Thinking of this, Mu Yunhao couldn’t help feeling a trace of sympathy for their wise and powerful Second Master.

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Lu Zijia looked at Mu Yunhao with a weird expression for a while, feeling like he wasn’t telling the truth.

However, she didn’t intend to continue asking.
After all, everyone had their own privacy, right?

After getting out of the car, Lu Zijia deliberately walked past her man and raised her hand to quickly caress that peerlessly handsome face.
Tut-tut, the feeling was as good as ever.

Mu Tianyan, who was being taken advantage of by his wife, curled the corners of his mouth slightly and let her take advantage of him obediently and calmly.

Even though Mu Tianyan couldn’t see her, he was as sensitive as Lu Zijia.
So he could feel it when Lu Zijia approached him.

However, he, who trusted his wife wholeheartedly, wasn’t on guard at all.
Instead, his whole body relaxed and he even let his wife take advantage of him very cooperatively.

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In his opinion, whether it was him taking advantage of his wife or her taking advantage of him, he was the one who gained benefits.
In that case, why wouldn’t he let her do it?

Lu Zijia, who had no idea what Mu Tianyan was thinking in his mind, sneaked into the villa zone in a good mood after taking advantage of her man openly, looking for the Zhong Family’s villa quickly.

In the Zhong family’s villa.

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In the living room.

“Mom, I want to go home.”

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Du Jingyuan sat next to his mother on the couch and said weakly with his head lowered.

Du Jingyuan had said this many times since he was brought to the Zhong family, but Zhong Qingran always rejected him.

This time, there was certainly no exception.

“Be good, Xiao Yuan.
Stay here with me for the next few days.
Listen to me, okay?”

Zhong Qingran’s voice sounded loving, but she pushed her son’s hands away, showing the true coldness in her heart.

She didn’t even allow her own son to get close to her.
How would such a mother love her child sincerely?

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Du Jingyuan, who was pushed away, put his hands together tightly.
His small body was even tense, like a string that could break at any moment.

“Mom, I really want to go home.”

Du Jingyuan sounded like he was about to cry and there was even obvious grievances in his voice.

Every time he came to his grandpa’s house in the past, he would feel very unhappy, because his grandparents always talked bad about his dad and his family in front of him, so he didn’t like coming to his grandparents’ house.

He came out of school secretly this time because his mother said she missed him very much and wanted to take him out to play.
Besides, he really missed his mother, so he couldn’t help but sneak out of school.

However, he had never thought that his mother would bring him to his grandparents’ house.

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Besides, after his mother brought him to his grandparents’ house, she didn’t play with him.
She only brought him home and talked to his grandparents, ignoring him completely.

Thinking of this, Du Jingyuan felt even more aggrieved.
His longing for his mother had disappeared completely.

“Ah, why do you want to go home? Your parents are already divorced and your mother lives here right now.
This is your mother’s home and yours.”

Hearing what Du Jingyuan said, Madam Zhong, who was sitting at the main seat of the table, immediately said a bit weirdly, “But if you want to stay at the Du Family, it’s not impossible.

“As long as you can get your parents to remarry, you can go anywhere you want by then.”

As soon as Madam Zhong spoke, Du Jingyuan, who was ten years old, immediately dared not to speak again.
His hands, which were originally put tightly together, even tightened more.
Since he exerted too much force, they turned a bit pale.

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