satisfaction and immediately said to Mu Yunhao, “Alright, he can’t scare you anymore.
Go on, what’s the solution?”

Mu Yunhao: “…” Madam only asked the Second Master to turn around.
Would there be any difference?

He was still the unlucky one in the end!

But in the end, Mu Yunhao still compromised under Lu Zijia’s “perverse power” and told her the method obediently.

“Actually, when we met the members of the Flying Snake Gang at the auction, the leader of the Flying Snake Gang was quite interested in the Second Master, but she was rejected by the Second Master.
So, if… Uh, if you use the Second Master for a honey trap, he might be able to lure them out.”

The Flying Snake Gang had just committed the crime yesterday.
They shouldn’t have left the capital or Country A yet.

So, as long as they deliberately spread the news about the Second Master, that female leader might really appear.

After all, their Second Master’s looks were extremely attractive.

Of course, he couldn’t say these words.
If he did, he definitely wouldn’t just be unlucky.
With the Second Master’s personality, he would probably be directly blasted into pieces.

Hearing that, Lu Zijia frowned and thought for a while.
Just when Mu Yunhao thought that she wouldn’t agree…


“The honey trap idea is not bad.
Xiao Hao, nice idea! I think it’ll work!” Lu Zijia clapped her hands and decided excitedly.

Mu Yunhao: “…”

Are you serious, Madam, about pushing your man out to seduce another woman?

At this moment, for some reason, he suddenly wanted to laugh! He couldn’t hold it in anymore!

“Ah Yan, get ready as soon as possible.
When the time comes, dress more handsomely so that you can lure her out as soon as possible.”

Lu Zijia turned her man back and patted his shoulder, looking like she thought highly of him.

Thank you for reading on

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