“Master… Master Lu, this… that…”

Seeing Lu Zijia give the ointment to the short-haired woman, Mr.
Sun couldn’t help feeling a bit anxious.

“Don’t worry, I still have stocks.”

Knowing what he was worried about, Lu Zijia didn’t make things difficult for him and directly guaranteed him.

The parents of the Sun family were obviously relieved after hearing that.

Without waiting for the parents of the Sun family to reply, Lu Zijia continued, “I can give you the scar removal ointment, but I need Miss Sun to answer some of my questions.”

“What… What questions?” Mr.
Sun didn’t agree immediately, but asked a bit nervously.

Lu Zijia glanced at Sun Kewen.
“About this matter.”

Sun wanted to agree right away, but he immediately kept his mouth shut when he thought about his daughter’s feelings.
After asking his daughter in a low voice, he replied to Lu Zijia, “Sure, as long as my daughter knows anything, she’ll definitely answer honestly.”

Sun Kewen still buried her face in Madam Sun’s arms, but after what Mr.
Sun said, she nodded slightly.

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Shi Yingying, who had been frightened by the Du brothers for a while, suddenly thought of something at this moment and blurted out loudly.

Shi Yingying’s sudden move successfully attracted everyone’s attention again.

“Uncle, letting her ask Wenwen questions is the same as putting salt on her wound.
Wenwen is so sad right now.
How can you do this?”

Shi Yingying reproached Mr.
Sun righteously, as if she wasn’t the one who took off Sun Kewen’s mask before.


Sun finally couldn’t bear it anymore and he shouted furiously at Shi Yingying, “When you take off Wenwen’s mask just then, why didn’t you think about putting salt on her wound?

“I usually let you be, but I definitely won’t let you mess around again today.
You don’t have to get involved in Wenwen’s matter anymore!”

After saying that, Mr.
Sun ignored the furious Shi Yingying, turned around and smiled apologetically at Lu Zijia.
“Master Lu, I’m sorry.
Don’t mind what my niece said.

“Ask whatever you want.
My daughter will definitely answer you honestly.”

“Right, right, Master Lu, just ask.” Madam Sun also agreed continuously.

They looked so cautious, as if they were afraid that they would make Lu Zijia angry.

“Miss, since Mr.
Sun has already asked you not to get involved in it, you should stop talking.
Otherwise, I can only ask the security guards to see you out.”

Before Shi Yingying spoke again, Lu Zijia looked over with a faint smile.
Her cold gaze made people shudder.

Meeting those bright and cold eyes, Shi Yingying suddenly felt like she was completely seen through.

Her face turned pale unconsciously.
After opening and closing her mouth several times, she still couldn’t say a word.

Lu Zijia retracted her gaze calmly and turned to look at Sun Kewen.
“Where did you buy the acne removal solution, Miss Sun?”

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Sun Kewen, whose head was buried in Madam Sun’s arms, shook her head.
“I didn’t buy it.
My… My cousin gave it to me.

“Your cousin?”

Lu Zijia pretended to be confused and immediately looked at Shi Yingying again.
“Is it this lady?”

“Yes, yes, this is a distant niece of mine called Shi Yingying.
She’s staying at our house temporarily.” Mr.
Sun explained.

“Oh? I see!”

Lu Zijia showed a look of realization.
“So, Miss Shi, can you tell me where you bought the acne removal solution?

“Did you keep the certificate or the receipt, Miss Shi?”

After Lu Zijia asked this question, Shi Yingying’s already pale face immediately turned a bit paler and there was even a hint of panic in her eyes.

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