Han Jianmin immediately thought of something and asked in shock, “Master, are you saying that someone touched our ancestral tomb?”

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Hearing what Han Jianmin said, Old Lady Han and Yao Shuyi looked at Lu Zijia anxiously, waiting for her answer.

“That’s right.”

Lu Zijia nodded.
“Someone indeed did something to your ancestral tomb.
It happened about four months ago, within a month or two after you came to worship last time.”

Considering how strong the dark energy around the Han family’s villa was, it might not be as simple as having something hidden under the soil.
It might even be… Thinking of this possibility, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but frown.

“Who the hell dares to touch our ancestral tomb? They’re truly wicked.
Aren’t they afraid of being struck by lightning?”

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, Old Madam Han couldn’t help but scold loudly.

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She immediately put her hands together and bowed to the ancestral tomb constantly, mumbling something.
Judging from her expression, she should be apologizing to her ancestors.

Even though Han Jianmin was also very angry, he knew that this wasn’t the time to be furious and fuss about it.
He quickly asked Lu Zijia, “So, Master, what should we do now?

“Do you need to perform a rite? What do you need, Master? I’ll ask someone to prepare them for you immediately.”

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Han Jianmin said as he took out his phone and wanted to call the driver waiting in the village.

Lu Zijia :”…” A rite? She wasn’t a real fraud.
Why would she need to perform a rite?

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“There’s no need to prepare anything.
Just ask someone to bring tools to dig the tomb and open the casket.”

Lu Zijia said casually, but the expressions of the members of the Han family immediately changed drastically after hearing that.

“Open… open the casket?”

Old Lady Han almost screamed, “No, no, no, you can’t open the casket.
You’ll disturb the ancestors and they’ll reproach you.
You can’t open the casket.”

Even though Old Lady Han married into Han Village, she still remembered the customs here.

Hearing that Lu Zijia wanted to open the casket, she immediately objected without caring about making Lu Zijia unhappy.

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Even though Han Jianmin didn’t object immediately, he also looked like he was in a dilemma.
“Well… Master Lu, can you not open the casket?

“There’s a custom in Han Village that we can’t disturb our ancestors after they’re buried.
If we do, it’ll be inauspicious and it’ll affect our descendants in the future.”

Although Yao Shuyi didn’t say anything, her hands that were holding the baby tightened unconsciously.

Lu Zijia glanced at them and said calmly, “Your ancestral tomb was already opened four months ago.
What’s the difference if it’s opened again now?

“Besides, how can I take out the extra thing inside without opening the casket?

“If you don’t take the thing out, the Han family will be destroyed and die in a month at most.
If you would rather let that happen after a month than open the casket, I have nothing to say.”

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Lu Zijia shrugged, looking indifferent.

Anyway, Han Jianmin said before that even if she couldn’t solve the problem for him, he would still pay her 50 million.
She just needed to tell him the pros and cons.
The decision was still in the hands of the Han family.

“W-What? The casket was opened?!”

Han Jianmin finally couldn’t help but scream like Old Lady Han did before.

When he heard from Lu Zijia that someone touched their ancestral tomb just then, he thought it was just moving the soil on the surface.
Unexpectedly, even the casket was opened!

This was totally despicable!

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