Saint & Wanderer

Chapter 1: A New World

>Of course…. Alum received some stares from some guys who seemed against him going alone with 3 girls. Or rather, it was the fact he was with Miu, which they didn like.

They also wanted to come along, but Noel and Emely said that their ability to create walls and veins was helpful in constructing a camp, so… they were denied.

— :::: —

Walking to the nearby river and looking around to see if there was anything edible. There are some mushrooms and plants here and there.

And Miu would do her magic. That is to say, she looked at them and was able to tell if it was safe or not.

”How does your ability even work? ” Alum asks.

Miu was unsure how to answer his question as she didn know herself. But she did tell him what she knew.

”I don know exactly, but I can just tell somehow? ”

”A bit abstract, but Ill trust your judgment. ”

She smiles and giggles while playfully hitting his arm.

She was actually so relieved that some people are just the same no matter what the situation.

And the girls who witnessed this started to whisper among themselves.

Hey… don you think they look good together?

I do, but… I thought Noel and Miu was an item, though….

…I have a crush on him, so this works out just fine!

You can still say that in this situation…?

e right.

”Hey, you two, are you finding anything? ” Miu asks.

Not prepared that Miu would call them out, they jumped a little.

”Uh… then, please take a look at this. ”

Miu receives the plant and analyses it. And then had a satisfied look on her face.

”Yup, we can eat this too! ” she said excitedly.

The two girls sigh with relief and start to look for more as they walk toward the river.

[…..One has heightened sight and hearing, and the other says her memory is almost photographic and draws our findings on paper… wait, don we have phones for that? Oh… right, no way to charge them. And Miu can tell if something is safe…. Wait, aren I useless?]

And as Alum was in deep thought, they arrived at the river. It was pretty deep, but that was only in the middle of the river, so it was generally shallow.

”We finally arrived! ” the girls excitedly said.

And before they could approach the waters, Alum stopped them. He glances at Miu.

”….Its fine to drink, however…. ”

”There may be something in the water, ” Alum comments.

” ”…. ” ”

”Well, I won stop you now that you know, ” he said nonchalantly as he grinned.

”Alum… you
e quite meanspirited, ” Miu said teasingly.

Heeding their warning, the two girls approached the shallow water, and from the looks of it, there wasn anything in it. But they couldn say that for the deeper parts….

Bending down and scoping up the water with their hands, they carefully sipped and felt refreshed. After all, theyve been walking in this heat for quite a while.

Alum and Miu did the same, and surprisingly, the water was cool and refreshing. And they started to wash and fill the water bottles.

[I feel as if I can manipulate this water.]

And thinking that, he effortlessly manipulates the water to his will. Miu and the girls were surprised and watched with sparkly eyes.

Unlike the other classmates who clumsily used their powers, Alum created vivid shapes and creatures that seemed to be alive, like a butterfly, fish, and so on.

”…You have a vivid imagination, ” Miu comments.

”Well, you could say that? ”

”Wow, Alum, we didn know you were artistic. ” one of the girls said.

”Hmm, I don think I am, but it felt like I could do it. ”

Later, releasing his control over the water, he created water on his palm. And as expected, he felt something draining from him faster than when he used the existing water.

After this, the girls would shyly glance at him for whatever reason.

”Is there something wrong? ” he asks.

”….Well, no, but we do want to wash ourselves a little…. ” Miu said.

”Go ahead then? ” Alum looks at them, not fully understanding.

”…Right, you
e just going to watch? ” Miu teasingly asks.

”Are you guys getting naked and jumping in then? ” he replied.

”….No, ” Miu replied as she sulked since her teasing had no effect.

[The two other girls think otherwise, though.] he thought.

”Anyways, enjoy yourself then… Ill be over there, and if anything happens, just scream. ”

”Okay~ ”

Walking along the river and playing with the water, he learned that he was able to freeze it or make water vapours.

Compressing the water and freezing it while retaining its shape. He launches the ice needle at a fish in the water and kills it without much effort.

I wonder if this is edible, he mutters.

He dragged up the fish, which was on the rather large side, around 1 meter in length, and it was pretty large.

Though there were more fish around, he didn want to needlessly kill them if he didn know they could be consumed.

[Well, Ill just ask Miu later.]

And even from this distance, he could hear the girls playing around and giggling in the shallow water as he drained blood from the fish.

He stores it in the bag and looks for another specimen, also killing them. But he has a problem… he doesn have enough space in the backpack.

[….It should be enough for 14 people.]

And as he walked back to where the girls were, they were in their underwear, playing in the water.

”…I thought you guys wouldn strip down, ” Alum comments.

Mui, who notices him, glares at him with ruby-like eyes as water drips from her silky white hair while covering herself.

”P-perv! how long are you going to stare…!? ” Miu says as she blushes.

”Hm? Oh, sorry? ”

The other girls also covered themselves as they got out of the water and looked at him apologetically.

” ”Its our fault… sorry ” ” they said.

”I don mind, anyways. Miu, there is some fish I want you to look at. ”

…Be a little shy or excited at least…. Miu mutters to herself.

And as the girls got out and changed, he took out the fish he had caught.

”Are they edible? ”

”….They are, ” Miu said as she sulked.

”Come on… I apologised, didn I? ”

”Im not mad, just a little frustrated. ”

From the girls point of view, it was clear why Miu was upset. He didn react at all toward her, and If a guy you were interested in didn react to you, youd be pretty sad.

She really is interested in him…. one girl whispers.

They look good together, as I said. said the other one.

…You only say that since you don want her to get together with Noel, do you?

What! Accusations…! Well, it is true….

As the two chitchats, Miu and Alum, obviously overhear, he asks her if she likes him.

So… you like me?

…I don know, but I am interested in you, Miu said in a low voice.

Are you asking me out then?

No… I don know… how about you? she shyly asks.

Ive never fallen for someone. Then again, Ive been pretty blind my whole life until Noel forcibly opened my eyes, so maybe soon?

….He really did drag you out of the dark… didn he?

Yes, Im grateful for that, Alum says softly.

Anyways… we don have time to think of romance in this situation, do we? Miu mutters.

Well, if things settle down and you still approach me as boldly as you do, I might fall for you, Alum says teasingly.

…! Thats so unfair! Miu retorted.

Her face was then flushed as she was thinking of something and stared into his deep golden eyes.

Fine, only if Im interested at that point. Hmpf!

— :::: —

After the incident, they went back to the rest, which was about 20 minutes away. Back to where the otters were, they had built a camp with their newfound powers and a campfire as well.

”Oh? Welcome back, ” Noel greeted them with a bright smile.

”We got some water and fish, mushrooms and vegetation, ” Miu says.

Professor Emely walks up to Alum and checks if hes alright before she also checks Miu and the girls.

”Good, no injuries! ” she says happily.

”Alum caught some fish, ” one of the girls said.

”Nice! ” one guy comments.

Although some exchanged snarky comments with each other.

Tsk… I couldve done that as well.

What does Miu even see in him?

Yeah… he is a psycho after all.

And so on.

Later, when they cooked the fish, mushrooms and vegetables, they had a feast, and everybodys mood seemed to have improved considerably.

Some of them seem to have come to terms with the fact they were in another world and would cooperate as much as possible for survival. And things seemed to be going smoothly as they had to build shelters out of veins and earth and had a warm fire, food, and freshwater.

And seeing everyone finally being more positive. For most of the day, he has been going around and helping others out and instructing them on what to do. He honestly doesn feel qualified for this, but… he had to, and with the help of Professor Emely, things went smoothly.

He then leaves their little base since he wants to be alone for a while. After all, the day had been rather taxing, and he didn have to put up a strong front.

He sits down and hugs his knees while burying his face in them. The day had been very hectic, and he felt so frustrated and sad. Unlike everybody else, he didn have time to collect himself. He also bets Miu and Professor Emely haven either.

As he sobs alone, someone approaches him, he peeks to see who it is, and it is Alum.

”How are you doing? ” Alum asks.

”….A little better, ” Noel answers honestly.

”I got a little worried since youve been gone for a little while. ”

”…My bad. ”

”Don apologise. ”

”….How is Miu doing? ”

”Shes been relatively stable for the whole day. ”

”I see… she used to be so fragile in the past…. ” Noel says as he looks up at the stars.

Looking up and lying on his back, Alum sighed a little.

”Did you know she was interested in me? ”

”…I did. ”

”Why? ”

”I guess it was because we became friends? …At first, she wanted to ensure you weren as bad as the rumours said you were…. So she probably got more curious from there on. ”

”I see…. ”

”Did she tell you? ”

”Well, more or less? ”

Noel chuckles.

”I see, so, are you going out? ”

”No. ”

”Huh…? ”

”She said she was only interested in me, and well… this isn the best time to be romantically involved. ”

”….Cold as always. ” Noel comments.

”She was the one that said it…. ”

”You know… some girls just say that but mean the opposite. ”

”… ”

”Thanks, ” Noel says as he bumps Alums shoulder with his fist.

”For? ”

[Cheering me up, of course.] Noel thought.

He then smiles and looks up at the stars again.

”Nah, nothing, ” Noel said energetically.

— :::: —

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