“Wenwen, are you alright? How are you? Don’t cry.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
I’m useless.
My good daughter, don’t cry.
I want to cry too if you cry.”

Madam Sun held her daughter, who was trembling terribly, as she held back her tears and comforted her gently.

“Mom, I want to go home.
I want to go home.
I don’t want to come out.
Mom, please save me and take me back.
Mom, boohoo…”

Sun Kewen buried her face in her mother’s arms and held her mother’s waist tightly with both hands, as if she was grabbing the last straw that could save her life, which made people feel a bit sad.

“Yingying, how can you take off Wenwen’s mask without her permission? You know she doesn’t want anyone to see what she looks like right now.
You… you…”

Seeing that his daughter was crying so hard, Mr.
Sun couldn’t help but tear up.
At the same time, he looked at Shi Yingying furiously with his muddy old eyes and couldn’t help scolding her.

However, before he finished talking, Shi Yingying, who didn’t feel guilty at all, interrupted him.
“I’m doing this for Wenwen, alright?

“This has always been the fault of Three Treasures.
If we don’t make them pay, how would Wenwen have the money to cure her face? Do you want Wenwen to live with a terrible face forever?”

Sun’s face flushed because of what Shi Yingying said and his chest heaved even more violently.

Seeing that Mr.
Sun stopped talking, Shi Yingying raised her chin complacently and immediately said to the Du brothers righteously, “As long as you pay us 200,000 yuan, we’ll let this go.
Otherwise, your company can just wait to close down!”

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When they were at the building of Three Treasures before, the Du brothers had already asked for the opinion of the Sun family.
If there was no problem with the samples taken in the factory, it meant that there was no problem with the products of Three Treasures.

However, after the results were out, Shi Yingying still pestered them like this.
This really made people feel disgusted.

Most importantly, her parents hadn’t even said anything yet, but her distant cousin asked for 200,000 yuan as compensation.
Had she asked the victim’s parents? Had she asked the victim?

Judging from the shocked expressions of the parents of the Sun family, she apparently had never asked them.

After hearing what Shi Yingying said, the faces of the Du brothers became sullen and they looked at Shi Yingying with a bit of suspicion.

At this moment, another male voice sounded in the crowd.

“Right, the people from the testing team obviously know people from Three Treasures.
Who knows if they planned this and are only putting on a show for us?

“If you want us to believe you, just announce the formula directly.
If there’s no problem with the formula, we’ll believe you.
Right, guys?”

The owner of the voice had intentionally hidden himself in the crowd, so when the Du brothers looked over, they did not see the person who spoke.

Seeing this, the Du brothers knew that someone intentionally asked this person to talk.

After hearing what that man said, everyone couldn’t help looking at each other with disbelief on their faces.

After all, they knew that once the formula was made public, the new products of Three Treasures wouldn’t be valuable anymore.

“Isn’t this request a bit too much? Didn’t they agree before that if the samples are fine, it means that the products of Three Treasures are also fine?

“Are you going back on your words now? You aren’t really here to extort money because Three Treasures has good business, are you?”

“Right, if you go back on your words now, why did you agree before? Aren’t you just wasting our time?”

“Yeah, isn’t it a bit too much to ask the company for the formula?”

Hearing the accusations from everyone around, Sun Kewen cried even harder and her parents didn’t feel good either.
They held their daughter and wanted to leave.

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And at this moment, Lu Zijia, who was standing quietly behind her two uncles, received a message from Mu Yunhao.

After quickly going through the message, Lu Zijia stepped forward and whispered a few words in the ears of her two uncles.


After hearing what Lu Zijia said, Du Jinqian’s eyes glittered slightly and he quickly stopped the three members of the Sun family who wanted to leave.

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