Duan Zhicheng wasn’t angry at Long Xueni’s attitude towards him.
He smiled indifferently when he heard that.
“It’s fine.
After all, we’re all colleagues.”

Seeing that Duan Zhicheng still had such an indifferent attitude, Shi Mulan sighed in her mind and shook her head, showing a “you’re hopeless” expression.

“Shi Mulan, don’t go too far!”

Long Xueni was already angry in her mind.
Hearing Shi Mulan mock her, her anger immediately became even stronger.

Shi Mulan sneered, “I went too far? How did I go too far? On the other hand, if Zhicheng hadn’t stopped you from continuing to lash out at those people, would you still be standing here safely? It’s fine if you don’t know how to thank others, but you even punched and kicked Zhicheng.
You’re really treating his kindness like nothing!”

“Bullsh*t! That woman scolded me.
It’s fine if both of you don’t help me, but you even stopped me on purpose.
Now, you want me to thank you? I think your brains were kicked by a donkey!” Long Xueni retorted, not to be outdone.
She glared at Shi Mulan with anger.

“Heh, I think you’re the one whose brain was kicked by a donkey.
Those three people just now are obviously not simple, but you still rushed up to get tortured.
You’re already lucky that you’re not dead.
Do you really think that our Ancient Martial Arts Group is unparalleled and invincible? Let me tell you, there are many people stronger than you! Forget it, I can’t be bothered to talk to a crazy woman like you anymore.
It’s a waste of my saliva.”

After saying that, Shi Mulan directly turned around and left, as if she was really impatient to deal with Long Xueni.

“Shi Mulan, stop right there.

Long Xueni wanted to chase after her, but Duan Zhicheng blocked her way.

Before Long Xueni opened her mouth to scold him, Duan Zhicheng said in a helpless tone, “Xueni, stop fooling around.
Those three people are not to be offended, especially that man in dark blue clothes.
Apart from the man in dark blue clothes, the other man was the general manager of the Mu Group—Mu Yunhao.
I suspect that the man in the dark blue clothes is the elusive Second Master Mu.”

Long Xueni, who was originally furious, looked incredulous after hearing what Duan Zhicheng said and almost subconsciously retorted.
The leader just said that they’re from the Special Administration Office.
Second Master Mu is a martial artist.
How could he possibly join the Special Administration Office?”

Duan Zhicheng also felt that it was impossible, but he was still sure of his judgment.
“I won’t be wrong about Mu Yunhao.
Also, didn’t you hear that Master Lu called the man in black Ah Yan? Ah Yan, Mu Tianyan.”

“How… How is this possible?” Long Xueni still looked incredulous, as if she didn’t want to believe this fact.

“Whether it’s possible or not, you’d better not provoke them.
Otherwise, even the leader won’t be able to protect you.”

After saying what he needed to say, Duan Zhicheng smiled bitterly and left.

Looking at Duan Zhicheng’s back as he left, Long Xueni was shocked and scared.
At the same time, she felt a bit aggrieved.

After walking out of the museum and getting into the car, Mu Yunhao couldn’t help but say, “Wifey, why didn’t you let me attack just now? Someone who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth should be taught a lesson.”

Their Second Madam was a respected alchemist.
A mere low-level martial artist dared to disrespect her time and time again.
Her behavior was truly outrageous!

If the martial artists who supported Second Madam found out about this, Long Xueni would definitely not have a good life in the future.

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