar melody filled the air, a transformation occurred.
Gradually, the rosy hue on Shi Yin's face started to fade, replaced by a paleness that mirrored her astonishment.

She remembered the fear of being overshadowed by Shi Han two years ago.
While everyone praised her for her talent in playing the violin, deep down, she knew that Shi Han was the true prodigy, a genius whose abilities she could never hope to match, no matter how hard she tried.

After concluding the piece, Shi Han carefully placed the violin back into Shi Yin's arms.
She then leaned in close to Shi Yin's ear, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Shi Yin, you remain the same as back then, like a mouse hiding in the shadows.”

Shi Yin froze, her body going rigid as their gazes locked.
The unspoken understanding between them seemed to reverberate in the silence, shattering her illusions.

She realized that Shi Han had seen through her intentions all along.
The act of breaking the violin was a desperate attempt to protect herself from the fear of being overshadowed by Shi Han's brilliance, afraid of being left behind and forgotten by their parents.

Shi Han's voice remained steady as she broke the silence, “Do you still insist on inviting me, Shi Yin?”

Shi Yin's face twisted in anguish, and she could barely say anything, as she saw Shi Han leaving the room with a scoff.

Bai Wanjun entered the room, holding a cup of hot milk in her hands.
She looked at Shi Yin, who was still practicing the violin, with a mix of concern and confusion.

It's quite late, Yinyin.
Why are you still practicing? You should go to bed after drinking your milk,” Bai Wanjun gently suggested.

Shi Yin's face turned pale, startled by her mother's presence.
She stammered, “I…
I'm afraid of making mistakes and disappointing my teacher.”

Bai Wanjun approached Shi Yin and lovingly embraced her shoulders.
“Darling, don't worry.
I heard you playing the violin earlier, and you've improved a lot since this afternoon.
Master Kerry was right, you have a natural talent for the violin.”

Her words landed on Shi Yin like a double-edged sword, both a compliment and a painful reminder of Shi Han's extraordinary skills.

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