“Du Jinqian, you and your brother have gone too far! Even though you’ve divorced my daughter, you still have Xiao Yuan!

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“You’re so cruel.
Aren’t you afraid that you’ll make Xiao Yuan sad?”

Madam Zhong and Mr.
Zhong were also very devoted.
They suddenly stood up and scolded Du Jinqian.

As if Du Jinqian was the one at fault.


Du Jinli knew that the members of the Zhong family were shameless, but he had never thought that they would be so shameless.
This totally changed his perspective of life.

“Ah Li.”

Du Jinqian, who was originally furious, calmed down at this moment.
He was so calm that it was terrifying.

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“Brother?” Du Jinli thought that his brother was giving in, and his face was full of anger and disapproval.

Du Jinqian shook his head at him and didn’t say anything.
He immediately looked at Zhong Qingran first and then glanced at everyone in the Zhong family.

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The members of the Zhong family had never seen Du Jinqian like this, so they couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous.

However, when they thought about the benefits of reconciling with the Du family, they quickly forgot what they were afraid of in their minds.

“You know very well why Xiao Yuan is in the Zhong family.
You can call the cops anytime.

“But don’t blame me for not reminding you.
When I divorced Zhong Qingran, I got Xiao Yuan’s custody.

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“The divorce certificate also specifically said that she, Zhong Qingran, will have nothing to do with my son, Du Jingyuan, from then on.
In other words, my son would only appear in the Zhong family because he was kidnapped.

“Whether child abduction or assault is a more serious crime, you should know very well.”

Du Jinqian’s voice was not anxious and very calm, so calm that it was almost heartless.

As soon as Du Jinqian finished talking, the members of the Zhong family all looked very pale and their eyes had obvious disbelief when they looked at him.

Apparently, they had never thought that Du Jinqian, who was always easygoing, would say such things.

“Jinqian, how can you say that? I gave birth to Xiao Yuan.
How can I possibly have nothing to do with him? Aren’t you afraid that Xiao Yuan will be sad if you say that?”

Zhong Qingran took a few steps forward and looked at Du Jinqian with an extremely sad face.
She even wanted to raise her hand to touch her son, who was in Du Jinqian’s arms.

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However, before her hand touched Du Jingyuan’s head, Du Jinqian held his son and dodged it.

“If you cared about Xiao Yuan, you wouldn’t have divorced me without hesitation back then.
So, why are you pretending now?”

After saying that, Du Jinqian didn’t care about Zhong Qingran’s reaction at all.
He said to the other members of the Zhong family, “I’ve already said what I need to say.
Whether you sue us for assault or not, you can do whatever you want.

“But I can tell you this.
Once you sue us for assault, the Du family will definitely sue the Zhong family for kidnapping my son.
By then, we’ll see who suffers more!”

After saying that, Du Jinqian glanced at the members of the Zhong family coldly and left with his son in his arms.

“Dad, wait.”

At this moment, Du Jingyuan, who had been silent since Du Jinqian held him, suddenly spoke.

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Du Jingyuan made the members of the Zhong family delighted in their minds when he spoke.
They thought that the words they said to Du Jingyuan before finally worked.

However, the next moment, they couldn’t be happy anymore.

Because what Du Jingyuan said was totally different from what they expected.

“Mom, I don’t like Grandma and Grandpa’s house.
I don’t like you either now.
I won’t miss you again in the future.
I’ll only miss Dad.

“So, Mom, don’t come to me again.
I won’t see you anymore.”

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