“Isn’t plastic surgery popular nowadays? Why don’t you go for plastic surgery? You can do whatever you want.
You didn’t lose anything after all!”

Shi Yingying said confidently.
She still didn’t think that she was wrong at this moment.

Hearing what Shi Yingying said, let alone the three members of the Sun family, even the onlookers were so enraged that they laughed.

“What kind of logic is this? If there are no losses, why didn’t you ruin your own face?”

“Right, you took the money, but you want someone to bear the consequences for you.
How immoral.”

“Tut-tut, I’ve finally seen the best of the best today.
I can’t believe such a person can still survive until today.
I wonder what kind of dumb luck she has!”

“Repaying kindness with ingratitude, aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning and being punished in the 18 levels of hell after you die?”

“The Sun family must have been unlucky for eight lifetimes to have such a relative.
Luckily, they met Master Lu, or Sun Kewen’s life would really be ruined.”

“Right, how tragic…”

Being pointed at and judged by everyone, Shi Yingying was extremely furious, but she didn’t dare to refute so many people, so she could only bite her lips and tolerate it.

Sun Kewen, who was pushed to the ground, wanted to pounce on Shi Yingying a second time.
However, Shi Yingying, who was on guard, pushed her away again and Sun Kewen almost fell on the ground with her face facing down.

“Wenwen!” The parents of the Sun family finally collected themselves and rushed to help her up.

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After helping her daughter up, Madam Sun, who was still furious, slapped Shi Yingying’s face heavily.
“From today onwards, get out of our house.
Our family will never welcome you in the future.

“Every time I see you again in the future, I’ll scold you, until I’m dead!”

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