be quite close.”

“They should be ordinary friends, right? After all, General Manager Mu doesn’t get close to women, but men.”

“Have you seen him with a man?”


“Then, why are you so confident about it? In my opinion, General Manager Mu didn’t get close to women before because he hadn’t met the right person.

“Now that he’s met one, of course he’ll get close to her.
What a shame.
Why am I not General Manager Mu’s right person? Ahhh! My heart is broken!”

“So what if your heart is broken? My heart has turned into minced meat.
I can’t put it back together even if I want to.”

The hands of Mu Yunhao, who had excellent hearing, couldn’t help but tremble violently when he heard the wild discussions of people around him.
He almost dropped the camera in his hand.

Him and Madame? This joke wasn’t funny at all.
Besides, it couldn’t be joked about casually.
He would die!

Thinking of their extremely possessive Second Master, Mu Yunhao felt like his life was over.

Luckily, that imaginative topic soon became normal.

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“There’s something wrong with their gazes when they look at each other.
General Manager Mu’s attitude towards Master Lu is obviously respectful, alright?

“Who would be so respectful to someone they like?”

“That’s right.
It must be because of Master Lu’s ability that General Manager Mu is so respectful to her.
It’s not love at all.

“So, we still have a great chance to have a baby with our General Manager Mu!”

“Right, right, right, they’re definitely not a couple.
Master Lu looks so Buddha-like.
Perhaps she doesn’t know anything about love at all!”

“You’re right.
General Manager Mu is still ours.
We still have a chance.
Come on, girls!”

The men here: “…” What was with the jealousy in their minds?

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