“Mom, how is it? Have you found Xiao Yuan?” After Lu Zijia entered the living room, she directly asked without bothering to make small talk.

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Mu Tianyan followed behind his wife quietly, like a guardian angel.

“Jiajia, why are you here?”

Old Lady Du, who was originally listless, couldn’t help looking surprised when she saw Lu Zijia.

She immediately looked at Du Xiangjun and said in frustration, “Xiao Jun, I told you not to tell Jiajia.
It’ll only make one more person worried.”

Du Xiangjun smiled wryly.
“I’m just worried about Xiao Yuan.
He’s still so young.
Nothing can happen to him.
I called Jiajia here to see if she can help us find Xiao Yuan.”

As soon as Du Xiangjun finished talking, Du Jinli suddenly seemed to remember something and his eyes couldn’t help lighting up.
“Xiao Jun, you’re not trying to ask Jiajia to figure out where Xiao Yuan is, are you?”

As soon as Du Jinli said this, the eyes of the other members of the Du family also brightened up.

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Right! How could they forget that their granddaughter (niece) was a Taoist Master? Even if she couldn’t figure out the exact location, she should be able to come up with a rough direction.

Figuring out a rough location was better than searching around like headless flies.

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Du Xiangjun remembered that her daughter said she could read fortunes and solve Feng Shui problems for people.
So, when she saw that the members of the Du family were anxious, she thought of her daughter.

However, she didn’t want to put too much pressure on her daughter, so she said, “Jiajia, can you help us find Xiao Yuan? A rough location will do too.
If you can’t find him, can you at least see if he’s still alive?”

Even if they couldn’t find him, they would feel more relieved if they knew he was still alive.


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Lu Zijia nodded and immediately asked how her cousin, Du Jingyuan, went missing.

It turned out that Du Jingyuan went missing when he was in PE lesson at 10a.m.

Judging from the surveillance video, he ran out secretly.

When the teachers of the school found out that Du Jingyuan was missing, it was the head count time before the PE lesson ended.

At that time, the teachers thought that Du Jingyuan went to the school canteen to buy something or to the bathroom.

However, when they were halfway through the next class and still didn’t see Du Jingyuan, the teachers in the school felt that something was wrong.

After checking the surveillance cameras and finding that Du Jingyuan left school secretly, they immediately called the Du family.

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And the Du family had already called the cops, but they still hadn’t found him up till now.

The Du family wasn’t worried about anything else.
They were only worried that the kidnap might be a dirty trick of their rival companies.

After all, the popularity of the Du family right now made many people envious.

Lu Zijia had been busy refining pills lately and she didn’t have time to draw more talismans.
The Tracking Talisman she used last time was already the last one.

So, if she wanted to find Du Jingyuan right now, she knew that she could use Du Jingyuan’s date of birth and eight characters of a horoscope to make a prediction.

Even though she could only figure out a rough location, it was better than searching without a target.

After making the prediction, Lu Zijia left the Du family with her man and her two uncles.

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After getting in the car, Du Jinqian and his brother finally realized that Mu Tianyan was also here.

“I am so sorry, Second Master.
This is an emergency.
Please forgive me for neglecting you.” Du Jinqian said apologetically to Mu Tianyan sitting opposite him.

“It’s alright, finding him is more important.”

Mu Tianyan still treated everyone coldly, except for his wife, but his attitude towards the Du brothers was much better than the others.

The Du brothers, who had already known Mu Tianyan, didn’t mind his attitude either.
Instead, they thought it was normal.

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