Du Jingyuan choked.
In the end, the tears in his eyes couldn’t help but fall.

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After saying that, he buried his face in his father’s neck and started crying repressively.
“Dad, I want to go home.
Let’s go home quickly, alright?”

Du Jinqian held his son tightly and his eyes couldn’t help but turn red as well.
“Alright, I’ll take you home now.”

This time, Du Jinqian didn’t stop walking and directly strode out of the Zhong family with his son in his arms.

The members of the Zhong family, who were intimidated by Du Jinqian’s words, didn’t dare to go forward to stop him again even if they were unwilling to accept it in their minds.

“Ah Yan, cover me.”

The Du brothers walked in front and comforted Du Jingyuan while Lu Zijia pulled her man back and deliberately fell behind.

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After looking around and seeing no one, she suddenly turned around and put her head on Mu Tianyan’s chest, even pulling his coat to cover herself.

Mu Tianyan looked at the girl who suddenly leaned against his chest.
Although he didn’t understand what was going on, he still helped her to pull up his coat to cover up the sight of both sides of the girl.

Hearing the evil laughs of the girl in his arms from time to time, Mu Tianyan’s black eyes were full of laughter.

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Hearing his wife’s laughter, Mu Tianyan knew that she was trying to do something bad again.

His wife was so cute when she did bad things.
How could he not love her to the bones?

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Mu Tianyan must say he truly understood Lu Zijia.
As he had guessed, Lu Zijia was really doing something bad.

At this moment, she made five little minions while Mu Tianyan was covering her.

She immediately cast the Summoning Spell on them one by one, only stopping when a ghost was attached to each of the minions.

Didn’t the members of the Zhong family say that her uncle hit them? Then, she would let them be beaten up every day!

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but laugh evilly again.
She looked exactly like a cunning little fox.

“Alright, go.
Be careful.”

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Lu Zijia looked up from Mu Tianyan’s arms.
She raised her hand and touched the heads of the five minions, then immediately threw them in the direction of the Zhong family.

After confirming that the five little minions had all crept into the Zhong family quietly, Lu Zijia then continued walking with her man in a good mood.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what I did?”

Seeing that the man next to her didn’t ask her, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but speak first.

How boring would it be if she did something bad but only kept it in her mind?

Looking at his wife’s sparkling eyes, Mu Tianyan chuckled and raised his index finger to scratch the tip of her nose gently.
He said cooperatively, “So, what did you do?”

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“Hehe, I sent five ghosts to the Zhong family.
When they fall asleep at night, they’ll beat them up and make them feel like they did something wrong and that the ghosts came to seek revenge at night.”

Lu Zijia smiled complacently.

At this moment, Lu Zijia suddenly felt that life in this world was much more interesting than in her previous life.

After all, in the cultivation world in her previous life, it was impossible for such a small prank like hers to succeed, so she certainly couldn’t feel a sense of accomplishment.

“Unfortunately, those ghosts can’t stay for long.
They’ll have to reincarnate in seven days at most.” Lu Zijia said a bit regretfully.

The ghosts that were summoned weren’t evil spirits, but ghosts of children that lingered in the human world and couldn’t be reincarnated after they passed away for unfinished business that they didn’t even know.

And if she summoned these ghosts, it was like giving them a chance to reincarnate.

Because as long as they completed whatever Lu Zijia asked them to do and got the guidance Lu Zijia left on the minions, they would be able to reincarnate following the instructions.

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