al condition.

“Young Master, you should let Alchemist Lu take a look.
Alchemist Lu is different from those people in the past.
She might just be the person who can cure you!” Xu Shiwu persuaded clumsily, his eyes filled with sympathy.

In the past, the young master was so good-spirited, but he never thought that he would become like this.
Fate was being unfair to him!

“Uncle Shiwu, I know my own situation very well.
There’s no need for Grandpa to worry about me again.
If it weren’t for me, Grandpa wouldn’t… I’m the one who implicated Grandpa.” Speaking of this, Xu Zhinian’s eyes were full of sadness, and there was even a strong pain hidden in his eyes.

Xu Shiwu couldn’t bear it and continued to persuade him painstakingly, “Young Master, you know, Master only wants you to get better and has never treated you as a burden.”

“Of course I know, but I…” He smiled bitterly, feeling his frighteningly cold body temperature even under the hot sun.

“Young Master, Master is here.” Sensing the arrival of Alchemist Xu, Xu Shiwu hurriedly reminded Xu Zhinian.

Hearing that, Xu Zhinian immediately tried to hide his sadness, and acted as though nothing had happened.


Hearing the approaching footsteps behind him, Xu Zhinian turned the wheelchair around and tried to smile.
But when he saw Lu Zijia, he couldn’t help being stunned.
He certainly didn’t expect the Alchemist Lu whom Xu Shiwu talked about to be so young.

Xu Zhinian, who already had lost all hope, became even calmer at this moment.

Looking at his grandson, who still looked very pale, Alchemist Xu’s heart ached and his gaze became even more loving.

“Zhinian, come, let me introduce you to someone.
This is Alchemist Lu, who I invited to treat you.
Alchemist Lu’s alchemy skills are superb, far above mine.”

A hint of surprise flashed through Xu Zhinian’s eyes when he heard that.

His grandfather rarely praised people, let alone use such a respectful tone.
Alchemist Lu must be really capable for him to be so impressed.

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