The Extra’s Return

The Forgotten Dream

She walked closer to us. She was wearing a priestess robe, which was embroidered with gold in some parts. There was also a sun symbol on the back of the cloak if I remember. The robe was symbolizing who she really is.

Priestess Clarista Fonia.

Even though her current age was different from when I saw her in my previous life, her facial features weren much different—ageless.

Speaking of appearance, she is indeed beautiful. The curves in her body also couldn be hidden under the robe she was wearing. But thats not what made me stand frozen.

In my previous life, she was someone extraordinary. She became a Saintess. Many people worshiped her, admired her like a messenger of gods, and she was also a member of Jullians Harem Party.


The title was given to a girl with the most brilliant light magic power. The figure should be the main female character. I don know why, but shes not the main female character (heroine) in the novel Demon Lord and Hero of Light.

Indeed, there are not many descriptions of her in the Demon Lord and Hero of Light novels. But there is one sentence that sticks in my brain.

That is… If somewhere there was Clarista Fonia, then there would be Jullian Arkie there too.

Why? That is because Clarista Fonia has an obsession with Jullian.

In other words, Is Jullian Arkie in this town now? That thought made me freeze on the spot.

Then why is he here? Have I changed the future, due to my reincarnation? This is different from the plot in the novel and the events in my previous life.

Wrinkles kept forming on my forehead as I was lost in thought.

Like most plots in novels, the main characters are always involved in the conflict, otherwise, the novel will be called trash, ridiculed by the readers, and forgotten. Well, maybe because of that, Jullian is always in the middle of a conflict.

So, the most certain possibility is… Theres going to be a big incident in this town!

Well, first, I have to confirm where Jullian was.

I don know how long I stood like a tree, but Clarista was already in front of me.

”Are you Young Master Mesties Warwick and Young Miss Willa Warwick? ”

She asked us with a bright smile.


I felt a deep pain in my upper arm. Because of that, I immediately came back to my senses.

”Brother, is she so beautiful that you have to keep looking at her so seriously? ”

While rubbing my upper arm in pain, I looked at Willa. Turns out she was the one who had pinched my upper arm tightly.

”No, you misunderstood…. ”

Before I could finish answering Willa, Clarista suddenly jumped in and spoke to Willa in particular.

”Ara, is that so? Thats a very pleasant compliment to hear. But don worry, Little Young Lady, I already have someone I like. So I won snatch your brother away. ”

I frowned as I looked at Clarista. As for Clarista, she just keeps smiling with a dazzling brightness.

And as for Willa, she was trying hard to come forward and beat Clarista for some reason. I tried desperately to stop him.

Thats why I changed the topic of conversation. I spoke to Clarista.

”Since you already know us, I don think we need to introduce ourselves. Will you be officiating our maturity ceremony? ”

”Yes, introduce me. My name is Clarista Fonia. I didn expect you to be so handsome. Is it true that you were a young noble who was depressed all those years? ”

She covered her mouth and laughed. Looking at her age as early twenties, her present nature was very different from the nature of her that I remembered in my previous life when she behaved like a saintess.

Ill ask her the reason why shes here later, after all, she doesn know me now. It would be strange if I suddenly asked about Jullian.

”Female Priestess Fonia, lets go in and continue the maturity ceremony as scheduled. ”

The old priest who was beside Priestess Fonia reminded her. Seeing the old Priests reaction, Clarista must have come to Ryam City recently.


When I entered the church, the atmosphere inside the church was bustling. Some worshipers prayed in the chairs of the devotees with sobs.


Clarista raised and rang the small bell in her hand. Immediately, the congregation immediately fell silent and watched.

I ignored those religious fanatics.

I followed Clarista to the front of the congregation. As far as I know, a priestess shouldn preside over an event like this, but seeing that the old male priest was silent (trembling), that was explained the status that Clarista had.

”First, we have to measure the amount of magic core that you have. Later, after you worship the God Apollo, we will give you an ID card. ”

She spoke to us. Then, Clarista took out a crystal ball. If it was on earth, the crystal ball must have resembled that had of a fortune-teller.

The crystal ball was a tool to measure a persons mana core level.

The mana core is divided into three levels.




”Please put your hands on this crystal ball. ”

Clarista told us. She placed the crystal ball on the altar table.

First, I nodded to Willa, who asked permission to come forward first. Then Willa came forward and she put her hand on the crystal ball.

Nothing happened at first, but not long after that, the crystal ball instantly shone brightly.

”Congratulations, even though your mana core is still low level, it looks pretty high for your age. ”

She came back to my side with zero expression.

For most teenagers, it must be at a low level, like Willa.

Now it was my turn, so I stepped forward and directly placed my hand on it.

At first, nothing happened, but a few moments later, nothing happened either.

Yes, nothing happened!

There was only silence that enveloped the church.

Im tired of putting my hand on the crystal ball, so I take my hand back.

As I looked around, I could see surprised expressions on the faces of Clarista and the congregation present, but I ignored them.

”Pfftt. ”

I can hear the laughing of the congregation. And some people were also holding back laughter.

The conclusion is simple. I am an ordinary human without mana.

”This is very strange. It is almost impossible for a human with royal blood not to have a mana core. ”

As Clarista said, it was indeed strange.

”But its possible, isn it? ”

”Yes, indeed. Lets move on to the next process. ”

To be honest, I was surprised that she didn laugh at me.

After that, we then stood at the deepest end of the church. What is in front of us now is a giant statue.

This statue is in the form of an adult man with a scarf wrapped around his body. A pair of wings can be seen on its back.

This is a statue of the God Apollo.

This statue is worshiped by the congregation in this church.

And now is our turn to do it. Its an obligation for the citizens of the Kingdom of Misonia to worship the God Apollo, but to be honest, I hate doing it.

I cupped my hands together, about to bow to the statue of God Apollo, but suddenly a system message appeared in front of my eyes.

[Your detected worship God Apollo! Warning! Your actions will be judged inappropriate and you should not.]

[Standard operating system – Prevention. Now activated.]

My head suddenly felt dizzy. My view of the world around me began to shift in an erratic direction. The pulse inside me also suddenly began to feel very fast.

Without knowing what the message conveyed by the system meant, I started to lose consciousness. The last moment I remember is my body hitting the floor before losing consciousness completely.

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