Lu Zijia: “…” As the Great Elder of the Mu family, was it really good to talk about the leader of the family like this?

However, with Taoist Mu Qing’s casual personality, it wasn’t strange that he would say such a thing.

“Then, let him come and deal with it at once.” Mu Tianyan suddenly said with a hint of viciousness in his voice.

Back then, the leader of the Mu family gave more cultivation resources to Mu Shiyou in order to drive him, this piece of trash, away, even framing him for stealing the family’s treasure.

Even though he was spared from the crime of stealing because his master came back in the end, it couldn’t change the fact that the leader of the Mu family framed him deliberately back then.

According to the family rules, if someone dared to take the treasure of the family without permission, he or she must pay with his or her life.
The lightest punishment would be 100 whips and be kicked out of the family, never to step into the family ever again.

He had just transferred the toxins of his brother into his body back then and he was still very weak.
He might not be able to survive even the lightest punishment of 100 whips.

Even though the family leader thought that he was weak because his internal energy was taken away back then, he was certain that he was weak no matter what.

However, for Mu Shiyou, the leader of the Mu family still chose to frame him for stealing the family’s treasure, which was the same as taking his life.

No matter how forgiving Mu Tianyan was, he would never pretend that nothing had happened to someone who wanted to take his life.

And now, the leader of the Mu family still wanted to make trouble for them, so he couldn’t possibly pretend that nothing happened.


Seeing his disciple like this, Taoist Mu Qing apparently also thought of what happened back then and couldn’t help sighing heavily.

The leader of the family did go too far back then.
If he hadn’t come back in time, he would have lost his disciple already.

If it weren’t for the fact that the other party was the family leader, he would have already crippled him.

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However, even if he didn’t cripple him back then, he still severely injured him and he rested in bed for several months!

“You can hurt someone, but you can’t beat him to death.
Otherwise, it’ll be a matter that involves the entire family.” Taoist Mu Qing reminded him.

Taoist Mu Qing immediately thought of something.
He glanced at Lu Zijia and suddenly burst into laughter.

Lu Zijia: “…”

“It’s not impossible for you to beat him to death, but you still have to wait for a while.

“As long as the little girl stands firmly in the Martial Arts World as an alchemist, she won’t have to worry about the counterattack of the entire Mu family anymore.”

Taoist Mu Qing might sound a bit cold and heartless, but this was the Martial Arts World.
The strong ruled.

Otherwise, the people in the family would have stood up for his disciple when they knew that he didn’t have the ability to steal the family’s treasure at all back then.

That was, the strong ruled and the weak were destined to be eliminated.
So, he didn’t blame anyone at that time, but he saw people’s minds more clearly.

The family leader wanted to kill his disciple back then, but his disciple fought back.
In the Martial Arts World where the strong ruled, this was totally normal.

As the saying went, “Every dog will have its day.
Don’t discriminate against a poor young man.” This was what it was about.

Lu Zijia: “…” As the Great Elder of the Mu family, was it really okay for him to help his disciple kill the family leader?

However, she inexplicably felt that a master like this was very much to her liking.
What was going on?

“I understand.
Thank you for your concern, Master.” Mu Tianyan nodded and said with an almost imperceptible gratitude.

Even though Mu Tianyan called Taoist Mu Qing his master, he treated him as his father in his mind, which had never changed all these years.

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