“You’re welcome, Junior.
You’re our only Junior.
If we don’t help you, who else can we help?”

“Right, Junior, you’re being bullied.
If we, as your seniors, still don’t do anything, are we even worthy of being your seniors?”

The two of them didn’t mind Mu Shiyou’s coldness, but thought that this was normal instead.

After all, Mu Shiyou had always been cold and arrogant.
If she was enthusiastic to them, they would find it abnormal.

“Your two seniors are right.
You’re peers.
You should help each other with everything and work together against the outsiders.
Only then can you survive better.”

The leader of the Mu family, Mu Sheng, who had been resting with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes at this moment and glanced at Mu Shiyou as he said seriously.

“Got it, Master.” Mu Shiyou replied respectfully.

Mu Shiyou’s injuries seemed to have healed on the outside, but that was only on the outside.
Her internal injuries would definitely not recover without a year or two.

Of course, it would be a different story if she used a large amount of elixirs to treat her injuries.

However, no matter which of the four largest families it was, they basically wouldn’t be extravagant enough to use a large amount of precious elixirs just to treat a disciple.

“This is where that loser is living right now? Isn’t he a bit too lucky?”

When they arrived at the gate of the old mansion of the Mu family, the disciples in the cars at the back got out one after another.
They couldn’t help showing jealousy in their eyes when they saw the huge old mansion of the Mu family.

As Martial Artists, they thought they were superior to others and didn’t bother to have too much interaction with ordinary people.
They didn’t even treat the rich people among ordinary people seriously.

However, they still couldn’t help feeling envious and jealous when they saw where rich people lived and the things they enjoyed.

Because slightly talented Martial Artists like them would put all their attention on cultivation, so they certainly didn’t have time to make money.

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So, ordinary disciples didn’t have much money at all.
They could even be said to be very poor.
They only relied on their families or accepted missions to support themselves.

“Master was truly too kind back then.
He only kicked that loser out of the family.
Otherwise, how would that loser still enjoy such a good life?”

“That’s right.
It’s fine that trash doesn’t know how to be grateful, but he even injured Senior Shiyou.
He’s really gone too far.”

“He’s not only gone too far.
He’s totally not unforgivable.
We must teach that piece of trash a lesson today, or he’ll really think that everyone in our family is afraid of him!”

“Right! When we deal with that loser later, there’s no need to show mercy, right, brothers?”

“That’s right.
Master showed mercy to that loser back then.
Then what?

“In the end, that trash repaid kindness with ingratitude and injured the Master’s personal disciple.
He’s simply an ingrate.
He’s not worth our mercy at all!”

“That’s right.
There’s no need to be soft-hearted towards that ingrate at all.
Only by teaching him a lesson with blood can he remember that the members of our family aren’t losers like him can provoke!”

More than twenty disciples discussed loudly and didn’t lower their voices at all.
Apparently, they intentionally said this to the people in the old mansion of the Mu family.

As the leader of the family, Mu Sheng sat in the car and didn’t get out, but waited for the people inside to come out to welcome him.

As for what those disciples said, he didn’t seem to hear them at all and let it develop.

Meanwhile, Mu Yi and the other secret guards, who had already been waiting inside the door, couldn’t help feeling a bit furious when they heard what those disciples deliberately said to them.

Those trash, who only knew how to flatter the superior and trample the inferior, actually said that their Second Master was an ingrate? They must have eaten dog poop!

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