Sun Kewen, the person involved, cried even harder in silence.
Soon, the family of three held their heads together and cried in pain.

At this moment, Lu Zijia stepped out from behind the Du brothers.
After exchanging a look with her two uncles, she directly walked towards the three members of the Sun family.

“I have a way to avoid scars from leaving on your daughter’s face.” Lu Zijia said directly.

Sun Kewen’s face had already been completely ruined by corroded flesh, so Lu Zijia couldn’t read her fortune from her face, but she could make a guess from her parents of the Sun family.

Judging from the faces of the parents of the Sun family, if there weren’t any huge changes, they would lose their daughter at an old age and it would happen within this month.
In other words, Sun Kewen would die within this month.


Judging from Sun Kewen’s overly emotional state just then, she would probably commit suicide because of her disfigured face.

However, if she could change this deadlock, the life of the Sun family of three wouldn’t be bad in the future.

The three members of the Sun family, who were originally hugging their heads and crying, suddenly looked up after hearing what Lu Zijia said.

Of course, it was her parents who looked up.
Sun Kewen still buried her face firmly in her mother’s arms, looking determined that she didn’t want to face the world at all.

“Are… Are you serious? Don’t lie to us.
My daughter is already overwhelmed by this right now.
You can’t lie to us, or our daughter really can’t stand it.”

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Madam Sun wiped her tears with her rough old hand as she looked at Lu Zijia and said.

Sun also wiped his tears and nodded constantly, expressing that he agreed with what Madam Sun said.

Lu Zijia smiled and immediately reached her hand into her pocket.
She pretended to take out a two-finger-sized jade bottle with a huge opening from her pocket, but it was in fact from the space.

“The ointment in this jade bottle has the effect of removing scars.
If you don’t believe me, I can find someone to test it out for you first.”

This bottle of scar removal ointment was originally the third skincare product Lu Zijia intended to launch.
She had never thought it would come in handy today.

Besides, she could take the opportunity to advertise it for free.
This really saved her the money for advertisement.

The parents of the Sun family immediately nodded constantly after hearing that.
Light also returned to their originally dull and turbid eyes.

Lu Zijia looked at everyone around and raised her voice a bit as she said, “Does anyone want to be a guinea pig?”

Everyone: “…” Guinea pig… Was it really good to say it so directly?

However, even though Lu Zijia was so straightforward, a young woman still stepped forward.

The woman had short hair and a clean face.
She was dressed simply, giving people a refreshing and capable feeling.

“I’ll do it.
Can I be the guinea pig?”

The woman walked out of the crowd quickly and asked Lu Zijia with anticipation.

Everyone: “…” Is it really good for this woman to say it so smoothly?

Lu Zijia didn’t agree immediately, but asked, “Can you show me your scar first?”


The short-haired woman nodded and immediately rolled up her sleeve, showing the hideous scar from a burn on her right arm.

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Seeing the huge scar on the short-haired woman’s arm, the onlookers couldn’t help but gasp.

Such a huge scar almost covered her entire forearm.
The burn must have been very serious back then.

The short-haired woman seemed to be used to other people’s strange gazes and her expression remained calm as usual.

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