told you long ago that those indecent women are not good people.
Why do you have to like that kind of woman? One Yao Lefei is already annoying enough for me.
Now, you have another one.
You’re really… Sigh!” As Mrs.
Lin spoke, she looked like she expected better from her son.
She was obviously very dissatisfied with the woman her son brought home.

“Mom, it’s none of Jiajia’s business.
Don’t make wild guesses.
Also, just talk.
Don’t always drag Yao Lefei into it, okay?” Hearing the name Yao Lefei, Lin Kedong only felt frustrated.
A sense of suffocation in his heart made him very uncomfortable.

“What’s going on? Why are you making so much noise so early in the morning?” As soon as Lin Kedong finished speaking, Mr.
Lin appeared at the door of the restaurant.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.
I just said a few words to my son.” When Mrs.
Lin saw Mr.
Lin appear, she immediately defended her son and even gave her son a look.

“Right, I just said a few words.
I accidentally raised my voice.” Lin Kedong suppressed the frustration in his heart and smiled.

However, Mr.
Lin didn’t intend to let it go just like that.
“I heard you talking about Zhong Jiajia just now.
What happened? Did something happen again? Lin Kedong, I’m warning you.
If Zhong Jiajia really has your child, you must settle down quickly.
Don’t let me know that you’re fooling around with other women again!”

Lin didn’t give his son any face at all and warned him sternly.
He even directly talked about his son’s private matters.

Lin Kedong’s face was a bit red as he explained slowly, “Dad, what are you talking about? I’m with Jiajia right now.
There’s no other woman.”

Lin snorted.
“That’s for the best.”

“You two are really something.
Don’t just talk, quick, have your breakfast.
The food is getting cold.” Mrs.
Lin acted as the mediator and laughed it off.

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