Origin of The Flame (Before ToTD)

Chapter 1- History of the \"Golden Age\"

”Father . . . What was it like during the golden age of the past? ” asked a curious looking young girl, adorned in a pure white dress with a golden blue motif. Draped with bright golden hair, flowing in the wind almost obstructing her bright sapphire blue eyes staring back at the old man with a puzzled look. Upon hearing this question the old man stood still; shocked. He turned to look at the young girl, ” My dear young Alice . . . Why do you ask about this? ” he asked while looking towards the center of the vast ever expanding universe; where a giant temple embellished in flames, adorned with golden accents along the four lit braziers, that sit atop the 6th layer of the massive temple.

After a few moments of silence the old man starts, ”We lets see . . . where should I start? Oh I know . . . . . Billions and billions of years ago- back at the start of everything, there was nothing, just infinite darkness. Then suddenly as if from an external force an entity was born. This being was the only thing in the emptiness of the vast infinite darkness. This being had no name, memories or anything. All that was there was an empty shell, with the control of fire.

Moments after he was born there was a build up of the vast energy of the infinite universe. Then came a bright blinding flash of heat and light originating from where the being was standing. After the flash where there was once just incomprehensible darkness… now stood a vast temple. Just like that one, ” the old man points to the same temple from before.

”Where is it father? I can see it. ” Alice questioned with a sad look.

”Don worry Alice, youll be able to see it soon, Im planning to take you there to see it. ” the old man answered, replying to the question.

”Really father, you really mean it? ” Alice asked questioningly with puppy dog eyes.

”Yes Alice, I promise. Now may I continue my story? ” the old man questioned with an exasperated sigh. ”Like I was saying, after the flash . . . there stood the First Flame Lord, one of the oldest and strongest beings to be alive at the time.

That being said there were many things that he is known for, most notably is the creation of the stars, planets, galaxies and all else that you see. The only problem that he faced was that he was alone with seemingly nothing around but the universe. He vowed that during his lifetime he would create life, and thats what he did – though it took hundreds if not thousands of years. Trial after Trial, failed experiment after failed experiment, until he succeeded he had created life. albeit, not as complex as nowadays but still he had created life. Alright Alice, time to take a break from the story. ” the old man finished.

”Ah come on dad, I want to hear the rest of the story. ” Alice replied with.

”Did you forget what I said earlier? I believe that I said that we would be going to the temple today. ” The old man said wearily.

”Really dad, you really mean it dad? Will we really be going. ” asked Alice

”Yes Alice, I mean it. Can you go and get changed please? Into something a little more suitable for going out? ” Asked the old man looking at the young girl.

An hour later, Alice came out of the palace wearing a white shirt with a golden insignia on it, followed by a light gray sweater, light gray pants and a pair of dark brown hiking boots.

”Are you ready to go Alice? I don know how long it will take to get there but regardless it will be an interesting trip. ” The old man asked while looking at the temple with a pale face.

”Yes father, Im ready to go. Whats with the pale face? ” Alice asked curiously.

”Oh its nothing, its just that I haven had to deal with anything regarding them in a long time. Wait whats that bright red beam coming from the top of the temple? Oh no . . . . . . . . . . . everyone take cover . . . . . . . shock wave!!! ”

Hearing this all of those in the surrounding area proceeded to take cover. Moments later a large shock wave came through blowing out windows and bursting peoples ear drums.

Alice and The old man stood back up facing towards the city . . and all that they see is utter chaos, trees that have been uprooted and thrown, people laying on the ground with bits and pieces of houses on them. They were horrified by the scene in front of them.

”Father, what was that? How did you know that was going to happen? ” She questioned.

”Don worry about that right now, I need to go and get a full report on what happened. You stay here, don go anywhere. ” The old man said in a demanding voice. ” Why did this have to happen now of all times? I can believe that hes back. I have to protect Alice at all costs. ” He continued to mumble under his breath.

He then proceeded to walk away, but stole a glance at the Temple and saw that the space around it was starting to distort and change into a crimson fire color with small strands of bright golden flames escaping from time to time. He thought to himself, ”I guess he really is back. Nothing I can do about it now but to let time take its course. ”

Upon hearing her dad say stay where she was, she stood there stupefied. Nev

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