tely won’t let you mess around again today.
You don’t have to get involved in Wenwen’s matter anymore!”

After saying that, Mr.
Sun ignored the furious Shi Yingying, turned around and smiled apologetically at Lu Zijia.
“Master Lu, I’m sorry.
Don’t mind what my niece said.

“Ask whatever you want.
My daughter will definitely answer you honestly.”

“Right, right, Master Lu, just ask.” Madam Sun also agreed continuously.

They looked so cautious, as if they were afraid that they would make Lu Zijia angry.

“Miss, since Mr.
Sun has already asked you not to get involved in it, you should stop talking.
Otherwise, I can only ask the security guards to see you out.”

Before Shi Yingying spoke again, Lu Zijia looked over with a faint smile.
Her cold gaze made people shudder.

Meeting those bright and cold eyes, Shi Yingying suddenly felt like she was completely seen through.

Her face turned pale unconsciously.
After opening and closing her mouth several times, she still couldn’t say a word.

Lu Zijia retracted her gaze calmly and turned to look at Sun Kewen.
“Where did you buy the acne removal solution, Miss Sun?”

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Sun Kewen, whose head was buried in Madam Sun’s arms, shook her head.
“I didn’t buy it.
My… My cousin gave it to me.

“Your cousin?”

Lu Zijia pretended to be confused and immediately looked at Shi Yingying again.
“Is it this lady?”

“Yes, yes, this is a distant niece of mine called Shi Yingying.
She’s staying at our house temporarily.” Mr.
Sun explained.

“Oh? I see!”

Lu Zijia showed a look of realization.
“So, Miss Shi, can you tell me where you bought the acne removal solution?

“Did you keep the certificate or the receipt, Miss Shi?”

After Lu Zijia asked this question, Shi Yingying’s already pale face immediately turned a bit paler and there was even a hint of panic in her eyes.

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