After I hide, Willa sent the maids in. At once, she asked them to clean up the vomit in the room.

After the room was quiet again, I went back out. I saw that she still looked embarrassed.

Did she really trust the previous owner of this body? I think about the detoxification that I did earlier.

The detoxification process can be very risky if something goes wrong.

That can only be done if someone really trusts you. After all, to do so, I need to be really focused. And the defense on Willas Mana Core had to be completely deactivated.

I don know what happened in the past between the owner of this body and Willa, but it seems Willa really believes it.

I suddenly wondered, what was the relationship between Willa and the previous owner of this body? But I won be able to find an answer for that. I also have no regrets for taking this body.

”Is your body getting better? ”

She nodded slowly.

”Alright, Ill be out then. ”

I was getting ready to leave when Willa suddenly grabbed the hem of my shirt, making me stop halfway.

”Hey, wait a minute. …I-Im sorry about the poison that I gave to you this morning. I don know why you suddenly turned out like this, but I like the way you are. And… T- thank you for healing me. Even though I could have asked father for an antidote, I wouldn dare to. So, once again, thank you. ”

Willa bowed low to me. Her long hair fell freely like a waterfall beautifully. Maybe she would look like a grown woman in public, but now she looked like a girl of her age, namely a 14-year-old girl.


I patted her head lightly.

In fact, I was actually just trying to make her a guinea pig to test if the Poison Resistance skill could be used to treat people.

Regardless, Im glad she thanked me.

In my previous life, Willas fate had been tragic. She would be one of the many girls who made up Jullians harem.

In the novel itself, there is no mention of a girl named Willa. But through my previous life, I knew that she would be made into a collectible by the hero.

Unfortunately, being the heros collection does not mean happiness. Im not sure, but I heard that she lost the battle with others women in the protagonists harem.

To be sure, I know that one day, she was found horribly dead in the middle of forest. I don know what happened to her before

Since I have become her step-brother now, I will protect her as I can. I didn say Definitely because Im not a hero. Im just an extra character. But at least I can still do something.

”Hey, by the way, what date is it? ”

”If Im not mistaken, its the 3rd day, 3rd month, and 990th year of the Sovereign Calendar. Whats going on? ”

”Oh, its nothing. ”

Willa answered my question obediently. Then she asked me. I just ignore her.

I removed my hand from Willas head.

I pondered long enough.

So this is the start of the 3rd month. According to the plot of the novel, now Jullian is still focused on increasing his strength. In other words, he was still relatively weak.

Of course, Im still much weaker than him.

Then, shall I just run away? Really, thats a silly question.

I could just ignore all that and live my own life. That means, Ill be living my own life, while the protagonist—Jullian Arkie, will be living his own protagonist life.

But after a lot of things happened in my previous life, I won be able to ignore it anymore.

Is this fate?

Perhaps, something or someone I could relate to Jullian was Willa.

I hope that the experience of 11 years in my previous life, as well as a bit of information from the novels that I remember, will help me plan for the future.

After seeing the destruction of Heinsburg City and the betrayal by the hero, aka the main character, I had to rely on myself for a better future.

Yes, it is possible that later I will fight Jullian faster than I thought.

I think nearby here, there is a place called the Mount of Fier. Maybe I should go there first to practice.

Well, Ill think about that after the trouble at home is over.


After I closed Willas bedroom door, I could hear her voice. As well as various sounds of furniture slamming into the ground.

I thought her was crazy, so I wanted to check. But I gave up my intention after hearing what she said.

”Aaaahhh! Wasn that just a confession? Am I crazy! Hes my own brother! Eh, thats not what I meant! Aaaahh…. ”

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