hem furiously.

At this moment, Taoist Mu Qing’s clothes were in a mess and there were even suspicious fruit stains on his clothes.
He looked so messy and it could be said that he wasn’t showing off anymore like he did just now.

Seeing his messy look, the four elders of the Zhang family couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed.

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“We’re not here to exchange for pills with you.
We’re here to get the delivery ourselves.” The Fourth Elder of the Zhang family said.

“Get the delivery? What delivery?”

Hearing that they weren’t here to exchange for pills, Taoist Mu Qing immediately became even more frustrated.

For Martial Artists, what was better than pills? And these four bastards even came here in person.

“Pills, of course.”

The Great Elder of the Zhang family said a bit proudly, “We ordered more than 100 pills.
We’re just waiting for the delivery.”

“Ordered more than a hundred pills?”

Taoist Mu Qing suddenly thought of something and his voice suddenly rose a level.
“The big client my disciple’s wife talked about, could it be you bastards?”

“It should be us.
When we made the order back then, there were only a few sales shown on the website!”

Thinking of those 100 pills, the Great Elder of the Zhang family was in a good mood.
“This is all thanks to our kid, Nian.
If not, we would probably have missed this great deal.”

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