The five elders, who were more than 400 years old together, disregarded their friendship for the sake of the pills and smeared each other constantly.
It looked like they were going to have a quarrel!

These five people always had the demeanor of a master when facing their disciples.

But who were the five people who looked like the old ladies at the market that were fighting over some scallions at this moment?

If the disciples of their families saw this, their eyes might even pop out from shock!

Mu Yunhao and the others, who were cleaning up the battlefield quietly: “…”

Back then, they also fought with their brothers over a pill.
And now, when they were watching other people argue, they suddenly felt like their image was completely destroyed.

Lu Zijia raised her head and looked at the sky.
She thought that the five elders might argue until dark if they continued fighting like this.

In order not to keep enduring hunger, Lu Zijia decided to deal with this quickly.

“Xiao Hao!”

Lu Zijia suddenly shouted, which startled the five elders who were still arguing fiercely.

“Madame?” Mu Yunhao, who was called, came to Lu Zijia as quickly as possible with a confused look.

Lu Zijia took out five jade bottles from her pocket all at once and gave them to Mu Yunhao.
“I’ll leave them to you.
You deal with them.
I trust you.”

Lu Zijia said as she ran into the mansion with her man.

She was afraid that they would be caught again if they didn’t run.

Even though she might only be able to buy themselves some time, she would whatever amount of time she could buy.
As for the rest, she would deal with it after she ate!

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Mu Yunhao: “…” So, should he thank his Madame for her trust?

But the next second, when he felt the covetous gaze of the Fourth Elder and the others, he suddenly wanted to say, “Can I not have Madame’s trust?”

Lu Zijia, who decided to leave it to someone else , ran into the mansion and immediately went straight to the kitchen.
She took out a piece of tempting strawberry cake from the fridge and was about to eat it.

However, when she took a bite… Why did her strawberry cake disappear?!!

She turned around and saw that her man had taken it away!

“You’re hungry too? Have some, then.
I’ll look for something else.” Even though she was very hungry, she should give it to him if he wanted to eat something.


Mu Tianyan stopped her from opening the fridge.
He pulled her aside, put the strawberry cake back into the fridge and took out a packet of noodles.

“You can’t eat anything cold with an empty stomach.
It’s bad for your stomach.
Wait for a while.
You’ll be able to eat soon.” Mu Tianyan said as he started to wash the pot, fill it with water and cook the noodles.

The chef knew that Mu Tianyan had gone to the kitchen, so he rushed back from the garden.
“Second… Second Master, let me do it.”

“No, let me.” Mu Tianyan continued to cook the noodles attentively without looking up.

Something immediately came to his mind and he added, “Prepare a bit more food for dinner.”

“Alright, Second Master.” The chef replied respectfully and immediately left the kitchen quietly.

Ever since Madame came, their Second Master would come into the kitchen from time to time to cook for her.
He had already turned from being anxious at first to very calm right now.

People said that men who never went to the kitchen in the past would be willing to wash their hands and cook for the women they loved after falling in love.
This was indeed true!

Lu Zijia crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned against the kitchen door frame, looking at the man who was cooking noodles for her with a faint smile.

“Don’t you love cleanliness the most? Can you bear it now? Don’t you feel uncomfortable?”

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