As Kariel’s consciousness faded away, he was sucked into a black hole.
When he opened his eyes again, he saw a scenery he had seen a long time ago.

“Where is this…?”

Kariel furrowed his brow, recalling the room he had used as a child.

Suddenly, he looked at his hand.
It seemed like he hadn’t regressed to his childhood, as he could see a hand that had grown to a certain extent.

“Did I regress after all?”

Kariel muttered as he tried to make sense of what was happening.

Duped by a god and forced to regress, Kariel glared at the sky outside with an angry expression.

If the god were in front of him, he would want to punch him until he collapsed from exhaustion.

Just then, a strange sound entered his ears.

Tuuut ttuuduuut!

With the sound of a trumpet ringing in his ears, a transparent window appeared in front of Kariel, and a burst of white light filled the space.

“Hello? Did you regress well? Hehe, I’m going to give you a reward as promised.
Why didn’t I show up in person, you ask? If I appear in front of you, you’ll hit me again, won’t you? I don’t want to give you another penalty!”

Kariel winced at the painful statement as he read it on the window.

The previous text disappeared, and new text appeared in its place.

“Stop before you die of anger.
You must be curious about the promised reward.
Once this message disappears, your reward will be given.
I hope you will live a happy life this time.
Fighting! ♥”

After the vulgar message disappeared, the reward that Kariel had been waiting for appeared on the transparent window.

“You will be granted a unique ability by the blessing of the god.
Your unique ability is ‘Contractor of Fire.”

※ Overwhelming talent related to fire will be manifested as a characteristic related to the contract.
You have the latent ability to contract with any existence related to fire.

“Contractor?” Kariel murmured in doubt, and at that moment, Kariel’s body shone brightly and the light seeped into his body.

At that moment, a translucent window appeared to pay the remaining reward.

“Your terminal illness is caused by excessive blood power (all flame-related abilities are available).
Excessive blessings of fire have accumulated in your body and are consuming your life force.”

“We are searching for a possible recovery method at present.”

“Searching for a recovery method…”

The translucent window that had been paused for a long time created a change.

“We are searching for a way to utilize the unique ability of the contractee and blood power.

Contract with a mythical existence in exchange for the accumulated fire in your body.

Recommended: Fragment of the Ruined Demon, Fragment of the Sun-Eating Beast, Fragment of the Gatekeeper of Hell, Fragment of the King of Fire Elementals.

※(Important) If you contract with all the recommended existences, you can become a Grand Master.

Strengthen your body with a special training method.

Recommended: Ware Wolf’s Reinforcement Technique.”

Reading the ways he could recover, Kariel murmured, “What on earth is a fragment?”

“A part of a noble existence from the mythological era.
They are sleeping in relics, ruins, and so on.”

As Kariel asked, the letters in the air answered.

The letters carved in the air answered Kariel’s question.

As he stared at it, trying to organize his thoughts, the translucent window generated new letters.

“All rewards from the god have been paid out.”

“This window will disappear in 10 seconds.
10…9…8…1 Poof!”

With a “poof” sound, the translucent window disappeared.
In novels he read on Earth, there were system windows and skills like Munchkin, but this one only gave a few methods and then disappeared.

Karie stared at the spot where the translucent window had been for a long time in disbelief.
Then he quickly got up.

Despite the pain that made his whole body ache, he gritted his teeth and sat in front of the desk, quickly writing down recovery methods.

Then suddenly, he remembered the term “Yolo Life” that the god had mentioned.

“Yolo Life….”

Kariel muttered quietly, lost in thought.

“Can it really be possible?” he wondered, before something flashed through his mind.

“If I gamble with the emperor’s position….”

It was a thought that had just come to him, but soon plausible plans started to pop up one after another.

The emperor’s position was an obstacle to his Yolo Life.

If it were a peaceful time, he might consider becoming an emperor even if he had to become a rebel.

However, when he thought about the future, the emperor’s position was just a burden that hindered his happiness.

Like a composer who came up with a crazy melody, Kariel wrote down his plans with stiff eyes, then stood up from his seat.

“Should I stop here for now?”

Muttering to himself, Kariel put everything he had written into a drawer and stood up from his seat.


As he got up from his seat, his body wavered and he collapsed to the floor.

“Your Highness!”

As Kariel fell, a man who had rushed in from outside quickly rushed to support him.


“You’re not in good shape.
Don’t push yourself too hard!”

Tarion was the chief eunuch of the Emperor Palace, who had trusted Kariel to the end in his previous life and had died trying to save him.

Seeing Tarion worry about him, who was alive and well, stirred strange emotions in Kariel.

Tarion trembled with concern, brought a potion and made him drink it, then stood firmly by his side, telling him not to move.

Looking at Tarion like that, Kariel let out a bitter laugh.

I didn’t know Tarion was going to die like that.

He was one of the strongest people in the empire, second only to the master, and he had died because of Kariel’s carelessness.

This life can’t be left to die like this.

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