ng man said obsequiously.

“Alright, alright, don’t you have something urgent? Why aren’t you leaving?” Luo Baode sent him away without hesitation.

“Um, Director, I heard you have a good relationship with Fellow Lu.
I wonder if you can…”


Before the young man finished talking, Luo Baode interrupted him, looking so just and fair.

“Director, please, I really need a Vitality Pill.
I haven’t made any progress in my cultivation for a long time.
If this goes on, I’m afraid I’ll develop fears in my mind.”

The young man, who was a man, looked at the Director with a pitiful look like a woman.
He almost burst into tears.

Luo Baode looked at him and immediately shivered, almost puking out of disgust.

Damn, a man like him pretended to be pitiful like a woman.
How shameless!

When the young man wanted to continue begging, Luo Baode waved his hand impatiently.

“Alright, alright, stop begging.
It’s useless even if you continue.
Who doesn’t want pills? I want them too, but only if I get them!

“If you really want them, go to Number One Elixir Store and wait there.
There are only ten pills for sale each day.
It’ll depend on your luck.”

Speaking of pills, Luo Baode was also very frustrated.

He didn’t know which bastard spread the rumor that he had a good relationship with that wretched girl.
Almost everyone in the office begged him every day now.
He was annoyed to death.

Most importantly, those bastards actually wanted to buy Vitality Pills for 500,000 yuan.
They were truly dreaming!

Judging from that girl’s miserly personality, if the price would fall after rising, he would take the surname of that damn girl!

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