solo leveling: ragnarok Chapter 06


Seong Soo-ho is one year old.

On the day when the adorable baby finally took his first steps, as with all parents, there was chaos in Soo-ho’s house.

But it was a slightly different kind of chaos.

“Hey, honey! Soo-ho did it! Our Soo-ho!”

“What did Soo-ho do?”

Soo-ho’s mother, Cha Hae-in, shouted as if she couldn’t believe it.

“He’s flying around the house right now!”


“Soo-ho is flying around inside the house right now!”

Soo-ho’s first steps were not on the ground, but in mid-air.

In fact, it was one of the special powers that Soo-ho inherited from his father, Sung Jin-woo, called the “Ruler’s Authority”.

I miss him.]

Soo-ho, who learned to fly before he even learned to walk, at one year old.

The sight was like a mythological hero’s extraordinary birth story, and it made Beru sniffle.

However, at that time, the world was too peaceful.

The power that Soo-ho inherited was created to destroy everything, and it was useless in a peaceful world.

Not only useless, but it had the potential to make normal life impossible.

Sung Jin-woo decided to seal that power until Soo-ho could control it.

[Now that the foreign apostles are invading the Earth! It’s time to use the power of the Lord, who has been sealed up until now!]

[Skill: Ruler’s Authority Lv.1]

Active skill.

No mana required.

You can exert physical influence on objects without touching them directly.

Whispering into Beru’s ear, Soo-ho grabbed an arrow with his invisible hand and sent it back in the opposite direction.

“Return it.”

Splat – Thud!

“You have killed a Goblin Archer.”

The goblin archer stuck the arrow he shot into his neck and choked.

Then, another goblin who was behind him turned around in surprise and started running away.



“Do you think you can escape?”

Suho chased after him and hit him with his sword.

But suddenly, he saw a flash!



Suho surpassed the goblin who was trying to escape with just one jump.

The goblin was overtaken by Suho in an instant.

Their surprised eyes met in midair.

“Hehehe! As your strength stat has increased, it’s natural that your jumping ability has also increased! You’ll adapt to it soon!”

Ber’s voice explaining above their heads was so annoying.

Suho immediately swung his axe at the goblin’s chin.



[You have killed a goblin scout.]

In no time, Suho hunted down two goblins.

He wiped the goblin’s blood off his hand and looked around with a relieved expression.

He didn’t have time to relax from the sudden battle, but now he realized that this black and white world was not friendly to him.

Eyes full of evil were felt everywhere in the ruined city.

Their murderous intent stimulated Suho’s sensory stats.

“There are many of them.”

[Yes, there are many.
A lot.
This is the land of death.
A world that has been abandoned without an owner for a long time.
The wild beasts have made their nests here.]

Ber’s smile as he explained was truly evil, if it weren’t for his cute mini-size, he could be mistaken for the true owner of this place.

[But now!]


Ber spread his short arms and declared in a solemn tone.

[Finally, the true owner of this land has returned! Please take it back with your own strength! Regain the land that has been taken by those foolish intruders!]


At that moment, a new quest window unfolded in front of Suho.

[Quest: Survival]

The residents of the Shadow Dungeon will never recognize you as the owner of this land, weakened and vulnerable as you are.

Survive during the specified time to prove your worth.

Time limit: 4 hours

Remaining time: 4 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds


The eyebrows of the guardian who read the quest twitched.

And then…



[Goblin chieftain uses ‘Item: Horn Pipe’ to call his subordinates.]

[Goblin centurion uses ‘Item: Horn Pipe’ to call his subordinates.]




With screams and yells, goblins hiding all over the city began to reveal themselves one by one.

But even if their numbers were large, they were still too many.

The guardian made a frustrated expression.

“Is this a joke? Survive for 4 hours like this?”

[Of course, there’s no need to kill them all.
Right now, my lord is only level 3.
Just try to survive somehow.
If you struggle hard enough, you’ll naturally level up and become stronger.]

Ber smirked and gave a thumbs up, squinting his eyes.

His face was full of pride as he watched his son, who had grown into a remarkable man.

‘…But why is he so irritating?’

But now was not the time to think about that.


The goblins were swarming in.


The guardian quickly grabbed the second axe from the goblin he had just killed.

[Item: Goblin’s Stone Axe]

Difficulty level: E

Type: Axe

Attack power +5

A hand axe used by goblins.

As he raised the axe, the item information appeared above it.

“From now on, one in each hand.”

The vigilant eye divided two stone axes in both hands and flashed like a wild beast.

But this alone was not enough to calm the unease.

The goblins rushing towards him also held the same weapons in their hands.

The vigilant one opened the status window calmly and invested all the remaining 5 stat points in strength.


[Strength: 15 → 20]



The power in the hand holding the axe was felt intensely.

The strength stat boosts strength and speed.

Compared to the strength stat of 10 at level 1, it had doubled in power.

‘With this power…’

He could jump even faster!


Using that power, the vigilant one turned and started running away.

To find a terrain favorable for fighting against multiple enemies.

[Ha-ha-ha! Excellent! Indeed, there is a fighting method only for the weak against the weak!]


[It’s like watching the first successful squirm of an ant larva!]

Ugh, how disgusting.

While running, the vigilant one recalled Beru after a long time and erased all the happy memories.

He also cleared his past life as an ant enthusiast.

“I’ll burn all the ant drawings when I go back.”

From now on, he was determined to lick ants or draw them.


* * *


He felt the effects of the strength stat clearly.

The vigilant one with two axes raged wildly.

Whoosh- Puhk!

He struck the goblin’s axe with the right axe.


He hit the neck with the left axe.

Boom, Smack!

He kicked the back of the goblin rushing behind him.


He broke the neck.


[You have defeated a goblin warrior.]

“I defeated the goblin spearman.


I killed two of them in a breath, but the cost was terrible.
Axes and spears flew at me from all directions.

I avoided half of them, but the other half hit me.

Puk! Puk!


[HP: 160/190]

It hurts.
As my HP decreased, my body’s wounds increased.
However, I gritted my teeth and charged at them again.

Bwoong- Kwajik!


This time, I killed three of them.
In the meantime, I endured four more attacks.

[HP: 118/190]


I killed another one of them.
This time, I endured three more attacks.

[HP: 84/190]

My HP had been cut in half.
As a result, my body was covered in blood.
However, at that moment,


[you learned the skill ‘Grit Lv.1.’]

‘Skill?!’ My eyes widened.
Normally, hunters only live with the skills given to them during their awakening.
To obtain new skills, they needed the expensive and rare ‘rune stones.’

To obtain such a valuable skill for free during battle was incredible.

[Skill: Grit Lv.1]

Passive skill.

No mana needed.

You have an unbreakable grit.”

Physical defense is increased by 20%.

Before even checking the skill description, the effect was experienced firsthand.
The pain from the wounds on the body was relieved.


The goblins who realized that the defense was not to be underestimated screamed and scattered in all directions.
At the same time, the horn sound to gather their allies spread in all directions.

In the meantime, the defender hid behind a pillar and caught his breath.

“Ouch, it hurts.”

Berger came flying and rolled his feet.

“Kkiaek! Is our lord in a lot of pain? But because he’s in pain, he’s youthful.
You’re amazing for enduring the pain and gaining the Matjib skill! ”


The defender, who was pressing his wounds to stop the bleeding, glared at Berger.


There was a young ant there, smiling innocently and waving its fist without knowing the speed.

“Can’t you help instead of just watching?”

Berger was a strongman who could tear apart even a giant wolf.
He didn’t know how powerful he was then.

But after his body became smaller, it seemed like he had no intention of helping the defender.

However, Berger had his own circumstances.

“Of course, I would love to.
But I have to store as much power as possible to return to the outer space where our lord is waiting.”

Berger was in the process of recovering his strength by himself to prepare for his return.
It was because Sung Jin-woo, who could recharge his magical power, was too far away.

“Moreover, if I participate in the battle, our lord’s experience points to level up will decrease drastically.
How about killing one more and aiming for a level up instead of wasting time like this?”

There was no wrong word in Berger’s words.

The problem was that he was too annoying.
He had been babbling above his head since earlier, but he seemed too weak now.

It didn’t seem like he had any intention of deliberately provoking this side.

What should I say, he was just a pure evil with a lack of humanity.

Maybe he was not even human to begin with.

“Kkiaek! Lord! They’re coming again! Get up and fight! There’s not much time left until the level up!”

The defender reached out with a growl.

“The power of the master.”

An invisible hand flew forward and grabbed the Goblin’s axe from the corpses I imagined one floating.

It was something I realized during battle, but it seemed like I could lift a weight of about 10kg with the power of domination.

It was a strength that could easily lift a baby who had just taken their first steps.
Of course, it was more than enough to handle a stone axe.

Perhaps when I was younger, I flew through the sky with this ability.

Suho spun the stone axe that he had imagined in midair around his body.

At least the minimum defense would be taken care of.

Berga’s eyes sparkled at the sight.

[Wow! Using the power of domination like this? It seems like it can come in handy after all!]

… That damn ant devil was certainly not wrong.

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

Time really doesn’t pass quickly.

But after struggling for a long time covered in blood, my level was steadily increasing.

And when I leveled up, the wounds that had been sliced by the goblins’ axes quickly healed.

The stamina that seemed like it would make me faint at any moment suddenly became strong.

And above all, as my level increased, Suho became stronger and stronger.

And finally…

[Remaining time: 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds]

[Quest completed.]

[Level up!]

[Level: 7]




As soon as the timer ended, the goblins who had been relentlessly pursuing Suho scattered and disappeared into the darkness.

“… Is it over?”

Suho looked around without lowering his guard.

Before he knew it, the corpses of the goblins were piled up next to him.

The heavy silence that had descended on him when he first arrived here also fell over him once again.

[Great job! You were amazing!]

Clap clap clap clap!

Berga broke the silence with lively applause.

Finally, those wretched guys have recognized our lord! Now they must have realized in their bones that our lord is not someone to be taken lightly!

“What do you mean by ‘taken lightly’?”

“Well, you are still at the level of an ant or a caterpillar, easily killed with a single strike! You’re only level 7!”

“That darn caterpillar…”

“Are you still at it?”

At that moment…


“The quest reward has arrived.”

“Would you like to check the reward?” (Y/N)

“…Yes, I will check it.”

As Suho finished his response, the message unfolded ominously.

“The following reward is available:

Reward: ‘Rune Stone: Shadow Extraction'”

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