e realm.

So, the source of the Ice Sea Fish was still very important to her.

Alchemist Xu suddenly restrained his expression and sighed slightly.
His tone was a bit apologetic.
“It’s not that I don’t want to help you, Alchemist Lu, but I’m powerless.”

Lu Zijia looked confused, and she thought to herself, Did the friend who exchanged the salted fish for pills pass away?

But soon, Lu Zijia knew that she was wrong.

“Alchemist Lu, you might not know this, but apart from the Martial Arts World, there’s also the Upper Martial Arts Realm above.
The cultivation resources in the Upper Martial Arts Realm are more abundant, and the Martial Artists there are more talented than the ones here.
I came from that realm so I can tell you that there are people guarding its entrance.
Without the people from the realm leading the way, the martial artists here can’t go there.”

At this point, Alchemist Xu’s turbid old eyes revealed endless vicissitudes of life.
“And due to some personal reasons, I don’t want to return to the Upper Martial Arts Realm.
I’m afraid I can’t help you, Alchemist Lu.”

Even though this world was technologically advanced, there were also places that technology couldn’t reach.
The Upper Martial Arts Realm was one such place, and so, there was no way they could contact someone in there.

“The Upper Martial Arts Realm?” Surprise flashed through Lu Zijia’s bright eyes.

This was news to her.
It seemed this world was also divided into different levels like the cultivation world.

“Then, Alchemist Xu, can you tell me the location of the entrance of the Upper Martial Arts Realm and where that fellow Taoist lives?”

Lu Zijia certainly wouldn’t give up the rare cultivation resources easily.

However, from Alchemist Xu’s tone, it was not difficult to tell that there were many experts in the Upper Martial Arts realm.
If she wanted to go there, she had to increase her cultivation first.
Otherwise, she would only be walking into a death trap.

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