TPOT Chapter 1: The Younger Brother

[Transferring system number 0111 onto the new plane… The transfer is completed, and the launch is successful.]

[Loading the details of generated identity…]

[Name: Shen Yi.

Gender: Male.

Personal information: Divorced parents.
Lives alone.
From today on, a new transfer student in the first eleventh-year class of a certain high school.]

The hallways of the school were filled with students walking in twos and threes, and the atmosphere of the campus was full of vitality.

The third floor of the school building was the place where all of the third-grade classes were held.
During the break, the students here still kept their voices low as they spoke, and there were even some who kept reading their textbooks and solving questions between classes.
The environment could be said to be rather scholarly.

A young man lay on a desk by a window at the back of the classroom.
Because this corner was relatively remote, students rarely passed by, and it was much quieter than the desks at the front of the classroom.

When system 0111 opened his eyes, he had already become this young man named Shen Yi.

His dark hair was scattered messily on his forehead, and his deep eyes swept across the classroom.
He glanced down at his hands as he hooked his fingers, and his mind was still filled with all kinds of information about the character the headquarters had generated for him.

The youth was named Shen Yi, a student who was 18 years old this year and had just freshly transferred to this school because of a fight he had at his previous school a few days prior.

Based on the vague memories in his mind, the previous life experience of this kid hadn’t been very good, and it was reasonable to suspect that the staff at the headquarters were playing a practical joke on him.

A man’s indifferent voice sounded in Shen Yi’s mind, belonging to system 067 who was tasked with supervising him, [All identities are randomly generated in the process of the system transfer.]

Glancing out the window, Shen Yi rested his elbows on the desk and supported his chin on his palm, [It was just a joke, you don’t need to be so serious about every little thing.]

System, [The information of the target has been updated.]

It really didn’t know when to act cute.

A small breeze blew in through the open window, running through the scattered hair on Shen Yi’s forehead.
The youth squinted like a cat.

The plane of this world originated from a novel that told the story of a man named Fu Yuhe.

Fu Yuhe was originally the young master of a wealthy family, but as the protagonist of the first novel in the ‘Sinking into Melancholy’ series, his life was predestined to end in a miserable way.

When he was young, his parents lost their lives in an unfortunate car accident, leaving nothing but him, his younger brother, and a large inheritance behind.

After the death of his parents, most of the people around him changed their faces.
His aunts coveted his broken family’s property and used all sorts of means to try to coax him into handing over the company shares belonging to him when he was still a child.

But Fu Yuhe was wilful and quick witted from a young age, and with his stubborn personality it didn’t take him long to see through the intentions of these so-called well-wishers.
Although he was young, he didn’t let his relatives gain any benefits, and the pretense of familial affection finally ran short after a few years of struggle.

Since the death of his parents, the people around him seemed to have turned into wolves, tigers, and leopards*, showing their previously hidden ugly and greedy faces to him, and he felt like a lone boat drifting in the boundless sea, always alone and without any support.

The kindness in his nature also disappeared little by little under such circumstances.
After a while, his ruthless style of doing things became something that often evoked the scorning and cruel words of spectators.

In business, others only felt that he was a gifted talent, but throughout the years, he suffered severe losses that remained a hidden part of his black history.
For example, when he was attending college, he worked on a project together with his friends, but when the project was starting to lose money, those so-called friends put all the blame on him.

As time went on and more and more similar incidents occurred, his heart gradually grew indifferent and cold.

And Fu Cheng, his younger brother and lone survivor of his parents’ car accident, became the only glimmer of warmth in his life.

But this small speck of warmth couldn’t last too long either.
Not long after Fu Cheng took his college entrance examination, he was kidnapped and used to threaten his brother.

After all, he was Fu Yuhe’s only weakness.

Unfortunately, Fu Cheng died in a car accident before the two could be reunited again.

After that, since Fu Yuhe had lost the last living relative he was willing to admit, the last bit of lingering softness also disappeared from his heart.
After blackening completely, he didn’t let those people off easily, taking a ruthless revenge on them as he disposed of them one by one, trying to make them taste even just a small fragment of the pain he had to live with day by day.

At the end, although it seemed that Fu Yuhe stood at the pinnacle of the world, in reality, there was no one left to accompany him.

Shen Yi’s so-called ‘target’ was this protagonist, Fu Yuhe, and changing the end of his story was his last task as a ‘system’.
After the completion of the task, his reward would be to leave the identity of a ‘system’ behind completely and spend the rest of his life in any way he wanted.

The first and foremost principle of all systems was to follow and unconditionally obey all instructions.
As they slowly developed a sense of self-awareness, an ego, or an identity, this principle would naturally lose its inherent importance to them.

Shen Yi was such a system who had awakened his self-consciousness towards the later stage of his existence.
This procedure was a completely natural occurrence and of vital importance in the process of his transformation towards humanity.

The character of ‘Shen Yi’ did not exist in the original plot, but after system 0111 entered the world, he naturally gained a small number of scenes in the novel’s plot.

According to his plotline, he was a student in the same class as Fu Cheng, the protagonist’s younger brother, and because he bullied Fu Cheng, he was later taken care of by Fu Yuhe.

Now, it had only been a few days since he had transferred, and the unfortunate end Shen Yi had suffered in the plot seemed but a budding mirage of the far future.

The phone in the desk buzzed a few times, and Shen Yi touched the books inside looking for it.

He rubbed his hair that had been tousled by the breeze casually.
The youth’s knuckles were slender, and the careless movement of combing through the dark hair looked relaxed and lazy.
He reached to take the mobile phone with his other hand before unlocking it.

There were two new messages.

[Xu Fanchao: Bro, I took that kid from your class to the toilet.
Be so kind and ask for leave for him for the class, let him hang out with us for a while.]

[Xu Fanchao: Tsk, this kid can’t even smoke, what a waste.]

It seemed that not long after his transfer, Shen Yi joined a group of little ‘gangsters’, and by now, he had already mixed in like a duck in water.
After all, he wasn’t only rich, but also generous, and he often liked to treat his ‘friends’ for a meal.

It seemed that many schools had such a group of boring people who liked to find a rich and good-looking person to fawn over, and apparently it wasn’t too unbearable to play the boss and lead a group of younger brothers either, even giving these little bosses a feeling of majesty and fulfilment.

Even though, in reality, they were nothing but a bunch of waste scumbags.

But who did ‘that kid’ refer to…?

Shen Yi fell into

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