Chapter 4: An impure mind

Shen Yi didn’t get an answer to his question and he didn’t need one, he just wanted to respond back to Fu Yuhe as it was quite interesting seeing Fu Yuhe’s expression crumble.

Shen Yi pulled open the door, only to find Fu Cheng standing with his hand raised, as if he wanted to continue knocking on the door, he was stunned when he saw Shen Yi walking out of his brother’s room.

“Why are you in my brother’s room? I thought you left before I got out of shower.” He said.

Shen Yi said, “You forgot to put some clothes in the bathroom, your brother let me borrow his.”

Only then did Fu Cheng realise that the black T-shirt that Shen Yi was wearing belonged to his brother.
He blinked, “Oh”, his brother didn’t even like someone touching his things, let alone his clothes, did his brother and Shen Yi have such a good relationship?

But that was good, he had been worried that his brother wouldn’t like Shen Yi because of his involvement with the fight, he personally felt that Shen Yi was a very good person, and naturally he did not want his brother to hate him.

Shen Yi glanced at the sky outside, “It’s getting late, I’ll go back first, I still need to write the test paper later.”

“Or you sleep here tonight, and tomorrow we can go to school together…”Before Fu Cheng could complete his sentence, he was interrupted by a voice.


The door behind Shen Yi opened, and Fu Yuhe walked out from inside.

“Brother.” Fu Cheng was stunned.

It was not difficult for him to understand that at this moment, his brother’s mood was extremely bad, and his tone of voice was cold.

“Forget it, it’s inconvenient.” Shen Yi smiled.

He just wanted to tease Fu Yuhe, but he didn’t really want to challenge his bottom line and treat him like a scourge, it was interesting, but forget it, it wasn’t the right time.

However, Fu Yuhe felt that he had ulterior motives in approaching Fu Cheng, but didn’t directly inform Fu Cheng, indicating that Fu Cheng would most likely not listen him regarding this matter.

No matter how much Fu Cheng respected his brother, it was impossible for him to listen to him in everything, if the two of them had a conflict because of him, the scene would truly be too wonderful.

“I’ll go first, see you tomorrow.” Shen Yi picked up his schoolbag from the sofa and waved his hand.

Fu Cheng sent him to the door, quietly glanced behind him but didn’t see his brother, so he asked with a whisper, “What did you say to my brother in the room?”

Shen Yi: “Oh, you want to know?

Fu Cheng nodded, it wasn’t common for his brother to have that kind of expression when he was home.

Shen Yi blinked, he placed his fingertip on his lips, and said with a smile: “It’s a secret.”

Fu Cheng: “…” This only made him more curious.

It wasn’t appropriate to say that his brother hated Shen Yi considering he lent him his clothes and even took him to his room, but to say that he had a good impression, he attitude wasn’t quite right.

Curiosity was just curiosity, Fu Cheng didn’t have the guts to ask his brother such a question.

Shen Yi soon ushered in the first monthly exam after he came to this world.

The desks in the classroom were all segregated, the radio on the podium was playing English verses and Shen Yi sat in the back row of the classroom, holding a pen in his hand to write the answer.

These questions were not difficult for him, but he still wrote down one question after another, checked it again after writing, and handed in the papers in advance.

Because there was a parent-teacher meeting after the monthly exam, the atmosphere between the students was more tense than usual, and Shen Yi was not too nervous.
Th atmosphere in the classroom was more tense because of the patent-teacher meeting after the monthly exam but Shen Yi didn’t feel much nervousness.

He went to the small supermarket to buy a popsicle, sat on a bench in the shade of the tree to rest, he took out his mobile phone and looked at the two messages, last night he had sent a message to his “parents” about the parent-teacher meeting, and both of them have replied.

[Dad: I don’t have time, ask your mother to go.]

[Mom: I’m abroad, I won’t be back in time, ask your father to go with you].

Shen Yi sighed.

He had neither a father’s beating nor a mother’s love, wasn’t he really miserable?

The monthly examinations lasted two days, after which the National Day holidays began.
Before the holiday, the teacher specifically instructed the students about the parent-teacher meeting, making the class mourn for their fate.
Summer was gone, but the temperature hasn’t dropped, and during the holidays, Shen Yi’s mobile phone was much livelier, as all kind of notifications kept popping out.
Some were notifications regarding new friend requests, some were from his former fake friends, and some came from his classmates, inviting him out to play.

The weather was a little too warm and humid these past two days, so Shen Yi didn’t want to go out instead he decided to rest at home these two days, and asked Fu Cheng, who was also idle, out to play basketball on the morning of the third day.

On the basketball court, the teenager ran under the sun, beads of sweat faintly illuminating on his skin, except for Shen Yi and Fu Cheng, there were also a few classmates they were familiar with, who usually played together.

Fu Cheng wasn’t unable to keep up with Shen Yi’s physical strength, and he took a rest on the side, taking out his mobile phone to have a look at the time, he found that there were several missed calls on it, all from his brother.

His brother usually didn’t call him if he had nothing to do, and Fu Cheng hurriedly dialled back, and the other end quickly connected.


Fu Yuhe: “Why didn’t you answer the phone?”

Fu Cheng: “I didn’t hear it.”

Fu Yuhe heard some noises: “You’re not at home?”

“Well, I came out to play.” Fu Cheng said.

“With Shen Yi?” Fu Yuhe guessed it at once on who he was with.

Fu Cheng: “Yes.
Brother, are you looking for me for something?”

“It’s nothing.” Fu Yuhe originally wanted Fu Cheng to send a document to the company, but now he didn’t need it.

Before hanging up the phone, Fu Yuhe heard a faint “Fu Cheng” on the other end of the phone, he could tell it was Shen Yi’s voice.

He was sitting in a high-rise office, with a clear view of the city outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.
The man who hung up looked down at his phone, and frowned.

There was no need to be so nervous, it’s just teenagers playing ball together.

But he had to admit that he was very concerned about Shen Yi’s existence.

On the basketball court, Shen Yi sat on the steps drinking water, his slender and straight legs stretched out, and his upper body leaned back.

He had called out on purpose.

The person Fu Cheng called was very likely Fu Yuhe, it didn’t matter if it wasn’t, but if it was, he just wanted Fu Yuhe to hear his voice.

Although Fu Yuhe wasn’t emotionally expressive, he was very protective of Fu Cheng, and he just wanted Fu Yuhe to be nervous.

“Let’s stop playing, I have to go back to do the questions in the afternoon.” Fu Cheng said.

“Okay.” Shen Yi raised his head, his fluffy hair jumping lightly as the sun shone, he stretched, and turned his head, “By the way, I remember your brother’s birthday is coming up.”

Fu Cheng: “Yeah, I haven’t thought of what to give him yet.” He only casually mentioned this to Shen Yi last time, but Shen Yi has a good memory.

“Do you have time tomorrow?” Fu Cheng asked.

Shen Yi tilted his head, “Yes, I’ll help you choose one.”

“Thank you, Shen Yi.” A smile appeared on Fu Cheng’s lips.

“No need to thank me, just treat to a meal.” Shen Yi said with a smile.

Fu Cheng: “No problem.”

Shen Yi smiled like a wicked old fox: “Remember not to expose your whereabouts to your brother tomorrow to keep it a surprise.”

Fu Cheng said stupidly: “That’s fine, my brother is usually not home, and he wouldn’t ask me where I am going.”

“Where are you going?”

At the entrance of the living room, Fu Cheng was bending down to change his shoes, when a question came from behind him that made him tremble.

He had no idea what was going on with his brother today, usually he wasn’t at home at this hour but today he was sitting on the sofa like a doorkeeper keeping guard.

Fu Cheng dawdled around for over ten minutes before biting the bullet and head out, but in the end, he was still questioned.

“No, I am not going anywhere.” The moment Fu Cheng faced Fu Yuhe, it became apparent that he was lying, as his voice cracked.

Fu Yuhe stared at him for a moment, his eyes were calm, but it was this calm that made Fu Cheng nervous.

“I’m going to the library to buy something.” Fu Cheng said, making up a believable lie.

He didn’t know if Fu Yuhe believed it or not but he said: “Hmm.”

Fu Cheng let out a sigh of relief before he heard him speak: “I’ll send you there.”

“No need brother, you are busy with your work, no need to worry about me.” Fu Cheng said, he had already changed his shoes, so before Fu Yuhe could speak, he hurried out the door.

Fu Yuhe’s deep eyes were dark and unfathomable, as if he was an old mother whose child had learned to imitate bad habits.

His good brother even learned to lie from Shen Yi.

Fu Yuhe had a banquet to attend tonight, and the assistant had already delivered the customized suit to the villa in the morning.

A black suit with a little delicate small design, worn on Fu Yuhe’s body looked very suitable.
The clothes brought out his long legs and hugged his narrow waist, showing off his advantages.
The dark fabric complementing his fair complexion, giving him a sense of alienation, his aura making people feel uneasy.

He couldn’t help but think of Shen Yi.

For an eighteen-year-old high school student, he sure was bold.

He tried on the clothes and change out of them, and he had a meeting at two o’clock in the afternoon, he glanced at the time on his watch, left the bedroom, and said to the assistant in the living room: “To the company.” The assistant took the car keys and followed him.

After the two got into the car, the assistant adjusted the rear-view mirror, saw Fu Cheng in the back seat, hesitated for a second, and said: “I saw President Fu’s brother in the store today, I wanted to go over to say hello, but he hid the moment he saw me, so I didn’t go over in the end.”

Fu Yuhe was a VIP customer of that store, and many of suits were customized over there.

Fu Yuhe lowered his head and straightened his sleeves, and asked nonchalantly, “Was he alone?”

“Together with that Classmate Shen.” The assistant said.

Fu Yuhe’s fingertips paused slightly: “What were they doing there?”

“Buying a tie.” The assistant said.

Before Fu Yuhe had asked him to investigate Shen Yi, he knew that Fu Yuhe was keeping an keep on Shen Yi, so he took the initiative to mention this, he took out his phone and handed it to Fu Yuhe, and Fu Yuhe saw the photo on the mobile phone.

The two teenagers in the photo stood facing each other, the taller teenager was bent over with a bright smile on his face, and the other teenager held a tie and put it around his neck…

Fu Yuhe put the phone down, eliciting a small noise and the assistant who had followed him for several years noticed the subtlety of the atmosphere, and he glanced in the rear-view mirror.

The man in the back seat lowered his eyes, his thumb pressed against his index finger, and a stormy look covered his face.

Fu Cheng’s simplicity seemed to easily attract perverts.

During junior high school when teenagers only had a preliminary understanding of sex, Fu Cheng also had a friend, and Fu Yuhe only remembered that the other party was tall and strong with dark skin, and Fu Cheng also brought him home to play at that time.

The young man’s thoughts couldn’t be concealed from him, and the person would often take advantage of Fu Cheng, and later Fu Yuhe had to deal with him.

Shen Yi and Fu Cheng got close too fast, which gave Fu Yuhe feel a very contradictory feeling, and the last time they “talked” with each other, the way the young man behaved only made Fu Yuhe even more guarded.

Frivolous with an impure mind.

Fu Yuhe didn’t want to interfere too much in Fu Cheng’s life, so he wouldn’t intervene until Shen Yi did something outside the boundary of a friend, right now he would only give a warning.

Shen Yi was obviously thinking of something else.

When they met Fu Yuhe’s assistant in the store, Fu Cheng subconsciously hid behind him, saying that it was his brother’s assistant.

Later, the assistant secretly photographed them, when Fu Cheng was talking to him about how his brother asked him where he was going, When Shen Yi heard it, he mistakenly thought that Fu Yuhe sent his assistant to follow him, an evil idea took over his mind, since Fu Yuhe asked the assistant to follow them, why not take pictures of what he wanted to see.

That was the reason behind the scene in the photo.

The holidays quickly passed by, and the results of the monthly exam were announced on Friday, and Shen Yi jumped ranks and became the first place in the class, attracting the eyes of others, and even Fu Cheng was a little surprised.

Fu Cheng is the third in the class, and his results have also seen some improvement this time.

As soon as the test paper was sent, he took Shen Yi’s test paper and compared it with his own test paper, before looking at Shen Yi with a serious face.

Shen Yi was yawning, his mouth was halfway open, the corners of his eyes revealed sleepiness, and he met Fu Cheng’s eyes and couldn’t even yawn properly anymore.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Did you lie to me?” Fu Cheng pointed to the test paper, “You can obviously do them…”

Fu Cheng is not a jealous person, and he wouldn’t be angry just because Shen Yi’s grades were better than his, but he remembered that Shen Yi asked him questions before, and something about it just didn’t seem right.

“No.” Shen Yi put his hands on the table, rested his chin on the back of his hand, and looked at Fu Cheng, his expression revealing innocence, “I wasn’t used to it when I first transferred schools, I didn’t understand a lot of the stuff they taught during the class, so it’s all thanks to your help.”

His tone of voice was very sincere, unhurried, with a softness to it, as if he was afraid that Fu Cheng would not believe it.

After hearing that, Fu Cheng’s suspicious eyes were obviously not as resolute as before.

“And when have I lied to you?” Shen Yi resorted to his killing move.

As soon as Fu Cheng heard it, his face relaxed, and completely believing Shen Yi’s words.

Sunday, Senior Year Parent-Teacher Conference.

The weather has cooled down in the past two days, the students of senior three class cleaned up the classroom yesterday, the tables and chairs in the class were also neatly arranged, and many students’ parents could be seen at a glance on the third floor of the high school.

In the office, Shen Yi was explaining to the class teacher the reason why his parents couldn’t come, and the class teacher called them one by one to confirm, Shen Yi didn’t know what reason came to his mind, the head teacher looked at him with a much kinder look in his eyes.

There was nothing for the students to do during the parent-teacher meeting, so the senior students ran out like caged birds set free, leaving only a few to wander around the corridor.

Shen Yi went out of the office, lay on the balcony in the corridor, and looked down at the people coming and going downstairs.

The sun shone on him, he squinted his eyes, the slender figure illuminated by sunlight resembled a painting, there was no need to wear a school uniform today, Shen Yi was wearing a blue and white baseball uniform, the wind blew the hair off his forehead, the young boy seemed full of vitality.

He stretched out his hand, and the sunrays pouring out from the gap between his finger.

Shen Yi rubbed his hair, turned around and walked towards the staircase, he didn’t manage to take a few steps before he suddenly stopped, he looked at the man on the opposite side, his eyes flickering lightly.

“Shen Yi!”

Fu Cheng waved, standing beside Fu Yuhe.

Shen Yi smiled, raising his hand in response, walked over to them, and said “Hello, Brother Fu.”

Fu Yuhe glanced at him and turned to Fu Cheng, “Let’s go.”

Shen Yi’s smile remained unchanged.

Aah, he got ignored.

“Brother,  I sit in the last row on the second seat from the back.” Fu Cheng was particularly in detecting that the atmosphere was wrong.

Fu Yuhe looked towards the classroom, and caught a glimpse of Shen Yi approaching them, and he turned his head.

Shen Yi reached out and grabbed Fu Cheng’s shoulder, his hand lazily rested on his shoulder, “Let’s go to the nearby supermarket?”

He noticed Fu Yuhe’s gaze and smiled at him.

Fu Yuhe’s lips pursued, and he sneered.

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