, she would immediately kick her out.

Because of what she did, she became the woman who stayed by Gu Ying’s side the longest.
Of course, her ultimate goal was to become Madam Gu.

So, she definitely couldn’t let other people take the opportunity to take away the position of Madam Gu that belonged to her!

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Thinking of this, Xi Rou looked at Lu Zijia with a hint of viciousness.

Lu Zijia keenly sensed Xi Rou’s intention to kill her, but she didn’t care, because right now, she was lamenting how small this world was!

Wasn’t the eldest daughter of the Gu family, one of the four biggest families in the Martial Arts World, the one who made his man’s brother become a brain-dead person?

And according to the information she got from Mu Yunhao, Gu Ying was the cousin of the eldest daughter of the Gu family and also one of the successors who fought with the eldest daughter of the Gu family for the position of the family leader.

Tut-tut, she only came for a business deal and she met someone from the Gu family.
It was truly… a small world!

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“Xiao Rou, don’t lose your temper.
We really had a misunderstanding just then.
We just need to solve it.”

Gu Ying couldn’t lose Xi Rou for the time being, so even though he was a bit angry in his mind, he still comforted her patiently.

He immediately said to Lu Zijia like a gentleman, “I’m sorry, friend, Rourou has a bad temper.
Please don’t forgive her.”

Lu Zijia sneered and her bright eyes were full of sarcasm.
“If I forgive her just because you say so, wouldn’t I have no dignity?”

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, she took out a pill from the space and crushed it into powder without a trace.
At the same time, she cast a spell and let the powder drift to Gu Ying and Xi Rou with the wind.

Without waiting for Gu Ying to say anything, Lu Zijia curled up the corners of her mouth and said, “Enjoy yourselves.” Then she flashed and left quickly.

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