Alchemist Xu listened carefully and memorized them one by one.
After Lu Zijia finished talking, he immediately went to personally prepare the items.

“Alchemist Lu, thank you.”

After Alchemist Xu and Xu Shiwu left in a hurry, Xu Zhinian immediately couldn’t control his emotions anymore.
His eyes quickly turned red, but there was a bright smile on his face.

Lu Zijia smiled and shook her head.
“Since I accepted Alchemist Xu’s deposit, I have the responsibility to treat you.”

Not only did the Xu family give her an Ice Sea Fish, but they also told her about the whereabouts of the Frost Dragon’s Flame.
This deal was a huge gain for her no matter what.

Xu Zhinian smiled and didn’t say anything else, but his gratitude to Lu Zijia increased.

Alchemist Xu was an alchemist, so he certainly had a lot of herbs at home.
An hour later, he was ready with the items.

Lu Zijia checked the medicinal bath she had prepared and the herbs on the side before nodding her head.

Before starting, Lu Zijia reminded Xu Zhinian, “During the medicinal bath, there’ll be two opposing energies in your body, one of ice and the other of fire.
The process might be so painful that you’d wish you were dead, but you have to stay conscious, or I won’t be able to help you.”

Xu Zhinian nodded resolutely, his eyes full of determination.
“Alchemist Lu, don’t worry.
I’ll definitely persevere.”

There was nothing scary about living a life worse than death.
What was scary was that while living a life worse than death, his grandfather would also be implicated.

Now that God has given him a chance, he must persevere no matter what.

If he didn’t succeed, he would die trying!

Alchemist Xu was very worried, but in order not to affect Lu Zijia, he still took the initiative to leave and waited anxiously outside the door.

Two hours was undoubtedly very long and arduous for the people outside, who were worried about Xu Zhinian.

When the door opened, Alchemist Xu rushed up abruptly with complicated emotions in his elderly eyes.

But when he saw that the person who came out was Lu Zijia, Alchemist Xu’s eyes darkened and he looked nervous.
“Alchemist Lu, Zhinian…”

Knowing that he was anxious, Lu Zijia didn’t beat around the bush.
Xu is still a bit weak right now.
He just needs to rest for a while.”

Alchemist Xu was immediately overjoyed when he heard that.
He immediately bowed to Lu Zijia to show his gratitude.

Lu Zijia quickly moved aside.
“Alchemist Xu, you should go in and see Mr.
Xu first!”

Alchemist Xu could still control himself at first, but after hearing what Lu Zijia said, he immediately forgot his manners and ran into the room in a hurry to check on his grandson.
Even though he knew that his grandson was fine, he still had to see him with his own eyes to be at ease.

Lu Zijia thought that the two men might need some time to recover from their exhilaration, so she left a prescription for Xu Shiwu and planned to leave first.

Xu Shiwu tried his best to persuade her to stay, but seeing that Lu Zijia insisted on leaving, he could only give the rest of the payment to her in a hurry and send her to the gate of the manor himself.

Xu Shiwu originally planned to drive Lu Zijia back, but she rejected him.
Lu Zijia had planned to come out to pick some herbs, so she certainly wouldn’t go back home directly.

In a villa in the outskirts of the capital.

A lively birthday party was being held at a luxurious villa, and the guests were having a lot of fun.

Among them was Ye Nanxi.

“Nanxi, I didn’t expect you to come too.
I thought you’d be busy filming recently and wouldn’t have time to come!”

A sexy woman sat down on Ye Nanxi’s beach chair with a smile.

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