The dark energy of that thing was very strong.
If these ordinary people opened the casket, accidents would inevitably happen, although they had the Blessing Talismans with them.

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Besides, the things inside weren’t suitable for these people to see.
It was better to send them away.

Hearing that, Han Jianmin immediately asked the villagers to leave and sent them a distance away.

“You should go further as well.” After those villagers were sent away, Lu Zijia said to the members of the Han family.

The members of the Han family didn’t dare to ask anything after hearing that and they quickly stepped back a distance.

After the members of the Han family also stayed away, Lu Zijia walked to the mahogany casket and narrowed her eyes slightly.
A trace of sharpness flashed through her eyes.

Lu Zijia quickly made a seal with both hands and formed a barrier.
Then, she cast a spell and instantly opened the lid of the casket.

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The moment the lid of the casket was lifted, the already strong dark energy immediately surged to the sky, as if a devil from hell had come back to life and become even stronger.

Lu Zijia moved her hands quickly again and cast spells into the mahogany casket.

Suddenly, the surrounding trees moved without wind from weak to strong.
They rustled like ghosts crying and wolves howling, making people feel a chill in their minds.

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A sharp, shrill scream suddenly came out of the casket, making the members of the Han family standing far away immediately shiver and lean against each other with fear on their faces.

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Lu Zijia wasn’t affected by the scream at all.
She continued to cast all kinds of spells on the thing in the casket expressionlessly, as if she wouldn’t stop until she turned it into ashes.

“Argh! I’m a female official of the palace.
How can I die like this? I haven’t enjoyed many years of wealth and power.
I can’t accept this.
I can’t accept this!!!”

With that shrill and unresigned voice, the rustling sound gradually calmed down.

After another minute, Lu Zijia finally stopped casting spells, and the dark energy that was so strong that it turned into actual black fog also gradually dissipated from the casket.

When the black fog completely dissipated, people could see that in the mahogany casket, apart from a skeleton and some tattered clothes, there was also a white, creepy skull.
There were several patterns on the head that seemed to be a curse.

When two tigers fought, one would definitely die.

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The female ghost that was blown into ashes by Lu Zijia before was an ancient female ghost that died a few centuries ago and this ancestral tomb of the Han family had only been here for a hundred years at most.
It wasn’t a match for that female ghost at all.

That was why the ancestral tomb was completely suppressed by the female ghost.

All the misfortune the Han family suffered before was caused by the evil spirit put into their ancestral tomb.

There were also restrictive spells and curses on the female ghost’s skull, so she couldn’t leave the tomb of the Han family even if she was summoned.

She must say that the despicable person really put in a lot of effort to deal with the Han family.

“You can come over now.”

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After making sure that there was nothing else, Lu Zijia glanced at Han Jianmin and the others, asking them to come and take a look.

“God! Why is there another skull?”

Old Lady Han was the first to look inside the casket.
When she saw the terrifying white skull, she was startled and her old face lost the color of blood.

“This… This… Master Lu, is that the extra thing you said before?”

Han Jianmin was afraid that his wife would be scared, so he quickly blocked her sight and signaled her not to look.
He asked Lu Zijia while he was a bit emotionally unstable.

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