Mu Tianyan, who had been silent, suddenly spoke.
He looked at Luo Baode indifferently with his deep eyes.
“My wife doesn’t belong to anyone, nor does she need the protection of others.
I’ll be responsible for my wife.
Therefore, tell the people above you not to worry about my wife.”

After saying that, Mu Tianyan nodded slightly at Luo Baode and left with Lu Zijia in his arms.

Luo Baode: “…” How could he forget about this fierce god… Alright, they were all his ancestors.
As the Director, he should just be a coward silently.

Since the people above liked to make a fuss, he would let them go to Mu Tianyan directly.

Thinking of this, Luo Baode immediately felt refreshed.

Two days later, after saving the little bun.

“Auntie, Auntie.”

Mu Ruishu ran to Lu Zijia, who was sitting on the recliner and basking in the sun, with a bright and sweet smile.

Lu Zijia didn’t get up.
She tilted her head lazily and glanced at the little kid.
“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me one of your little boyfriends and girlfriends was kidnapped by a weird uncle again?”

Mu Ruishu puffed up his cheeks and said helplessly, “Auntie, they are my classmates.
Don’t call them my boyfriends and girlfriends anymore.
People will misunderstand!”

Thinking about how he was called a playboy by his aunt when he was not even six years old, Mu Ruishu couldn’t help feeling depressed and distressed.

“Alright, alright, classmates it is then!” Lu Zijia nodded obsequiously and said smoothly.

Mu Ruishu: “…” He knew that his aunt was patronizing him again.

“Auntie, the little bun’s parents said that they’re very grateful to you for saving him.
In order to express their gratitude, they originally wanted to give you money, but they felt that giving money was too insulting to your noble image, so they changed to giving you a fruit basket.
Those fruit baskets were all flown back from abroad.
They’re very delicious.
Auntie, come in and eat quickly, or Little Black will finish them all.”


Mu Ruishu said as he took Lu Zijia’s hand and wanted to pull her into the living room of the villa.

Lu Zijia got up helplessly.

In fact, she really wanted to say that she didn’t have a noble image at all.
Just throw money at her as much as you want!

However, she couldn’t say this in front of the child, or it wouldn’t be good if she led the child astray.

After eating the fruits that were delivered by air, Lu Zijia went back to the alchemy room and continued to make wine.

However, something big happened in the Du family.
No, to be precise, something happened to Du Xiangjun’s fiancé.

Yes, her fiancé.

This fiancé was Du Xiangjun’s childhood friend, Yi Shiyuan, whom Lu Zijia met back then.

After knowing that Du Xiangjun was divorced, Yi Shiyuan, who had always thought about Du Xiangjun, often asked Du Xiangjun out.

Gradually, Du Xiangjun also developed a good impression of Yi Shiyuan.
The two of them only got together officially two months ago.

Lu Zijia certainly knew about this too and she sincerely wished the two of them well.

Two days ago, Yi Shiyuan successfully proposed to Du Xiangjun.
They thought that the two of them would be happy forever.

Unexpectedly, Du Xiangjun suffered a huge blow after being happy for only two days.

In the largest hospital in the capital.

“Xiaojun, you…” Du Jinqian looked at his sister’s haggard appearance and couldn’t help feeling a bit distressed.

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