at she insisted on not saying anything, he couldn’t help but lean over and bite her fair face gently.

Lu Zijia, who was bitten: “…”

“Ahem… Ahem, um, all the information is here.” Zheng Bin, who came back with the information, happened to see the intimate scene between the two of them and couldn’t help coughing a few times awkwardly.

Lu Zijia’s ears turned slightly red, but she looked calm on the outside and took the folder calmly.
“Thank you.”

“Team Leader, I’ve made a major discovery!”

At this moment, a woman with a long ponytail rushed over with a tablet in her hand.

When she saw Lu Zijia and the others, she couldn’t help looking at Zheng Bin in confusion.
“Team Leader, who are they?”

“They’re from the Special Administration Office.
They’ll be involved in the investigation too.”

Zheng Bin also briefly introduced Lu Zijia and the other two, then introduced the woman with the ponytail to Lu Zijia and the other two.

“Hello.” Shi Mulan gave the three of them a friendly smile.
Knowing that the three of them were also going to participate in the case, she didn’t avoid them.
She quickly pulled up a picture on the tablet and reported her discovery to Zheng Bin.

“Team Leader, look at this symbol.
This is the symbol of the Flying Snake Gang.
The theft of the artifacts this time should be done by the Flying Snake Gang, but there’s something I don’t understand.

“It’s said that the Flying Snake Gang won’t hurt anyone every time they steal cultural relics.
Why is it an exception this time?” Shi Mulan said and paused for a moment before saying her guess again, “Could it be an accident? After all, there were a lot of people at the scene at that time.
There’s no reason to hurt one person alone.
Besides, that injured person isn’t the guard of the cultural relic museum.
This is a bit strange.”

Zheng Bin looked at the blurry photo carefully and nodded after a while.
“It’s indeed the symbol of the Flying Snake Gang.
It seems that it won’t be easy to find the relics this time.”

Thank you for reading on

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