“That’s right, Xiao Yuan.
Even though you’re only ten, you should be sensible.
If your parents don’t remarry, you’ll only have your Mom and no father in the future.

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“You miss your father so much, so you shouldn’t want to lose him, right? If you don’t want to lose him, you must ask your father to agree to remarry your mother, alright?”

Zhong, who was fat and had lost his hair over the crown, looked amiable, but his words were full of guidance.

Apparently, they knew that Zhong Qingran took the initiative to propose to remarry and failed, so they targeted Du Jingyuan instead.

Du Jingyuan still lowered his head and said nothing.

Seeing him like this, a trace of annoyance flashed through Zhong Qingran’s eyes, but she had to pretend to be a loving mother on the outside.

“Yuan, Grandpa and Grandma are talking to you.
How can you not answer them? You’re being rude.”

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This time, Du Jingyuan said something, but he repeated what he said at the beginning.
“Mom, I want to go home.”

Zhong Qingran became sullen.
She raised her hand and was about to slap her son, but something came to her mind and she put her hand down in the end.

“I told you to stay here with me for a few days.
How many times must I tell you to make you understand?”

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Zhong Qingran, who had lost her patience, suddenly sounded a bit cold, which made Du Jingyuan lower his head even more instantly.

“How can this kid make Du Jinqian change his mind and remarry Sister?”

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Zhong Chengwei, who sat on the couch like a master on the side, glanced at his sister’s son in disdain.
There was obvious doubt in his words.

“That’s right, Sister.
The Du brothers aren’t to be trifled with, especially at this moment.
If we really irritate them, the Zhong family won’t be able to bear the consequences.” Zhong Chengwei’s wife, Guo Meiyun, also said.

What Zhong Chengwei and his wife said made Zhong Qingran look sullen.
“I only took my son home for a few days.
How would I provoke the Du family?”

In fact, Zhong Qingran only brought her son back from school on impulse.

However, things had already been done, so she could only brace herself and continue.
Otherwise, it would really be impossible for her to remarry Du Jinqian.

“What are you two talking about?”

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Madam Zhong, who was always biased towards her son, suddenly spoke up for her daughter unusually at this moment.

“Qingran is Xiao Yuan’s mother.
Which child doesn’t want to live with their parents?

“Even though Xiao Yuan is young, he knows what he wants, right, Xiao Yuan? You must want your parents to be there with you as you grow up, right?”

Madam Zhong was apparently trying to brainwash him.

As expected, what Madam Zhong said next was even more direct and obvious.
No one would believe that she wasn’t up to something at all.

“Xiao Yuan, remember what I say.
If you want your parents to be there with you as you grow up, you must ask your father to remarry your mother when you see him.

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“If your father is unwilling to do so, just cry.
Cry as loud as you can until your father is willing to remarry your mother.
Do you understand?”

Madam Zhong said as she got up and walked to Du Jingyuan’s side.
She sat down next to him and raised her hand to caress his little head.

However, Du Jingyuan dodged in panic.

Madam Zhong frowned in displeasure when her hand missed.
Her originally loving gaze immediately became sharp.

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