“Team Leader, the investigation has just started, so we don’t know who will solve the case.
Aren’t you praising others and putting yourself down by saying this now?”

As soon as Zheng Bin finished speaking, Long Xueni, who had just returned, strode in and said with some dissatisfaction.

Behind Long Xueni was a young man who also looked like he was also from the Ancient Martial Arts Group.

Shi Mulan didn’t seem to like Long Xueni.
After hearing what she said, she immediately disagreed, “Xueni, the leader only said that it wasn’t easy and didn’t say that we would definitely not be able to solve the case.
Aren’t you being too arbitrary?”

“Mulan, you’ve misunderstood Xueni.
She just doesn’t want us to lose in terms of ambition,” the young man behind Long Xueni smiled and said.

Shi Mulan pursed her lips and looked a bit speechless.
“Alright, you can say whatever you want.
I can’t be bothered to argue with the two of you anyway.”

“Alright, let’s get down to business.
Did you find anything?” Seeing that the atmosphere wasn’t right, Zheng Bin stood out helplessly to be the peacemaker and asked Long Xueni and the others.

Duan Zhicheng nodded slightly.
“I found some news.
Among the stolen artifacts, a Taiyi Pill Furnace appeared in the black market two hours ago.

“But after checking carefully, I found that the black market didn’t accept that Taiyi Pill Furnace, so that furnace should have been taken away by the Flying Snake Group again.”

“Apart from the black market, is there any news of the Flying Snake Group anywhere else?” Zheng Bin asked.

Duan Zhicheng shook his head regretfully.
“No, they hid it too well.”

“So, Team Leader is right.
It won’t be easy to get those artifacts back.” Shi Mulan glanced at the two of them and deliberately emphasized the last three words, as if she was talking to someone.

Long Xueni snorted and said confidently, “Hmph! Just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
The Flying Snake Gang can be arrogant overseas, but it’s not their place to continue being arrogant in the territory of our capital.
Wait and see.
At that time, I’ll definitely send them to jail with my own hands and let them spend the rest of their lives in jail!”

Shi Mulan seemed to be used to her unfounded confidence.
She shrugged indifferently and didn’t say anything else.

“Master Lu, what do you think?” Zheng Bin was about to say something, but he suddenly thought of something and asked Lu Zijia and the others.

However, before Lu Zijia and the others said anything, Long Xueni, who didn’t like them, spoke up, “Pfft, what ideas would the three of them have? It’s already good enough that they don’t cause trouble for us.”

She added in a sarcastic tone, “Don’t think you’re something just because you’re good-looking.
You can’t rely on your looks when handling a case!”

A cold glint flashed across Mu Tianyan’s deep eyes.
He glanced at Long Xueni from the corner of his eye, as if he was looking at a dead person.

Just as Mu Tianyan was about to move, a slender and strong hand grabbed his hand.

Sensing the danger in Mu Tianyan’s gaze, Zheng Bin’s expression changed drastically.
He was about to scold Long Xueni when he heard Lu Zijia speak.

“Miss Long, you’re really good at joking.
Of course, you don’t rely on your looks to solve cases.
Why would you have such thoughts? Could it be that you rely on your looks to solve cases?”

Lu Zijia’s small hand squeezed her man’s palm comfortingly, but she looked at Long Xueni in surprise, and her gaze even paused on her face for a while.

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