Carefully moving as to not make a sound, Alice slowly made her way into the unknown voidless room, shrouded in darkness. Unknown to Alice, after passing a certain point, the lights around the room began to flicker slowly, enveloping the room with light until the darkness that once engulfed the room had been driven out by the light.

Alice stood shocked at what lay in front of her, ”A baby! Wait, why is there a baby here? ” she questioned.

Suddenly the door behind her Slammed shut, the room then suddenly burst into flames; as where as should feel like shes burning alive, but surprisingly, the flames feel comforting.

”Welcome Alice Its been a while. ” An old weary voice said aloud.

”Who are you? This is the first time I have been here. How do you know me? Who is this baby in front of me? Alice questioned with a shy voice.

”I. I am nobody. You can call me the Spirit of the 1st Flame Lord. As for why you are here ; you
e here because of the calling; alas for how I know you, I don know you specifically but I have seen the future and know you. As for the baby, thats a secret until you agree to the following conditions;

You must swear to take care of and care for the child that lies in front of you.

You must swear to keep him from all harm.

You must swear that when he comes of age and asks you a very important question you say ”yes ”.

Lastly you must promise not to lose and or leave him, or else all that lives will be doomed.

Alice stood stupefied listening to what this spirit had to say, ”why, why do you care so much about how I treat this baby? What do you mean an important question? You are confusing me, I need to at least know his name. ” Alice said aloud as to make sure the spirit knew she was upset.

”The only reason I am so worried about him is because of how important he is. This baby is the next generation . . . . The 4th Flame Lord! ” the weary voice said.

Silence, all that was heard was the sound of the roaring flames in the background.

”H. . how, w. Wh….. why do you want me to take care of him, isn he really important? ” Alice Asked, trying to make sense of whats going on.

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