“If the fruit Mr.
Xu ate is really the Frost Dragon’s Flame, I’m almost certain that I can help Mr.
Xu recover.”

Lu Zijia didn’t make herself clear.
After all, accidents might happen during treatment.

No one could predict something like an accident, right?

However, even before she finished speaking, the two men were already extremely excited.

“Al-Alchemist Lu, can you really cure my grandson?” Alchemist Xu was so emotional that his eyes were brimming with tears.

Almost all those people who came to see Xu Zhinian in the past would shake their heads helplessly after examining him.
Only Lu Zijia said that she was almost certain, which undoubtedly made Alchemist Xu and his grandson finally see hope.

Lu Zijia nodded, but she still emphasized, “I’m almost certain I can cure Mr.
Xu, provided he really took the Frost Dragon’s Flame.”

In the end, after confirming that Lu Zijia wouldn’t be hurt by the cold energy in his body, Xu Zhinian reached out his hand again and relaxed his whole body, letting Lu Zijia transfer her internal energy into his body.

Of course, what Lu Zijia injected wasn’t internal energy, but spiritual power.

Five minutes later, Lu Zijia confirmed that Xu Zhinian really ate the Frost Dragon’s Flame by mistake.She withdrew her hand and said, “I can already confirm that Mr.
Xu ate the Frost Dragon’s Flame by mistake.
Do you want to treat him today or prepare for a few days?”


Alchemist Xu blurted out without thinking, but after saying that, he realized that he sounded too eager.

After coughing awkwardly, Alchemist Xu said again, “Do you need to prepare anything if you were to begin treatment today?”

As the patient, Xu Zhinian was even more excited, but he suppressed it firmly.

Still, he looked at Lu Zijia with elation and gratitude.

Lu Zijia listed out more than a dozen kinds of herbs, and asked Alchemist Xu to prepare a room with a relatively higher temperature.

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