When Qi Yanbai entered the mediation room, there was a heated argument going on.

The injury assessment and medical report had not yet been released, and the two groups involved in the case refused to leave the police station.
Sun Lin, claiming self-defense, was fiercely arguing, insisting that the other party had also attacked him and demanding to go to the hospital for an injury examination.

The police station always encountered a few troublemakers, and Qi Yanbai didn’t pay much attention to it.
He just wanted to pick up Lu Ye and go home.
However, after waiting for a while in the lobby, he heard Sun Lin’s insults getting worse.
Some officers tried to maintain order, and Sun Lin even took out his phone, threatening to record and upload a video online.

As it was nearing the end of the workday, people were coming and going in the station waiting area.
Qi Yanbai moved a few steps away from the entrance and unconsciously glanced in the direction of the mediation room.

“It’s nothing, just a thug.”

Lu Ye’s colleague, who had come down from upstairs with a statement, patted Qi Yanbai’s shoulder and comforted him, “Don’t worry, we have surveillance cameras here all day long.
Even if he records a video, we have nothing to fear.”

“But it’s not a good image either,” Qi Yanbai said softly.
“Shouldn’t we try to control the situation?”

“Ah, you can’t reason with a thug,” the colleague shrugged and said, “Let him curse.
Once the injury report is out and the investigation is over, he probably won’t have much to say.”

Just as they were talking, Sun Lin’s voice suddenly became louder.
It was probably because the officer on duty refused to let him go for the injury examination, so he became furious and started shouting.
He accused Lu Ye of having a grudge against him, claiming that Lu Ye had assaulted him without reason. 

Qi Yanbai seemed to have a radar for Lu Ye.
As soon as he heard his name, his eyebrows furrowed.
He first felt confused then, a sudden surge of anger rose in his chest, without thinking, turned towards the mediation room.

Qi Yanbai knew that he had an almost natural possessiveness when it came to Lu Ye.
This possessiveness was even higher than mere affection, and it had formed a kind of pathological protective desire.
He detested any dirt thrown at Lu Ye and hated it when someone unjustly accused him.

“Hey, don’t go in there,” the colleague, who had never seen Qi Yanbai get angry before, suddenly felt uneasy when he saw Qi Yanbai’s expression.
He instinctively tried to stop him and explained, “That guy had a previous conflict with Lu Ye—don’t listen to his nonsense, Lu Ye went to the detention center this afternoon.
He’s not even handling this case.”


Hearing this, Qi Yanbai furrowed his brows and said urgently, “But he’s defaming him!”

He said this and instinctively broke free from the colleague’s grip.
He walked a few steps into the mediation room and without even thinking, said coldly to Sun Lin, “Be careful what you say!”

“Who are you?” Qi Yanbai  didn’t have a police uniform on, and he had just come from the training center, so he looked formal and serious.
At first glance, he seemed like an ordinary teacher.
Sun Lin didn’t take him seriously and just sneered, saying, “What are you doing at the police station, trying to be a hero?”

“Qi Yanbai, don’t worry about him, we have this under control.
Another duty assistant recognized Qi Yanbai and tried to reassure him.

“Oh, Lu Ye’s friend, I see.” Sun Lin looked at Qi Yanbai with an inexplicable expression and said mockingly, “No wonder, just like him, you’re pretending to be a good person.”

“Whether he’s a good person or not, he’s certainly better than someone like you,” Qi Yanbai said with a cold and calm expression, his eyes sharp and with a hint of hostility.
He coolly curled his lips as if he were angered and couldn’t hide his disdain.
His whole demeanor became tense, and he confronted Sun Lin, saying, “You should watch your words!”

People with gentle personalities are always terrifying when they get angry.
Qi Yanbai had been volunteering at the police station for a long time, always gentle like a Bodhisattva.
He had never spoken to anyone in such a stern manner, let alone the colleague who tried to pull him away, even the officer from the public security team who came to take him away was shocked by his demeanor.

“Oh, so you’re here to defend him,” Sun Lin, however, was not concerned by Qi Yanbai’s words.
He gave him a lecherous look and asked, “Who are you to him?”


“I’m his friend,” Qi Yanbai said.

“Friend?” Sun Lin had mingled with all sorts of people, and he had seen more than his fair share of different characters.
He immediately sensed something from Qi Yanbai’s defense and sneered, “Not just a friend, I bet.”

“It’s none of your business regardless,” Qi Yanbai interrupted him.
“You should mind your own business.”

“Allow me to give you a reminder.” Sun Lin seemed to have found a new source of attention.
He stopped his provocations but continued with a mocking smile, “He’s not exactly a good person, you know.
He’s ruthless—a person who can turn hostile at any moment.
I was almost ruined by him.
My engagement was called off, I lost my job, and my reputation was tarnished, and I almost never recovered.”

Hearing this, Qi Yanbai finally realized who the person in front of him was.

Qi Yanbai had heard about Lu Ye’s dramatic relationship experiences, and he had been somewhat uncomfortable with it.
However, today, when he saw Sun Lin, he suddenly felt a strange sense of relief.

If his predecessor was such a scoundrel, as long as the current one behaved like a normal person, he would probably earn a good rating in Lu Ye’s heart at the very least.

“So, it’s you.” Realizing this, Qi Yanbai calmed down.
He looked at Sun Lin and said calmly, “Not everyone is as shameless as you, making accusations without reason and trying to deceive people into marriage.”

“Besides, I don’t think he’s ruthless.
I think he’s a good person,” Qi Yanbai said deliberately.
“At least he’s not afraid of being himself.
Instead, he saved an innocent girl who had fallen into a pit of fire from being entangled with you.”

When he said this, Lu Ye had just parked the police car in the yard.


The mediation room’s window was slightly open for ventilation, and it wasn’t soundproof.
Qi Yanbai’s voice was neither too loud nor too soft, but it could be heard clearly.

Lu Ye had returned too quickly, and Qi Yanbai wasn’t prepared for it.
It was only now that he realized how unusual it was for him to engage in an argument like that.


But all the way back home, Lu Ye didn’t say much.
Qi Yanbai was feeling anxious, and it wasn’t until they were halfway home that he couldn’t hold back and started to speak.

“That person,” Qi Yanbai cleared his throat and said, “How did you end up liking him?”

Lu Ye didn’t expect him to come up with this after all that time of silence.
He couldn’t help but chuckle and said, “Your first question is about him?”

“Not exactly,” Qi Yanbai could be ferocious in front of Sun Lin, but he had turned back into a submissive lamb in front of Lu Ye.
He bit his lip and seemed nervous, not sure what to say.
“I just…”

“In fact, there are some things I wanted to tell you when we get home,” Lu Ye said.
“I had ordered some flowers.” Qi Yanbai’s hesitation was apparent, and Lu Ye decided to take the initiative.
“But now, I can’t wait.”

The direction of this conversation was too obvious.
Qi Yanbai’s heart skipped a beat, and he finally realized what was happening.

“Yanbai,” Lu Ye turned to him, speaking gently, “Do you have feelings for me?”

Here it comes, Qi Yanbai thought.

His heart started racing, almost as if it would burst out of his chest, and his fingertips turned ice-cold.
He had rehearsed this scenario countless times in his mind, and now that it was happening, he found himself involuntarily following the script he had prepared.

“I, I don’t know,” Qi Yanbai stammered.

Qi Yanbai  instinctively looked away from Lu Ye’s gaze.
His hands unconsciously clenched together, and his palms became sweaty.

Lu Ye’s eyes darkened slightly, and he took Qi Yanbai’s hand, running his fingers over the sweat on his palm.
He had a clear idea of what was going on.


“I just… I just feel comfortable being with you,” Qi Yanbai said.
“To be honest, I’ve never been in love before, so I don’t know what it’s supposed to feel like.
If the standard for it is wanting to be close to you, wanting to be with you, then I suppose I do like you.”

Lu Ye had anticipated this answer, but he still felt satisfied in his heart.
He smiled and cupped Qi Yanbai’s face, using his thumb to caress the side of his face.

There were calluses on the tips of his fingers, and it felt a bit sore when touched.
Qi Yanbai wanted to turn his face away instinctively, but for some reason, he stopped himself.

Lu Ye noticed Qi Yanbai’s reaction and couldn’t help but smile.
He leaned in slowly, his movements gentle and considerate.
He approached Qi Yanbai, as if about to kiss him.

The distance between them was suddenly shortened infinitely.
Qi Yanbai’s hands clenched and relaxed unconsciously.
His heart pounded so hard that it felt like it might burst out of his chest.
Nevertheless, he didn’t pull away.
He simply stared at Lu Ye’s eyes.

He cooperated like this, and Lu Ye didn’t hold back either.
He finally erased the last bit of distance and, leaning in, gently kissed Qi Yanbai on the lips.

The kiss was incredibly tender, with a touch of restraint and care.
Lu Ye lightly brushed his lips against Qi Yanbai’s, not delving too deeply, as if he was caressing him affectionately.

“Now, do you know what it feels like?” Lu Ye asked softly.

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