However, before she started to sing, she blocked her hearing first.
After all, her master’s way of shouting out a song was really hurting her ears.

Of course, even though the music was blocked, it didn’t matter.
She had heard this song before and still knew how to sing it! So, it didn’t matter if she could hear the music or not!

“The sun shines in the sky.

“The flowers smile at me.

The birds say good morning.

“Why are you carrying explosives?

“I’m going to blow up the school.
The teachers don’t know

“As soon as I pulled the trigger, I ran

“Boom! The school is gone…”

When Lu Zijia opened her mouth and sang the first line, Taoist Mu Qing, who was originally singing happily, was so startled that the microphone in his hand almost dropped to the ground.

The secret guards hidden in the dark looked terrified.

When Lu Zijia sang the second line, Taoist Mu Qing’s hand finally couldn’t bear the weight of the microphone and the microphone fell straight to the ground.

When she sang the third line, Taoist Mu Qing clutched his heart and felt that his heart couldn’t bear it anymore.

By the fourth line, Taoist Mu Qing felt that the life expectancy of his ears was about to end!

He had never thought that even though his disciple’s wife looked so beautiful and had such a nice voice, she was an invisible killer when she sang!

When she fought with someone in the future, she could totally win without fighting with her singing!

He admired the skills of his disciple’s wife to the core!

And the most important thing was, what the hell was she singing? Apart from the first few lines, the lyrics totally didn’t match the song that was playing right now!

“Stop, stop, stop.
Little girl, I suddenly remember that I still have something to tell you.
This is very important.
Let’s postpone the celebration!”

Taoist Mu Qing, who used to torture other people, finally felt devastated by that demonic voice at this moment.
It was so inhumane!

Ah, the tides had really turned! He actually met someone who sang even worse than him.
She was simply the queen of people with a pig-slaughtering voice!

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