“You it is then.”

Lu Zijia nodded and said again, “The ointment will hurt a bit after you put it on.
You must endure it.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be able to endure it.”

The short-haired woman patted her chest and looked very confident.

When her arm was burnt back then, she was only 16 years old.
She didn’t cry then, let alone now.

Seeing her so confident, Lu Zijia smiled at her and immediately opened the lid of the jade bottle.
She dug out some with her hand and smeared it evenly on the scar on the short-haired woman’s arm.

During the whole process, the short-haired woman didn’t even frown, which made everyone around a bit confused for a moment whether she felt the piercing pain Lu Zijia talked about or not.

“We’ll see the results in half an hour.” Lu Zijia took out a tissue and wiped her hands, then said to the short-haired woman and also everyone present.

Hearing that it would work in half an hour, no one present believed it.
After all, the best scar removal ointment they had right now would only work after a few days.

Besides, the scar on the short-haired woman’s arm was so serious.
How could it possibly work in half an hour?

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So, everyone waited silently for half an hour with doubts in their minds.

The eyes of the parents of the Sun family stared at the short-haired woman’s arm without blinking.
Unfortunately, the white ointment covered the scar, so no one could see the changes at all.

The short-haired woman still looked calm on the outside, as if she didn’t care if she could get rid of the scar at all.
Of course, only if the anticipation in her eyes was ignored.

Half an hour was neither long nor short.
During this period of time, Shi Yingying had tried to talk a few times, but she was stopped by the gaze of the Du brothers.

The people with intentions hidden in the crowd didn’t dare to speak either because it was too quiet at the moment.

After all, the Du family would immediately notice them when they talked in this quiet time.

When it was about time, Lu Zijia asked a worker at the factory to bring out a basin of clear water.

Lu Zijia took it herself and brought it to the short-haired woman.
“It’s time.
You can rinse the ointment now.”

The short-haired woman hesitated for a second and still said, “Can’t I put it on for a while longer?”

When she started to apply the ointment, she felt a sharp pain on her arm.

However, after about ten minutes, the piercing pain subsided, making her arm feel very cool.
Anyway, she just felt very comfortable.

This was completely different from all the scar removal ointment she used before.

This completely different feeling made her look forward to it even more.

“Half an hour is already enough for the medicine to be absorbed.
It’s not that the longer it’s applied, the better.” Lu Zijia explained.

Hearing that, the short-haired woman finally rinsed the white ointment that had already solidified on her arm obediently.

The reporters on the side didn’t miss the whole process of the short-haired woman rinsing the ointment.
They kept filming the arm of the short-haired woman, as if they were afraid of missing something.

When the short-haired woman finished rinsing the ointment, even she herself was stunned.

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“Oh god! Am I seeing things? That scar really looks faded!”

“Right, right, before the scar removal ointment was applied, I found it scary, but now, it doesn’t seem so scary anymore.”

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